Car Wont Start Unless I Give It Gas: The Science Behind

The task of starting the car is always an easy job and it only takes you about 3 seconds to do this job. However, sometimes it will take you tens of minutes and still not be able to start your car. So, what causes car wont start unless I give it gas? The following article will give you 5 main reasons why this happens.

Car Wont Start Unless I Give It Gas

Car Wont Start Unless I Give It Gas: Common Causes

Nowadays, there are many reasons for this car hard to start after getting gas happen. Troubled parts are not just fixed in a fixed position. It can come from the throttle body, air filter or fuel filter. However, most users experience difficulty starting or engine wont start after overheating are derived from the following 5 parts:

Compression test

Compression is the primary cause of a car wont start. Most cars today have an air compressor unit in the engine compartment. This unit will, together with the air compressor, supply compressed air to all parts of the vehicle, helping the vehicle to operate stably over long distances.

As the air compression changes, you will need to check all the details related to this parameter. Prepare a compression tester and attach it to the spark plug, it will help you determine the compression. In addition, you need to unplug the fuel pump relay and unplug the ignition coil before starting the engine.

To determine if the compressor is working properly, look at the compression ratio between the two cylinders. If the difference is about 40 psi, it means the compressor is faulty.

On the other hand, in addition to using tools, you can use your fingers and estimate. Put your finger in the spark plug hole and start the car at the same time. The pressure at the fingertips will indicate the strength and weakness of the air compressor.

Air purifier

The air filter is the next reason why you can’t start your car. This cause also appears in the car wont crank when hot problem. When you encounter the phenomenon of not being able to start the engine after pressing the gas many times, it is very likely that the air filter has failed.

This unit is located in the engine compartment under the bonnet. It is of great significance in combustion engineering. The filter will help clean the air before it enters the combustion chamber. After a while, this filter will work less effectively due to moisture and dirt impact.

If you do not clean the air filter regularly, it can cause the air/fuel ratio to be wrong, causing a host of problems: soot, engine overheating, ignition system failure. poor performance,… To service the filter, simply use a cleaning solution and spray it on the spot where you suspect cracks and dirt.

Throttle body

Throttle body

Throttle body not only causes you to have problems with car cranks but wont start. It also makes it difficult to start the car for the user. Current fuel-injected vehicles often use a throttle-based intake system. Therefore, if the throttle valve fails, it will cause the throttle part to control the air entering the engine wrong.

The cause comes from the long-term accumulation of dirt inside the throttle body, causing blockage and obstructing the airflow. At that time, your car will be difficult to operate well, you need to clean the throttle body as soon as possible.

You can test this by using the jack with the alligator clip on the digital multimeter. When the index has a sudden change, it means that this department has degraded.

Fuel pump

After a period of use, the fuel pump may have problems due to dirt or overload. It will directly affect your fuel injection, resulting in the wrong gas and fuel mixture.

To check, use the fuel pump and measure the car’s fuel pump pressure. Measuring this parameter is quite simple, you just need to insert the pressure gauge into the waiting port. In case the pressure is lower than the standard level, your pumping system has a problem.

Fuel filter

The fuel filter is the part that filters out the dirt and impurities in the gasoline, helping the engine to operate in the best environment. You can detect a faulty fuel filter with the naked eye without the use of specialized tools.

Car Wont Start Unless I Give It Gas How To Fix

Car Wont Start Unless I Give It Gas: How To Fix

Once you have determined the cause of your car not starting, the repair will be much simpler. Similar to coolant blows out of reservoir, There are many ways to fix the situation Car Wont Start Unless I Give It Gas. Here are 4 methods that you can choose for your car.

Clean the upper parts

While you don’t have to regularly service your engine bay, you do need to have it checked periodically. You need to clean this part 2 to 3 times a year. The use of a specialized solution for car interiors will be the first choice for you.

You should remember that each cleaning product will have its own standards and mixing ratios. Therefore, please read the user manual carefully before using it for the interior of your car.

Replace damaged parts

The replacement of damaged parts is one of the ways to give you the highest efficiency. You should not be too worried about the car not starting. Inspect the starter system components and replace all those that cannot be cleaned or are damaged.

It is best to seek professional help in this case. They will help you locate the damaged part and fix it in the most effective way.

Take your car to a repair center

Not every problem you can fix on your own. Instead, just to be sure, take your car to a car repair center. The rest of the repairs will be done by professionals. Although the cost per vehicle maintenance is quite expensive, it is the most effective way for you.


Why won’t my car stay running unless I give it gas?

This indicates that your air flow sensor is damaged or dirty. This unit has an important task in monitoring the amount of air entering the interior when mixing.

Why do I have to pump my accelerator to start my car?

The cause may come from a faulty fuel filter. At this time, even though your car has started, there is no rpm after a long time of use. Dirt and impurities have been trapped in the engine. Please clean the entire engine to be able to fix the problem.

Why does my car shut off when I let off the gas?

When you release the accelerator, your engine stalls, it has problems, indicating that this part is having a problem. First, check the vacuum tubes going to the engine. In case this part leaks, clean the throttle body to fix the problem.

How do you reset your car after running out of gas?

Ignite the ignition for 3 to 5 seconds before turning it off. Then turn it back on for 3 to 5 seconds and then turn it off again. In some cars, the lack of pressure will cause the pump to stop working.


Hopefully this article will help you understand more about car wont start unless I give it gas. There are many reasons for this to happen. Instead of repairing it yourself, you should seek the help of professionals. They will assist you in performing the most effective cause inspection and vehicle repair.

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