Ford Windstar Transmission Problem: Issues & Diagnosing

Transmission is one of the most critical mechanisms, from large SUVs and pickups to compact sedans.

Therefore, the problems with this part always bring extremely significant consequences in many respects.

However, each brand will have a different design for this part, and Ford Windstar is a name that stands out for its complexity.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t handle this uncomfortable situation in the car. There are still ways for us to recognize and manipulate the Ford Windstar transmission problem. All you need to do now is follow the article below and memorize the necessary information carefully.

What Is A Transmission In A Car

What Is A Transmission In A Car? 

The gearbox is a complex mechanical mechanism with dozens of gears, crankshafts, levers, and more. Therefore, the size of this part is usually quite large and contains many individual components inside.

Like the engine, the gearbox plays a significant role in the car’s operation. In simpler terms, you cannot control or start the vehicle without this part.

Whether on the Ford Windstar or any other model, the gearbox has the exact operating mechanism: transmitting power through gears. Typically, internal combustion engines will generate thrust when burning fuel. But in fact, this part’s explosive power is so great that the car cannot fully use it.

That causes a significant loss in performance. And can make the whole system inoperable.

The thrust generated will be transmitted with the gearbox depending on which gear you put the car in. The unique construction of this part allows the force to be maintained and ensures the operation of all other mechanisms.

Ford Windstar Transmission Problem

Ford Windstar Transmission Problem 

With a high emphasis on operation, Ford has spent a lot of time designing and improving the gearbox on the Windstar to minimize errors. However, you still need to avoid these problems altogether. And here are 4 situations where one Ford Windstar starting problems may be experiencing

Low Fluid Levels or Leaks

With mechanical mechanisms such as gearboxes, friction between parts when operating is unavoidable. Therefore, the car will always have a lubricating fluid called transmission oil to ensure smooth gears and minimal collisions. And the problem will occur when the liquid in the car falls below the required level. At this point, all metal parts will start to bump into making unpleasant sounds. And when a certain threshold is reached, the cracking phenomenon will occur.

Usually, there are 3 causes of low gear oil conditions. First, we need to remember to pump more because, after a period of operation, the solution will gradually lose and not be enough to operate anymore. 

The following case is that cracks or breaks in the pipeline or oil tank lead to leaks and, eventually, shortages. And finally, dirty oil due to inadvertent impurities is also another common cause.

It is not difficult to recognize the symptoms that a lack of lubricating fluid causes. The most obvious of which is gear slips and slow gearshifts

Torque Converter Problems

Torque Converter Problems

Torque converters and actuators are the main mechanisms that keep turning and transmitting force. Therefore, bearings will always help the rotation operations operate more smoothly and stably. But after a long time of rotating at high speed, the ball bearings or metal rings will wear out under friction and heat. Eventually, these parts will lose their ability to work and cause various problems.

The most apparent characteristic of errors in these two parts are the collision sounds when we start moving or the annoying noises when accelerating.

Solenoid problems

Solenoid problems

In modern cars like the Ford Windstar, the transmission of fluids will be controlled and directed by a part called the Solenoid. So if the device has a problem, the solution won’t reach the correct locations. That leads to the same symptoms as when the gearbox does not have enough lubricating oil.

Solenoid works based on electromagnetic mechanisms, so this part is relatively sensitive to influences from the outside environment. If you find fluid-related problems, remember to check the Solenoid, which could be where the related issues occur.

Clutch Problems

The clutch is another component that is equally important in the process of transporting the necessary fluid throughout the engine. So if this part gets stuck, the oil will not move and get stuck in certain places.

In addition to common problems such as other damage, clutch problems also create significant vibrations under the car. The impact of a stuck clutch block is the cause of this phenomenon. How long does it take to rebuild a transmission line? is also a question that many drivers are interested in, you can find the article here!

Can I drive with a Ford Windstar transmission problem? 

In theory, you can still control the Ford Windstar if the gearbox has a problem instead of losing control entirely, as with Ford 4.2 l v6 engine problems. Because, at this time, other mechanisms are still working. 

But you will soon realize that dangerous phenomena make the situation worse. Eventually, the vehicle will stop and become inoperable. However, this is the case where you are in luck as the errors can become even more severe. It leads to serious and irreversible problems.

I advise immediately stopping the car and asking for help if you detect any extreme phenomena in the transmission.

How to Solve Ford Windstar Transmission Problems 

How to Solve Ford Windstar Transmission Problems 

If unfortunately, your Ford Windstar model has problems with the transmission, the 3 methods below may be the appropriate measures to deal with. You should carefully refer to each section to know which option is most appropriate.

Buy a Used Ford Windstar Transmission

Using an old Ford Windstar gearbox to replace it is the fastest way to restore your car’s performance. Instead of repairing or renewing the damaged part, you need to install a new one.

However, the problem with this method lies in the quality of the replacement gearboxes. Because Ford rarely produces such a large part individually, we only have one option to buy from used parts distribution centers. 

And, of course, you will need to find out the condition or performance of the part you choose to buy. With luck, the internal mechanisms still maintain stability. But in case of bad luck, you have to spend extra money to buy a new gearbox.

Buy a Rebuilt Ford Windstar Transmission

Reconstruction of the gearbox on the Ford Windstar is also a common choice when it is possible to ensure that the rate of restoring the original performance is high. 

But in return, the waiting time for repair shops to troubleshoot Ford Windstar transmission is quite a while. 

Usually, centers provide an engine warranty for one year after rebuilding. But if you choose unskilled units, the gearbox may fail even before this time.

Buy a Remanufactured Ford Windstar Transmission

Some people will buy new transmissions from other manufacturers and assemble them into their Ford Windstar model. 

This method will ensure that performance is maintained for the longest time and will be restored to its original state.

However, finding remanufactured transmission takes work. The cost of buying a new part is often quite high, and we also need a large amount of money for the installation labor. Sometimes, the total cost will be pretty high just to handle a single error.

How often does a Ford Windstar transmission need to be replaced? 

There is no specific number for all transmissions on every active Ford Windstar model. Because depending on the operation time, maintainability, and perfection in manufacturing, there will be specific timelines for each product.

The data shows that most transmission models will maintain the high performance for between 80,000 and 180,000 miles.

When this number is exceeded, the performance of this mechanism will begin to decline and can no longer be maintained. So it’s best to check when the car moves to the 80,000, 140,000, and 16,000 milestones to know the exact situation.

What is the Ford Windstar engine replacement cost? 

You will need to prepare at least $2000 regardless of the three methods you want to repair the gearbox in the above section. 

The labor cost to manipulate is relatively high because only skilled workers are suitable for this job. The components in the gearbox also have other complex structures and possess high precision. Therefore, the cost of these mechanisms is not cheap

What is the recall on the 2002 Ford Windstar? 

Ford Windstar 2002 is one of the models that must undergo major recalls because it does not meet the standards set by the authorities. 

The problems on this version of Windstar are usually related to the engine and gearbox. Many people see this as a wave from the Ford Windstar transmission recall.


What year did Ford have transmission problems?

Ford versions from 2012 to 2016 even easily have problems with the gearbox. Of course, other car models are also at risk of making errors related to this part during operation.

Why do Ford transmissions fail?

There are many reasons why Ford transmissions fail, but the most common still comes from the control mechanisms when giving wrong indications or damage in the internal mechanical mechanism.

Can you fix a transmission without replacing it?

The answer will depend on the condition of the gearbox. If the damage is minor, we will only have to replace the problem locations. For the rest, you have to refresh the entire transmission system if you want the car to move.

Is it better to repair or replace a transmission?

A brand-new transmission will always be better than replacing or rebuilding your old one.


The Ford Windstar transmission problem always has severe consequences for both you and the people around you. 

So make good use of the information in today’s article to come up with appropriate handling, thereby ensuring the safety of traveling with the car.

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