What To Do If Car Wont Go Into Park?

Errors with the gearbox always cause the driver a lot of trouble and also the risk of dangerous accidents. In particular, the problems with the P number, especially car wont go into Park, are the most inconvenient.

Because you will not be able to stop the car, remove the key or even move into the parking lot if you do not switch to Park mode before.

The above situation has many causes, such as loose wiring and damaged cables or shafts. The common point of all the above problems is that they are deep in the system, which requires you to have complete knowledge before considering them.

So, want to learn more about the causes and fix for the car won’t go into the Park? The article below is for you.

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What To Do If Car Wont Go Into Park

What To Do If Car Wont Go Into Park?

You can easily see the letter P on the gearbox in any car model, whether manual or automatic. This character represents Park Transmission, a particular transmission that helps the car stop temporarily instead of stopping like the number N.

This mechanism allows your device always to be ready to move again. Therefore, many drivers habitually set the car to P instead of N to save fuel and easily detonate.

Because of these outstanding advantages, we will only be able to enter the Park number if the car can enter the Park number. This problem is even more apparent if we get some Ford Windstar Transmission Problems.

Although you can use Neutral to bring the car to a stop, that is not enough to offset the problems that this damage leaves.

How Does This System Work? 

Like the rest of the gears, the P-number will operate on the movement of a large gear shaft. This mechanism will change the motor’s transmission efficiency through the rotation of the joints so sauce response.

The P number will also have its operating mechanisms for each type of transmission box.

  • Automatic transmission: This design usually only owns a single set of connecting cables. Besides, the system only includes a fixed gear lever that is always connected to the manual valve.
  • Manual transmission: Unlike an automatic, a manual transmission has a much more complex structure for each gear. Instead of just one wire, this system will have up to two independent connecting cables for both vertical and horizontal rods. Similar to the cable, this gearbox model has two separate gear levers to handle left-right and up-and-down movements.

Besides the similarities with Neutral, Park still possesses several distinctive features. The most prominent of these are the fastening details called parking pins.

Instead of using the brake to stop the drive shaft rotation like in N, the system will use these pins to insert the gears if you put the car in P mode. It prevents the entire transmission mechanism from operating and bringing the vehicle to a stop.

Why Cars Won't Go Into Park 

Reasons Why Cars Won’t Go Into Park 

It is challenging to identify all the causes of the transmission wont shift into the Park.

Because a set of gearboxes will have many built-in mechanisms, the failure of any of the components can be the main reason for the above problem. So I’ll list the common factors that cause Park failure.

Broken transmission cable

The connection cable is an essential component between the system and the gear lever. All activities of the Park number depend a lot on this department. So we won’t be able to use the parking function anymore if the transfer cable breaks unexpectedly.

In some cases, the gear lever will also not work if the wiring has such a severe problem.

There is minimal direct impact strong enough to break this vital part. Instead, frequent stretching due to improper operation or jamming is the cause of the above phenomenon.

After a long operation, the cable also tends to degrade and break automatically. It is why you need to check and maintain your system regularly

Extended transmission cable

Cable stretching is also one of the common reasons why you cannot enter P on your vehicle.

Cables often have a characteristic stretch to increase durability. But if you are constantly tense, this ability to change shape will be less flexible. Gradually, the upper part will not be able to operate smoothly and will lose transmission performance.

The consequences of this phenomenon are much more severe than when the wire is completely broken. In addition to not allowing the P number, do you face problems such as being unable to turn off the engine, remove the key or even cause incorrect operation?

Solenoid transmission problem

Any mechanical part of a vehicle needs lubricating fluids to operate more efficiently and to last longer.

With the gearbox, the transmission Solenoid is the part responsible for distributing oil to all internal areas. Therefore, failures with this mechanism will immediately cause a lubricant shortage. They were, finally, causing the gears to have strong friction and ultimately lose the ability to work.

The consequences of the above damage are the inability of the car to park or, worse, the ability to change gears completely. It would be a disaster if this phenomenon occurred while you were on the move.

Gear lever error

It’s not just parts deep inside the transmission that cause problems when entering P; even the gearshift lever can be the leading cause.

If the impact is too strong and causes this tool to deflect or break, you certainly cannot change the gears of the actuator. That affects every other number, not just Park.

In another aspect, improper repair and intervention can also be the leading cause of this problem. The most obvious sign is that the gear lever is unusually loose.

Gearshift mechanism stuck

Jamming the gearshift mechanism is quite common, especially with vehicles with children. If you accidentally drop small items such as coins, paper clips, or food debris on the gear lever, the above problem will immediately occur.

The consequences that appear will depend on the location where the foreign body is stuck inside the system. Usually, these agents will slip into the slot for the Park number and immobile the mechanism. 

From there, it makes it difficult for you to try no need to shift gears to park the car in any position, not just car won’t shift into Park.

Gearbox failure

If you have looked at all aspects and still do not find any errors, the problem may be in the gearbox.

We cannot put the car into Park state if this part is no longer stable. In addition, many other unpleasant effects will also appear, such as gear jams or vehicles that frequently stop.

How To Fix A Car Not Shifting Into Park

How To Fix A Car Not Shifting Into Park? 

Here are two methods that you can take to deal with Park number-related problems temporarily. However, to be more sure, we will need to take the car to the service center or garage to receive the necessary support.

Parking without gear P

We will still be able to dump the car without putting it in Park mode. Although the process is a bit complicated, you need to consider the information below to be able to do it.

  • First, you need to find a stable position to make the manipulation process more stable
  • Then find the gearshift area and locate the front latch. Immediately after that, find a way to remove this mechanism
  • Once the protective layer is terminated, you should see some joints inside. Our task now is to adjust the length of the joint to the appropriate level.
  • Finally, reinstall the protection layer and put the car in Park gear. At this time, the system will automatically switch to N.

Working with connecting cables

You will need to prepare some tools and find help if you want to repair or replace cables. This process is quite complicated, so you shouldn’t try it if you don’t have enough knowledge

  • First, you need to lift the front part of the car with a unique tool. Please carefully prepare safety measures before handling. Don’t forget the features that help fix the wheel during the replacement process
  • Find the location of the connecting cable
  • Have someone start the car and shift the vehicle into N gear.
  • Observe the movement of this mechanism. Carefully consider the construction of the device before proceeding.
  • Have someone in the vehicle shift gears and continue tightening the belt if looseness occurs
  • Lower the vehicle and close the protective covers.


What causes the gear shift to not go into Park?

Damage to the connecting cables, gearshift lever, or even a faulty transmission are all common causes.

Why won’t my car go into Park or reverse?

Usually, the problem will stem from damage to the components inside the gearbox. But sometimes, a broken or stuck gear lever will also cause the car not to be able to enter Park or reverse gear.

How do I know if my shifter cable is broken?

The most obvious telltale sign is in your gear lever. If there’s a problem with the cable, it’s bound to get stuck in one area I can’t move anymore. Accordingly, the car won’t shift from Park to other numerical directions, such as neutral.

What is the average cost to fix a transmission?

The answer will depend on the problem the department has. If it is simply cleaning or replacing auxiliary components, the cost will be $300 to $800. In case of more severe damage, you will need to pay from 1400$ to 2000$expense.

Is it cheaper to fix a transmission or replace it?

The repair will cost less, but you will still need to pay more for maintenance later.


It is best to locate and deal with car wont go into Park as soon as possible if you want to move safely. Take advantage of the information in the article below to apply in the manipulation process.

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