RAV4 Panoramic Sunroof: Key Things To Consider

If you have ever seen RAV4 cars, you will indeed feel impressed with the roof of this car. It is made of glass so that you can observe the entire outdoor space. However, will this unique appearance affect users? The following article will give you the most overview of the RAV4 panoramic sunroof.

Panoramic vs Standard RAV4 Sunroof

Toyota offers 2 optional versions of the sky door for the RAV4. Overall, with the extended version of the skylight, it will have a much larger canopy area than the standard version. Inside:

Exterior View

The panoramic window version is twice the size of the standard version of the RAV4. Overall, the Toyota rav4 panoramic sunroof will bring a much more unique and beautiful look than traditional cars. You may have noticed this comment by most of the customers who own RAV4.

Interior View

The view of both versions of these skylights will be different due to the influence of the size factor. Sitting in the car, you will have a broader and broader view with the panoramic sunroof version, especially at the following position.

In addition, the panoramic window will not be able to open the vertical side of the pane fully. And only the front part of the window opens. However, the opening area of ​​the panoramic window will still be more significant than that of a standard canopy.

On the other hand, the wrap material of the panoramic window uses a fabric material that helps to cover the window when closed. Meanwhile, the standard base doors use thicker and more durable materials.

RAV4 Panoramic Sunroof

RAV4 trim Levels That Have A Panoramic Sunroof

Want to know which RAV4 has panoramic sunroof? Here is the answer.

To own a RAV4 panoramic sunroof, you need to know which cars will integrate this type of window. 

Specifically, you can choose from Toyota RAV4Gas Limited, Hybrid Limited, and Prime XSE 2019. None of the trim levels come standard with panoramic windows. Therefore, you need the highest “tech” package to own this unique window system.

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RAV4 panoramic Sunroof Cost

The cost for you to own a Toyota RAV4 with high-end window systems is about 2500 to 3500 dollars. It would help if you used the highest tech package to buy this car. And the cost of a panoramic window system will depend on how much you decorate.

With the above amount, you will undoubtedly feel that the RAV4 model using panoramic windows has a high cost. The reason why the cost of the car becomes so expensive is due to technology, features, and decoration factors. Specifically:

  • Weather pack
  • 360-degree overhead view monitoring
  • Smart key system
  • Premium sound
  • Elevator capacity lifting

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RAV4 panoramic Sunroof Problems

Although the panoramic window will give them a great user experience, it still has some things that could be improved. Here are two dramatic roof problems that you should know when using this car:

  • Unexpected broken glass (version 2021)
  • Water leak

In addition, another issue that you need to be aware of when using panoramic windows is the climate. 

When you’re driving your vehicle in areas with strong sunlight, a glass roof can make it more challenging to keep your vehicle cool. Sometimes you will feel uncomfortable in this case.

Is The RAV4’s Panoramic Sunroof Worth It?

RAV4’s panoramic window is an excellent choice for those who love to see the scenery on the road. 

The large size of the door makes viewing much more accessible. However, only some people like this advantage of the RAV4 panoramic sunroof. They worry that this door will make them hot and too light.

So, to know what model rav4 has panoramic sunroof, answer the following questions for yourself:

  • What plans do you have for the use of the roof?
  • Do you need these panoramic windows?
  • Do you also want other features included in the tech package?

The above 3 questions can help you decide whether to buy panoramic windows.

Finding A Toyota RAV4 with A Panoramic Sunroof

Finding a RAV4 panoramic sunroof can be challenging, especially when buying a new one. Because, in fact, Toyota only produces a few of these cars. 

Therefore, if you want to buy a RAV4 with an integrated panoramic window, you will need to wait quite a long time. You can find it at your local dealer. Versions from 2019 will be even more popular than previous versions.

While many people want to own this unique car, a few are interested in something other than the outdoor window part. Here are 4 reasons why users don’t like this window:

Why should you not use the panoramic sunroof?

Rising temperatures

The size of the panoramic window is quite large so that the heat can be transferred into the car. When you move in extreme temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes, you will feel the temperature rise dramatically.

At the same time, the cloth cover will not be able to prevent all the heat from entering the car. A certain amount of heat will remain inside and transfer to the cabin. The air conditioner must work at total capacity to give you a comfortable temperature. Operating for a long time can make the system more susceptible to failure.

Gain unwanted weight

Currently, car manufacturers are always trying to optimize the weight of cars to ensure better acceleration and fuel economy. However, the glass of the vehicle can weigh up to 100 kg. The drinks are heavy because they are very thick and much more severe than other materials, such as aluminum and steel.

Increased complexity and noise

The use of an outdoor window will bring complexity to that car. Previously, if you only needed to use a metal plate and a heat shield, the number of details has increased many times. It includes:

  • Two large weight glass panels
  • Electric motor
  • Switch
  • Sunshade roller
  • Primary motor and sliding mechanism

When this part appears directly above your head, you can hear a rattle in operation. It will make you feel uncomfortable when you have to talk in the car with constant noise. In addition, it is worth noting that the sound of raindrops falling on the vehicle will also be louder.

Reduced structural integrity

The panoramic window will create a vast space above the car. However, the glass strength will not be high, and the rubber window gaskets will not be 100% waterproof. 

In addition, the drainage points of the roof section can become clogged at any time. At that time, the water will flow into the car cabin.


Hopefully, the article will help you to understand more about RAV4 panoramic sunroof. This panoramic window will help you to observe the sky quickly. It is suitable for picnics and outdoor travel. 

However, the large glazing part of the panoramic window has some problems related to temperature, longevity, and water resistance.

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