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Hello! My name is Byron Hurd – Founder of Wheels Nerd

The boy grew up in the arms of a family who loved cars. From a young age he was exposed to machinery and engine oil at the dairy factory without the family’s car. Growing up with that passion, he gave birth to many articles that were written with all love and experience to the reader…

Wheels Nerd is a perfect place for anyone who has interest in cars or in case he is looking for some car reviews or insurance recommendations.

Here we regularly post various tutorials and solutions of different car issues people face on occassional or regular basis.

Apart from that we regularly post different reviews of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford and some other notable car brands’ cars.

And lastly we also make sure you do not take any wrong step while opting for car insurance. We regulalry review various car insurance companies and and recommend the ones we find worth buying.

What can you expect from this website?

All the content on the website is written with experience, knowledge as well as all the love for the profession. So here you can find yourself in any situation…Our content can help you answer questions for beginners or those who have been using cars… However, not everything we write can tell you all about auto mechanics, auto tips as well as cases. in real life… please contact us for all inquiries…

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Last updated on: Dec26, 2022.