Maintenance Required Visit Your Dealer – What Does It Mean?

Maintenance Required visit your dealer – what does it mean? Most Toyota cars come with a dashboard-connected electronic software system that alerts drivers when anything in the powertrain needs to be checked. 

The driver should act quickly to address the situation. The warning may be related to insufficient windscreen wiper fluid or engine fuel. The possibility of engine damage or becoming stuck while driving can lead to accidents. 

Besides, the Toyota RAv4 maintenance required visit your dealer message reminds drivers to provide car maintenance. Let’s follow us for more information.

Maintenance Required Visit Your Dealer

What Does Maintenance Required Mean?

The dashboard displays the Toyota Maintenance Required Light as MAINT REQD. It is programmed to turn on frequently to remind when service is due. It will stay on till the warning light is turned off, signaling that the 5,000-mile interval has to be reset.

What Is Maintenance Required?

Toyota’s “maintenance required” is a simple onboard computer system that informs drivers when the car needs particular maintenance tasks. This sign shows drivers can take care of their cars quickly and easily. 

At a fundamental level, it helps you manage the motor oil supply. When the “maintenance necessary” light comes on, the car’s owner is alerted to make an inspection to have the vehicle serviced.

How Does It Work?

Toyota’s “maintenance required” system only serves to remind the car owner to have their car’s oil changed. The motor light will turn on after 5,000 miles of operation as the computer counts the engine’s mileage from the moment it was restarted. 

This system doesn’t refer to the changes such as mild/ severe driving or weather conditions, car loading, or towing, all of which are significant factors that impact oil life.

Therefore, people who regularly pull or drive in adverse weather conditions and require oil changes frequently may find this maintenance system ineffective. However, it could not be practical for individuals who often drive in great weather. 

It doesn’t mean that a driver should ignore the maintenance sign completely. Keep an eye on the driving circumstances all year round. If required, you should have an expert assess your driving conditions to decide whether you want your car to be serviced.

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What Cause The Toyota Maintenance Required Sign?

The Toyota Maintenance Required Light signal will appear when maintenance should be scheduled. Most Toyota vehicles will signal, and the light will turn on automatically after the odometer on your car reaches 5,000 miles.

Still, in some cars, the indicator may come on once in every 60,000 miles or more to signal the need for an extensive tune-up.

The service could have previously been rendered, yet the light is still on. This issue shows that this light hasn’t been activated, which means it hasn’t started counting down the remaining 5,000 miles.

Toyota Maintenance Required light

How To Fix The Maintenance Required Problem?

Oil Change

Changing the oil and filter is the first thing you need to do when the maintenance-required light turns on. It’s ideal for changing the oil after 5,000 miles of driving, as the experts suggest.

This is also the most basic requirement because old oil, after a long time of use, will still be as effective as before and may cause pollution. Replacing it will help remove deposits and ensure smoother engine operation.

Tire Check

Besides changing the oil, you should also inspect the tire pressure since it determines the vehicle’s fuel consumption and performance in general. 

Underinflated tires increase friction and cause overheating, which might end up premature wear, separated tread, or even a blowout. Meanwhile, overinflated ones result in uneven tread wear and call for replacements sooner than expected. You should have an inspection and adjust it if necessary.

On another note, replace a new tire if it is too worn, which increases the number of revolutions and the amount of oil in the car.

Fluid Inspection

Next, you need to check all the fluids in the car, including transmission fluid, coolant, windshield fluid, brake fluid, and power steering. If these liquid levels are low, then refill them.

Carefully check for any liquid leaks or cracks in the liquid-containing parts. If so, repair or replace them immediately to avoid more serious damage.

Other Inspections

The stability of all significant systems should be rapidly verified. To begin, you can inspect the car battery to ensure it won’t leave you stuck.

Additionally, you should have a look at the brake and other components for functionality by turning on the lights, connections, and electrical parts.

Other Services

You can get other extra services at greater periods when you are providing the regular schedule. You may plan a cabin filter change and rear suspension inspection after 15,000 miles in addition to the 5,000-mile maintenance.

A different engine air filter is included with the 30,000-mile maintenance. When the mileage on the odometer exceeds this, you may know that the services will require more components and be more expensive.

How to deal with the Maintenance Required warning sign

Tips For Maintenance Required Visit Your Dealer Reset

Resetting the yellow maintenance required light is also one of the ways to solve the problem because the light system may be faulty. To do this, you can refer to the tips we listed below:

Refer To Owner’s Manual

Each Toyota model will have different maintenance procedures, so you need to check the car’s manual to know exactly what steps to take. 

Alternatively, you can Google search for instructions to reset the maintenance required light for your vehicle model. You can also read reviews and comments of other drivers to see whether those steps really worked.

If that doesn’t work, you can apply the same basic steps to most Toyota models.

Start The Car

You can turn on the ignition to restart all devices in the car, including the dashboard. Simply turn the key to start the car, but don’t run the engine.

All lights on the dashboard will light up to indicate that your vehicle is turned on, including the yellow maintenance required light. If the light goes out after a few seconds, you have successfully reseted it.

Press The Trip Meter Reset Button

First, turn on the trip indicator on the dashboard. Keep the restart button down while turning the engine to the ON state after that has been shown.

Continually press that button for 10 more seconds. You’ll then notice a buzzer noise in addition to the light flashing. After that, the light will automatically turn off.

Ask For Mechanic’s Help

You can visit the auto service center or contact the mechanics to help you solve the problem. Although this service can be expensive, the mechanic will help you explain the problem and give you instructions and advice while using the car.

How to reset the Maintenance Required light

How to reset the Maintenance Required light? 


What Will Happen If I Ignore The Maintenance Required Sign?

The Toyota Maintenance Required Light does not signal any mechanical problems. It only serves as a reminder that drivers need to have their cars serviced. As a result, you may effortlessly and trouble-free continue operating your vehicle. 

However, if you ignore that sign, there are certain drawbacks you may encounter:

First, it might be distracting to drive when the dashboard warning light is on. It can bother you and cause you to hate running your vehicle.

Furthermore, it can be simple to forget routine maintenance if the light isn’t reset. Without this notification at the proper times, you can forget to replace your oil or examine your tires when needed. 

All the more reason to reset the light each time the 5,000-mile service is carried out.

What Is The Difference Between “Maintenance Required” And “Check Engine” Lights?

You need to keep in mind that when your vehicle needs up-keep, the maintenance required light will come on. After 5,000 miles, it typically alerts you to replace the oil, and filter, and check the car. Your automobile is not likely having a problem when the light comes on.

However, the check engine light refers to a more serious scenario. The check engine light will come on when there is a serious issue with your vehicle or engine. Take your automobile to an auto service center right away for a diagnostic if the light comes on.

What Service Should I Apply For Maintenance Required Sign?

“Maintenance required visit your dealer Toyota Corolla,” 12th gen Corolla, and other Toyota models service may include changing the engine oil, changing the filter, and checking the vehicle’s components and fluids. Maintenance required visit your dealer Toyota Corolla or Lexus models.


Engine maintenance required visit your dealer” is a sign to notify drivers that their vehicle has reached 5,000 miles and needs an oil change. This helps the car run more smoothly and avoid other problems. We hope you found this article useful. See you in the next posts.

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