What Does Check Fuel Fill Inlet Mean On Ford F150?

When the check engine light comes on on the dashboard of the Ford-150, it means that there is already a component in the engine that has failed. In particular, the fuel intake manifold is the cause that you will not be able to ignore. 

So, what does check fuel fill inlet mean on Ford F150? The following article of the article will give you the detailed answer.

Fuel tank inlet of F150

On every F-150 car, it is equipped with a component called the fuel inlet. This part is responsible for ensuring a vacuum seal between the fuel tank and the fuel cap pressure.

In addition, in some recent versions of Ford F-150, a “capless” fuel tank system is integrated. They have air inlets to the fuel tank. In terms of use, it is only a difference in design, and the mission and role are the same.

What Does Check Fuel Fill Inlet Mean On Ford F150

What Does Check Fuel Fill Inlet Mean On Ford F150?

When you spot the notification light to check fuel fill inlet fix, you will need to check and find out what caused this part to fail. The fuel inlet is located between the fuel tank and the fuel cap.

In fact, there are many possible causes for a damaged fuel cap. The most common of these is the improperly closed or loose fuel cap. On the other hand, in case the check engine light comes on after filling the gas tank, it could be the cause.

Currently, checking fuel filler inlet for and troubleshooting is quite simple and fast. You just need to remove your fuel tank cap and screw it back on. Then, if no further problems occur, the error message warning light will turn off. Or when you drive for a period of time, the lights will automatically turn off.

However, if you find that the condition is not improving, then the cause of the problem is definitely something else. Dirt and debris are the main triggers in this case. At this point, use a cleaning solution to clean the washers. Youtube is an information channel you can choose to check 2009 F150 fuel system diagram or information about Toyota Camry 2.5L 2011 Belt Diagram and learn the steps to clean the buffer tube.

If you do not feel confident in yourself, you can ask the support of the technical staff. They are professional mechanics who can efficiently identify and solve car problems for you.

Is the fuel cap important

Is the fuel cap important?

If someone asks you this question, answer yes. This type of cap is made of plastic or metal with the task of covering the fuel inlet leading to the tank. So when you see the F150 fuel inlet warning, you need to stop the car and check the details.

Important part of the car’s EVAP

The fuel cap set is an important part of the vehicle’s EVAP system. When it crashes or isn’t mounted properly, your car will leak fuel, reducing your mileage and leading to more serious EVAP problems.

Function of Fuel Cap in EVAP

The fuel inlet cap will have 2 main functions: Create a vacuum seal: When the seal is securely attached to the fuel inlet, it will create a vacuum pressure inside the engine system. When you seal it with a fuel cap it helps to create pressurized fuel that flows freely through the fuel system.

Toxic fumes can escape: Correctly sealing the manhole by the fuel cap will help prevent pollutants from escaping. As a result, the problems of environmental pollution and greenhouse effect will be minimized.

Maintaining the quality of fuel components: The fuel cap in addition to sealing the exhaust gas also has the function of preventing the fuel components inside the tank from losing their properties. 

This way, dirt and contaminants from outside the environment will not be able to penetrate inside the fuel tank.

The cause of the message ‘Check fuel intake inlet’

Warning lights are important in helping users detect serious problems such as Car Wont Start Unless I Give It Gas or fuel inlet failure. In this article, we will only focus on problem number 2.

When you see the check fuel cap Ford F150 appears, it is an indication that there is a foreign object or debris trapped inside the opening. It caused the fuel cap to not close correctly.

If you see this message, stop the vehicle and try screwing the lid back on. In some cases, you will need to take the car to a dealer for repair.

How to Fix 'Check Fuel Inlet'

How to Fix ‘Check Fuel Inlet’

There are 3 ways you can fix the “check fuel intake” situation

Check the fuel cap: You need to make sure that the fuel cap is screwed correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, not too tight and not too loose. Sometimes this will not cause the check light to go out completely. You drive the next part of the road, the lights will turn off automatically when the standard threshold is reached.

Check for damage to the cap: If the message appears unclear for several days, you need to check the fuel cap and find out for damage. Check the O-rings and rubber washers. When one of these two parts fails, you need to replace the entire fuel cap.

Check the EVAP system: When you discover a leak in your car, you need to check the fuel cap in the EVAP system. To be sure, take your car to a repair center. Experts will assist you in fixing leaks from the fuel cap.

How to check the fuel cap

To do this, follow these 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Open the fuel door on the Ford -150.
  • Step 2: Twist the fuel tank cap to the left until it comes out of the fuel injector.
  • Step 3: Clean the fuel filler hole. You need to remove all debris and contaminants that accumulate inside the opening.
  • Step 4: Replace the fuel cap and align its threads correctly. Then turn the cap back to the right until you hear a click.

What is the cost of repairing the fuel inlet?

The cost of checking the fuel inlet will not cost too much. It depends on the amount of work the mechanics do. On average, if the fuel stock fails, the cost you need to pay is about $200 to $300. In case you need to remove the gas tank and replace this part, the advance can be up to $700.


What does check fuel fill inlet mean on a capless gas tank?

It will help you detect fuel leaks taking place in cars. As a result, you can improve fuel economy as well as ensure car safety.

Why does my Ford Fusion say check fuel fill inlet?

Checking the fuel inlet will help you detect an empty or leaking fuel tank. At that time, you will prevent the car from traveling short distances with large fuel consumption.

How do I reset my fuel sensor?

Please press and hold the “Trip/Odo” button before starting the car. At the same time, turn the key to the “ON” position. Then, hold this button for about 2 seconds after the car starts up.

Can I still drive my Ford F150 with the “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” warning message displayed?

A: While it may be possible to drive your Ford F150 with the “Check Fuel Fill Inlet” warning message displayed, it is not recommended. 

Driving with this warning message displayed can cause damage to the engine and other parts of the fuel system, leading to expensive repairs down the line.


Hopefully through the article will help you answer the question., what does check fuel fill inlet mean on Ford F150? The failure of this part comes from many different reasons. Above all, you should seek the help of professionals. They will help you check and come up with the most effective solution.

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