RAV4 Security Light Blinking Car Won’t Start: Causes & Fix

Indeed some users have encountered RAV4 security light blinking car won’t start situation. This problem is minor and can come from many objective causes related to the vehicle battery system. To better understand this problem and how to fix the situation where the security light does not start, the following article will provide you with three common conditions in RAV4 vehicles.

RAV4 Security Light Blinking Car Won't Start

RAV4 security light blinking car won’t start

Low battery


Low battery is the first cause of the RAV4 security light blinking car won’t start problem. You will then hear a clicking sound when trying to start the engine.

In essence, if the battery does not provide enough power for the battery, parts such as lights, accessories, and starters will not be able to work correctly. This situation is similar to the incident time pressure light still after filling tires

Above all, you will need to fix the low battery as soon as possible to start the car and ensure the operation of other components.

How to fix

The first task you need to do when you want to fix a low battery situation is to check. At this time, you often use the power meter to check the status of the 12V battery on the RAV4. The standard voltage for a healthy battery reaches 12.6V when fully charged.

In addition to checking the voltage, you must consider the actual battery condition. In some cases, the battery shows 12.4V but cannot provide enough power to start the engine.

Besides, you also need to check the voltage drop in the battery. When the voltage drops below 10V, the battery will not have enough power to start the engine. The cause of this phenomenon may come from the internal quality of the battery. Using the battery for a long time will result in reduced battery performance.

How to start the car RAV4

If the low battery cannot start the engine, you can use a jumper cable and battery from another vehicle to activate your car. The only requirement for this process is to turn off the engine and transmission in both cars. At the same time, switch your car to parking mode.

Then follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the low-power battery.
  • Step 2: Connect the red cable’s remaining wire to the battery pack’s positive pole that is operating stably with RAV4 traction control.
  • Step 3: Connect the black cable to the negative terminal of the healthy battery and connect the other end to any metal parts on the body or engine of your RAV4 vehicle.

Note: Connecting the black cable directly to the negative terminal of the RAV4 battery may result in sparks due to gas combustion. Therefore, you should be okay when this situation occurs.

Low battery connection

Low battery connection


Although your battery works correctly, you cannot start the engine. Damaged wires or corroded battery terminals can cause this.

In particular, battery pole corrosion is a common phenomenon on all battery packs with a lifespan of more than 2 years. Corrosion is caused by acid reacting with metal terminals resulting in loss of contact and reduced current.

If the starting current is not enough, the lights on the dashboard will flash, and you will hear a click from the electromagnet.

How to fix

For an effective fix, you will need to check your battery polarity. First, lift the plastic caps on the terminals and check for any corrosion. If a silvery blue or white residue appears with no other cracks, you will not need to replace the battery pack. Just clean it.

After the test is complete, clean the part by one of two methods:

Quick cleaning: This process will take place in a brief period. To do this, exchange the hot water on the corroded battery terminals to remove dirt. Pour water on both terminals of the battery and make sure not to let the water on the top of the battery touch both terminals.

Thorough cleaning: This process will take a lot of your time, and they need to be done slowly.

  • Step 1: Remove the black cable from the cathode using a tool kit like pliers or a wrench
  • Step 2: Unplug the red anode cable, and be careful that the two poles do not touch each other.
  • Step 3: Once the battery has been removed from the circuit, you can use sandpaper to clean the corroded part.
  • Step 4: Reconnect the wire cables in reverse order of positive pole first and negative pole after.

Poor grounding

Poor grounding


The negative pole of the RAV4 will be to the chassis/body of the vehicle. If a poor ground connection is due to rust or corrosion, your vehicle will experience electrical problems, including a popping sound.

How to fix

Before troubleshooting poor grounding, you need to check the actual condition of this part. The equipment you need to prepare is a multimeter. Then change the measurement function to ohms. Touch one probe of the meter to the negative terminal of the battery and the other to any metal location of the vehicle.

The number displayed on the meter should be 0 or very close to 0 ohms.

When you check the grounding part and find it no longer working correctly, check the grounding cable connectors, such as the body to the motor, and the battery to the body. If these joints appear rusted due to oxidation, you must clean them. You can use sandpaper or hot water for this cleaning.


What does the security indicator light mean on a Toyota RAV4?

The security light gives you information about whether the system is working or not after you remove the key from the engine’s switch.

Why is my Toyota RAV4 not starting?

Your car’s inability to start could be due to poor battery connection, low battery,…

What is an engine immobilizer on Toyota RAV4?

The engine immobilizer on Toyota RAV4 is the most effective anti-theft system on Toyota vehicles. It is to prevent thieves from stealing the car while you are away.

Why is my immobilizer light blinking?

It indicates your vehicle is loc, ked, and the anti-theft system is activated.

Can an immobilizer cause a car not to start?

The vehicle’s security system may prevent the engine from starting. If the immobilizer does not accept the key, your engine will not be able to start. The cause may come from a low battery in the key fob.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the problem of the RAV4 security light blinking car won’t start. This incident will not bring little real damage. It can come from car battery-related parts. Therefore, when this problem occurs, you should prioritize the inspection of the battery unit and the details around it.

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