Volvo Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change – Here’s Why

One day, you find out that the Volvo car key seems useless after replacing the battery.

Volvo key fob not working after battery change can be triggered by certain reasons. By understanding these culprits, car owners will easily handle this problem quickly and effectively. Let’s read on.

Volvo key fob not working after battery change

What Causes Volvo Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change?

The most common causes include broken keys and damaged or worn key locks/ buttons. In addition, electrical issues like broken wire systems or deprogramming are also causes of this problem.

Broken Key

The damaged key fob will directly make it impossible for you to turn the ignition or receive the remote control signal even if you have just changed the batteries. After a period of use, it will wear out.

During use, water and dirt can also stick to the circuit boards. After a long accumulation period, these agents will make the circuit board short, scratched, and completely damaged.

Thus, if after replacing the battery, your Volvo key fob still doesn’t work or stops working suddenly, it may fail. Symptoms of this issue are completely broken keys, remote signals & commands refusal.

You can also rely on its appearance to identify it. It could be seriously damaged when it shows signs of being wet, dented, or heavily scratched from being stepped on.

Damaged Key Locks

Another common reason is that the key fob’s lock is broken. The cause may be the stuck door at the lock position or the latches being deformed. If this situation often occurs, the mechanical parts will rust. The latch will therefore be closed before the door shuts, preventing the vehicle from closing properly because of the warping.

Whenever you activate the remote and find that only one or two doors can be opened, the problem is definitely in the lock. However, it cannot be ruled out that all car door locks are broken. You should check the other parts for sure.

Another sign that the lock has a problem is the indicator lights turn on. This shows that the key fob is giving a signal, but the door is not responding. Other evident red flags include the locks moving audibly but don’t fully engage or disengaging; or they can’t be opened or locked using a key or by hand.

Volvo key fob problems

Volvo key fob problems – Image source: Matthews Volvo Site

Worn Out Buttons

Like any other remote device, the key fob buttons can wear out after prolonged use. They can’t even touch the connections in the circuit board. Therefore, the key fob might not work properly even though the battery has just been replaced.

If they are frequently bumped, they may have been destroyed. The most obvious sign is that the outer shell is cracked and reveals the details inside the key fob.

You can find out the cause by checking, and only a few buttons on the key fob are not working while the others are functioning properly.

You can use a spare remote to check. If the spare one works, the problem may lie in the buttons of the old one. Other symptoms include dysfunctional buttons. Sometimes you have to push the buttons really hard to get them to signal.

Electrical Issues

Why does my key fob not work after replacing car battery? During the repair or reinstallation of the control panel, the wiring may have been exposed. And the key’s circuitry is harmed by water or broken.

In addition, during car maintenance, the control panel will be removed for inspection and then reinstalled. If the electrical system is installed incorrectly in this process, the circuit will not work properly.

Thus, when you’ve replaced the key fob with a new battery and it still doesn’t work, it’s possible that the wires were disconnected during the dashboard reset process.

You may also see signs accompanying electrical problems, like broken car lights, car radio or windshield wipers not working, etc.

Volvo key fob electrical problem

Volvo key fob electrical problem – Image source: Car Lock Systems


Another reason for your Volvo XC60 key fob not working after battery change is deprogramming. It indicates that the computer removed any current keys per procedure instructions, preventing access.

The buttons of the key fob can be to blame for this problem. Your onboard system receives a certain signal from a specified sequence and circuits and will invalidate the key. Deprogramming might cause several of your key fobs not to function immediately after you change the batteries.

Some keys can run multiple cars, and their programming sequence can be changed to suit each vehicle. In some cases, your key may be accidentally switched to an unprogrammed state.

The problem manifests itself when the backup key becomes useless or the main key suddenly stops working.

How to fix a Volvo key fob

How To Fix If The Volvo Key Fob Is Not Working After Changing Battery?

Checking Spare Key Fob And Fix The Damaged Part

If you use a spare key and find that the key or the lock has problems, you should repair them. You can replace the cover of the key or clean the key fob to remove dirt and water from it.

Besides, make sure that your locks are always in good shape. You should close the car door carefully to avoid affecting the lock system.

Replaced Broken Parts

You should replace the whole part if it is badly damaged. When you notice your key fob buttons are broken, change all buttons to ensure that the functions are seamless.

Moreover, there are electrical system problems such as broken wires, broken circuit boards, etc. It is an indication that you should replace them altogether. You can buy the new parts and install them yourself or take them to the auto centers to have them help you.

If your key fob is completely ruined, visit your car dealer and invest in a new one.

Reprogramming Your Key Fob

Should the problem lie in your key fob programming, reprogram it. You can find instructions in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or search for help online on the Volvo service website. However, you do need a spare key. 

Like with other Volvo problems related to the engine or battery, it is best to ask the mechanic for help. They will assist you in reprogramming the key fob because this process requires a lot of professional tools.

Reset The Key Fob

After changing the battery, you can reset the key fob to deal with the Volvo key fob not recognizing the signal. You can do it yourself since it’s pretty simple. The steps below apply not only to Volvos but also to other brands.

Step 1: Put the key into the lock without switching or turning it on.

Step 2: Turn the key to the lock position and leave it in 1 to 5 seconds.

Step 3: Open and close the car door.

Step 4: Turn the key opposite to the unlock position.

Step 5: Remove the key from the lock.

Step 6: Press the lock button on the key

You can repeat this process 1 to 2 more times. If the problem is still not fixed, ask the mechanics to check and fix it.

Can you reset the key fob yourself

Can you reset the key fob yourself? – Image source: Matthews Volvo Site


Will Changing The Battery Again Make The Key Fob Work?

Not really.

Before replacing the battery, you should check the key, the lock, and the electrical system. Sometimes the problem is not with the battery but with damaged wiring or worn key fob buttons. So don’t rush to buy a new battery. Let the mechanics check you to know the exact problem and avoid wasting money.

How To Use The Volvo Key Fob Properly?

You should avoid exposing it too much to water. This will let water seep into the circuits inside the key and render the key fob out of order. 

The Volvo key fob has a sealing ring that prevents water from entering. But if you regularly drop it in the water, it can quickly become damaged. So hold it when your hands are dry and clean them regularly.

Does Changing The Car Battery Affect The Car Key Fob?


Normally, the key fob will work well after replacing the battery, unless the new battery has a problem. You should check the battery before buying to avoid buying a fake or car battery dead key fob not working. It is best to replace the key fob battery at a reputable car dealer or auto center.


Why my  Volvo key fob not working after battery change? The main reasons include a broken key fob, key lock, worn-out buttons, electrical problems, and deprogramming.

You should replace the key fob if it is severely harmed. Besides, cleaning it regularly is also very important in removing dirt after long use. Visit genuine Volvo dealers’ repair and replacement services for guaranteed quality products and services.

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