2020 RAV4 Tire Pressure Display – Get The Precise Reading

Tire condition is a matter of concern for many drivers because it affects the whole journey as well as the operation of the vehicle. They are the only part that comes into direct contact with the road, after all.

Do you want to know more about 2020 RAV4 tire pressure display to determine tire pressure and problems it may encounter? Let’s follow us.

2020 RAV4 tire pressure display

2020 RAV4 Tire Pressure Display: How To Read

Toyota RAV4 can display the tire pressure through the low air pressure warning light. However, you need to use the Toyota app or an air pressure gauge to get detailed readings

Base On TPMS Light

Although dependable, this tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) might be slow to switch on and doesn’t show the tire pressure reading.

It is designed to alert drivers when the tires are considerably under-inflated. This problem might lead to hazardous traffic situations. You can see the TPMS light, a yellow sign on the dashboard’s instrument panel.

Normally, it has the form of a tire cross-section or the shape of a horseshoe with an exclamation mark. Besides, it will flash when the tire pressure is low.

The TPMS warning light may occasionally illuminate during a cold winter. However, this is not a concern because a pressure difference causes it, not an air leak.

Use An Air Pressure Gauge

Using an air pressure gauge is a helpful technique to check the air pressure in your tires. For maintenance purposes, particularly when the weather outside drastically changes, you should inspect the pressure of car tires regularly. 

This method is also helpful to determine whether your tire pressure is good for carrying more weight or having a lengthy journey.

If you examine the tire pressure when the tire is cold, the air pressure gauge will display more accurately. It’s due to the fact that for every 10 degrees that the temperature lowers, tire pressure might drop by 1 PSI. The air condenses in the tires more than the air leaks outside. When it’s chilly, it takes up less room.

You can also use this gauge for motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, and other types of cars. Just attach the gauge’s nozzle by unscrewing the tire valve. On the gauge screen, you will see the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). 

Tire pressure gauge

Tire pressure gauge – Image source: Times of India

Use Toyota App

You may contact your car using the free Toyota app on mobile devices. This Toyota’s Connected Services provides a free trial that enables you to check the tire pressure on the app.

You can get the 2021 Toyota RAV4 tire pressure display, RAV4 Prime, or 2018 Toyota RAV4 tire pressure display by installing this app on your mobile device with the following steps:

Step 1: To set up a new account, launch the app and select Register.

Step 2: Provide your details (name, email, etc.) and choose “Sign Up.” Then, you will get a passcode through email.

Step 3: Validate your account by clicking the button on the passcode.

Step 4: Use the camera on your smartphone to scan or directly type in the VIN (vehicle identification number) in the app.

Step 5: Select “Add Vehicle” and verify the RAV4’s car and manufacturer.

Step 6: Hit “Continue” after reviewing the Associated Service Trials.

Step 7: Select “Agree & Continue” after reading the Associated Product Data Management Guidelines.

Step 8: Choose “Agree & Continue” after reading the Service Connect Notification.

Step 9: Click “Agree & Continue” after reading the Automobile Insurance Created for you.

Step 10: To end the procedure, select “Finish Setup.”

How To Fix If The RAV4 Tire Pressure Light Is On?

Reset The Tire Pressures Before Winter

RAV4 tire pressure will give a warning when the temperature falls. The temperature differential between when the tire pressure was originally adjusted. And the present temperature is the cause when your Toyota RAV4’s TPWS indicator light goes on during autumn or the beginning of winter. 

Heat triggers pressures to decrease. Therefore, in winter and summertime, you need to reset the tire pressures and ensure no air leakage. The pressure just reduced as the temperature lowered. No matter how much petrol is in a car, this occurs to all tires in every vehicle.

Reset the tire pressure in early winter

Reset the tire pressure in early winter 

Patch Or Change Tires

A tire pressure indicator will appear if you detect one or some flat tires on your RAV4. Your Toyota RAV4 should be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring sensor to identify flat tires.

Let’s say the light comes on while you are driving. Pull over your car as soon as possible, then do a quick check. Visual examination is insufficient; you need to inspect the pressure in each of the four tires of the RAV4 using a tire pressure gauge or the light on the dashboard.

Read the owner’s handbook for instructions if you have a flat tire. You may have to repair the tire when you find a hole or replace it with a new tire should it be damaged too much.

Check The TPWS System

You should inspect the TPWS System because it might malfunction and be the recipe for the lightning TPWS indicator. 

Contact a professional for advice on this problem if you have used a tire gauge to confirm that the pressure in your tires is appropriate but the TPWS light is still flashing. 

Although visiting a dealer is not required, it still makes sense when the RAV4 is still covered by its original new car guarantee.

The TPWS system is susceptible to corrosion and aging, just like any other component of your vehicle. Although you can change individual sensors, the system still needs to be reset. 

A technician or tire expert capable of handling the work and understanding the system should do this task.

Check the TPWS system

Check the TPWS system – Image source: Village Pointe Toyota


What Is The Recommended Tire Pressure For A Toyota RAV4 2020?

For the front and rear tires of the Toyota RAV4, 32 pounds per square inch (PSI) is the suggested tire pressure.

Safe driving depends on having properly inflated tires. Poor gas mileage, hard handling, and even tire blowouts can result from deflated tires. Therefore, determining how much air to put in your tires is convenient and cost-effective.

How To Reset Low Tire Pressure Light?

First, you should take a drive in 10 mins at 50 mph to reset the system. When you start the vehicle again, this may force your sensor to reset.

Switch the key to the “ON” setting with the engine off, but don’t restart the car. 

Keep the TPMS reset button until the tire pressure indicator flashes three times, then release it. You can turn on the vehicle and let it run for 20 minutes so that the sensor can reset. 

Under the steering wheel is where you’ll find the reset button for the tire pressure sensor. If you can’t find it, turn to the owner’s guidebook of your car.

All tires should be inflated to 3 PSI higher than the suggested pressure, then deflated. Don’t forget the spare tire because it can provide a sensor. Re-inflate the tires to the required pressure after they have all been deflated.

Switch off the engine and use a wrench to unplug the positive (+) battery cable. For approximately 3 seconds, turn on the vehicle and blow the horn. Finally, the electricity generated in the car will be discharged, and the battery will be reconnected.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

Fixing a low tire pressure warning light problem may not be expensive, depending on what caused it. For instance, if the tires only require inflation, you may fill them up with air at a nearby gas station or local garage, and the light will turn off immediately. 

The repair may be more challenging when the low tire pressure warning light is triggered due to a broken tire pressure monitoring system or sensor. 

You may find out why the low tire pressure warning light is on, what needs to be fixed, and how much it will cost by performing a diagnostic check.

On most automobiles, the servicing kit ranges from $5 to $10 per wheel. To examine and reset this system, you also need a specific TPMS tool and more expertise. Pressure sensors can cost you between $50 and $250 based on the kind of car.


How to get a 2020 RAV4 tire pressure display? You can watch the TPMS light, air pressure gauge, or the Toyota app.

The TPMS light only lights up when your tires are low pressure but doesn’t give you detailed information about your vehicle’s pressure. If you want to read these details, you can use the other two ways. We hope you’ve found useful information in our post!

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