Volvo Truck Climate Control Module Reset With 4 Simple Steps

The Climate Control system helps to adjust the operation of the air conditioner and fan and regulate the temperature in the cabin. When the system fails, it will cause AC, engine oil, or gas recirculation to malfunction. 

Thus, resetting this system is one of the quick and effective solutions. Below are 4 steps for Volvo truck Climate Control Module reset. Let’s dig in for more details.

Volvo Truck Climate Control Module Reset

What Is a Climate Control Module?

A Volvo Climate Control Module (CCM), or climate control system, is installed in the vehicle’s cabin. Its main functions are to regulate the temperature and dehumidify to regulate the air inside your car. 

This process is performed through thermal sensors. They will provide information to the CCM and help this system control the temperature inside the vehicle based on the outdoor temperature.

The system also remembers the settings that have been made previously. The next time you start the car, you will see the same settings.

Volvo trucks are designed with either manual or electronic (auto) Climate Control Modules. The electronic CCM can automatically adjust and control the Volvo cabin’s fan, temperature, and humidity. 

In addition, it will receive information from the temperature sensor to maintain the proper temperature in the vehicle.

The manual CCM has a similar mechanism, but you need to adjust it manually. It will follow your commands through the control buttons.

Why Do We Need To Reset Volvo Truck Climate Control Module?

Volvo truck drivers need to reset the climate control system in the event of AC failure, leaking or contaminated engine oil, gas recirculation, and other Volvo engine problems.

If the AC emits too much hot air and the sensors are also malfunctioning, resetting the CCM will improve the operation of the AC and other components to a certain extent.

For example, when the heat emitted by the AC gets too hot, the climate control module won’t be able to respond right away, and you’ll know it’s in trouble. Even after the battery is disconnected, the CCM will not output any signal.

In this case, the first thing you need to do is reset the climate control system. It is the most basic and easiest step to do if the above errors appear.

Resetting helps drivers ensure that the CCM does not experience any wear and tear or other problems. It also can detect and prevent further damage.

If it cannot be reset, it will not work properly, and you have to repair or replace it, which cost you a considerable amount.

Why do we need to reset the Volvo truck Climate Control Module

Why do we need to reset the Volvo truck Climate Control Module? – Image source: Kleyn Trucks

4 Steps For Volvo Truck Climate Control Module Reset

How to reset AC in Volvo trucks? The reset steps include turning on and off the AC and other functions in the car’s cabin. Especially for fans, you need to hold the fan button for 5 seconds and then release it. Finally, you need to check that the AC has conditioned the temperature in the cabin.

Step 1: Switch Your Ignition

First, you need to close the hood and all Volvo doors. Next, turn your key fob to the second position and connect the battery wires. 

After that, you can start the car parts, including the upper electronic module, sunroof, and locking system. Next, turn on the lights, radio, and car AC. You can also activate them through your key fob.

Step 2: Adjust The Blower Fan

You need to adjust the Volvo blower fan by turning on your engine and then setting the fan to the maximum. Change the fan level from maximum to minimum. 

Step 3: Turn Off All Functions

Turn off all the devices you turned on earlier and close the sunroof. Press and hold the sunroof button for 5 seconds, and then release it. At this time, the temperature inside the car and the outside temp are the same.

Step 4: Check AC And Fuse

Finally, notice the operation of the AC. If it is regulating the cabin temperature properly, your climate control module has been reset.

However, in some cases, fuses and modules will often fail, especially on hot summer days, when the AC system has to work at a higher intensity. Thus, it will be best to visit the Volvo auto center to have them check and replace the damaged module for you. 

When only the fuse is damaged, you can easily replace it with the help of the vehicle owner’s manual instructions.

How to reset Volvo Truck CCM

How to reset Volvo Truck CCM? – Image source: Kleyn Trucks

What Are Causes And Solutions For Volvo Truck Climate Control Problem?

Climate Control Power Stage Malfunction

The climate control system can go wrong or be corrupted for many reasons. The first cause is the malfunction of the climate control power stage. It helps to convert power from the control circuit through voltages.

You will see the blower fan misbehaving or stopping working when it fails. It will misbehave against your initial setting.

In another case, your climate control unit had problems from the beginning, which means it was completely incapable of climate control in the Volvo cabin. You can only detect it when the heat waves hit.

You need to check the fuse located just below the car dashboard. If the fuse is blown, replace it immediately. In case the problem is in the power stage, ask the mechanics to solve it.

Dead Conditioning Control Unit

Faulty relays possibly cause the AC control unit to stop working. After checking the relay and determining that is the culprit, you can remove the Volvo battery terminals and inspect the entire wiring and its terminals.

Next, reset the Volvo computer so that all operations are not interrupted. Finally, replace the dead AC control unit with a new one. Although it will cost some money, you should visit Volvo dealers for good service.

Climate Control Panel Malfunction

The climate control panel has the function of displaying the temperature in the cabin automatically or manually. Sometimes, you will find that the panel does not display any information or feedback after replacing the battery.

To solve this, you need to locate the AC fuse on the fuse panel under the dashboard. After checking it’s not burnt out, reset the climate control system by following the steps that we provided above. You can view the vehicle manual and apply the step-by-step instructions.

If the fuse is blown, investing in a new one is the only choice. A blown fuse can lead to your temperature sensor being damaged. This is the part located behind the vent in the front part of the CCM. You also need to find and replace it when the sensor is completely damaged.

How To Check The Climate Control System

How To Check The Climate Control System?

You need to examine your CCM regularly to detect and fix the problem before it becomes more serious. First, turn on the engine and turn the fan to the strongest level.

To check the airflow, select “demist” and “floor”. Choose “vent” to feel the flow of air in and out through the vents on the AC. Next, test the airflow around the console by adjusting the system to maximum cold or maximum heat.

If these airflows are stable, then your CCM is working properly.

Finally, adjust the fan temperature to medium and weakest. Pay attention to the noise the system makes. Once the fan is still making loud noises at the minimum level, a problem is engaged. To be more sure, turn off the recirculation and double-check the difference in noise at different levels.


4 steps for a Volvo truck Climate Control Module reset include turning on the engine, adjusting the blower fan, turning off Volvo functions, and checking AC & fuse. We hope you are clear about the Volvo XC90 climate control reset and apply it properly. See you in the next post.

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