BSM Toyota RAV4: All To Consider

When using Toyota cars, many people still do not know how to activate BSM Toyota RAV4. With this feature, you can open it in the multi-information display by navigating to the “settings” section and selecting ON/OFF BSM mode. 

However, some users still need help with an implementation. They have yet to open categories to activate BSM. To understand this step in detail, please read the entire article below about BSM Toyota RAV4.

BSM Toyota RAV4

What Does BSM Mean On A Toyota Rav4?

Toyota BSM light’s full name is Blind Spot Monitor. This monitoring system from Toyota will help improve user awareness of vehicles in the blind spot when driving a car. The signal light will be orange and appear on the side mirrors.

During driving, the warning light will illuminate when you move into blind spots. It can be left or right, depending on where you drive. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the BSM when changing lanes or to turn. It will help you navigate easily without endangering the surrounding vehicles.

For example, when you drive into a blind spot on the left side, the Toyota RAV4 BSM light on the left rearview mirror will illuminate.

If you use the turn signal in the blind spot, the BSM on the turning side will flash rapidly to attract the driver.

With Toyota’s RAV4 model, the BSM sensor will appear on both sides of the rearview mirror. Usually, you will only see these sensors if the manufacturer has hidden them behind the plastic bumper.

What Does BSM Mean On A Toyota Rav4

BSM On Toyota RAV4

BSM appears on Toyota RAV4 as a tool to help ensure user safety. This light will automatically light up when your vehicle speed reaches 10 mph.

The manufacturer has used sensors that track the vehicles around your car. When another vehicle appears in your blind spot, the LED will light up in the corresponding mirror position.

In addition, Toyota’s blind spot light kit includes 2 different versions. The first version is the basic BSM using LED on the rearview mirror. It will notify the traffic situation appearing in your blind spot.

The 2nd version of BSM is RCTA – Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This system not only warns the user about traffic conditions in the blind spot but also can warn traffic when reversing.

Both versions are available at Toyota RAV4 except LE. In particular, the basic BSM blind spot system will be an independent option of the LE. As for the RCTA, it is standard above all others.

toyota rav4 bsm light on

BSM Feature Highlights On RAV4 Toyota

Toyota RAV4 BSM system provides users with 2 main features. Inside:

Assist the driver when changing lanes

Before changing lanes, all drivers need to check the vehicles behind them.

And without the BSM, the driver could not see all the vehicles in the vehicle’s blind spot. It is the leading cause of catastrophic accidents.

Thanks to the set of BSM lights, it has made it possible for users to know whether a vehicle is approaching their car. The sensor will alert the driver when another vehicle is approaching. At this point, there will be 2 warnings for the user.

In particular, the light will usually glow if the driver does not turn the signal. If they depend on the turn signal, the BSM will flash to indicate a vehicle behind them.

Help the driver leave the parking spot safely.

The advanced technology that Toyota has applied to the BSM blind spot warning light has allowed this unit to perform more functions.

In addition to recognizing passing vehicles, BSM helps you detect approaching cars.

When you park your car, other vehicles in the parking lot will definitely limit your view. To help users recognize oncoming cars from the corner, the BSM light on the rearview mirror will act as an alarm.

Blind Side Monitor detection range

BSM’s detection range can be up to 11.5 feet. The position for calculating the distance starts from behind the rearview mirror, where the BSM sensor is installed.

Of which, the first 1.6 feet from the side of the bumper will not be in the detection range. The detection distance of other vehicles behind can be up to 9.8 feet.

In addition, the rear bumper area of the RAV4, which can be up to 3.3 feet, will also be within the detection area.

Objects that BSM cannot observe

The BSM sensor will not be able to detect all the surrounding objects and vehicles. Here is the list of unseen BSM objects:

  • Motorcycle
  • Bike
  • Walker
  • Cars going in the opposite direction
  • Signboards, fences and walls
  • Objects at rest
  • Vehicles traveling at a slow speed of less than 10 mph

Notes on using BSM

When using or close to BSM lights, you need to keep a few notes in mind below:

You take full responsibility for the safety of both you and the vehicles around you. So watch the mirror continuously.

Consider the BSM as a tool to ensure your safety so that you can observe the surrounding vehicles in the blind spot. However, you should only rely a little on this device because it will not help you determine the level of danger when changing lanes.

The BSM Toyota slammed RAV4 accuracy will depend on quite a lot on environmental conditions. Therefore, drivers need visibility to decide whether to change lanes.

How to troubleshoot BSM

How to troubleshoot BSM?

During driving, some drivers will encounter a situation where the BSM light does not warn when turning. At this point, you will see a signal that this system is not working or check the BSM system Toyota.

As mentioned above, there will be 2 BSM sensors mounted on the left and right sides of the rear bumper. It is shaped like a small black box. You won’t see this part because it’s inside the plastic case.

So, to repair BSM Toyota RAV4, you can choose one of the two solutions below.

Reset the BSM system

You can order it easily in this task if the RAV4 car has a dedicated Toyota BSM button. To do this, turn your car off and on again. If it still cannot be fixed, then you will need to move on to the 2nd solution.

Contact the mechanic

At this point, all you need to do is contact your local Toyota dealer. Even a minor collision can cause this part to fail. If you have a traffic collision or use a fake sensor, it can die quickly.

Therefore, it is essential to ask for the help of Toyota mechanics. They will help you troubleshoot effectively.

How To Turn Off BSM On Toyota Rav4?

Currently, you can set and activate BSM lights in 2 different modes. You can find BSM on the dashboard. The user can then access the menu settings and turn on/off the BSM lighting system.

In addition, with some versions of RAV4 cars, it will have a dedicated BSM light control button. Usually, this button will appear to the left of the dash. On the button is engraved the signature acronym BSM.

When this light system is on, it will glow and appear in the rearview mirror. If you observe, the BSM light will turn on and off quickly to indicate that it is still working correctly. At the same time, a slight sound will also appear.

Why can the BSM light come on?

BSM lights will depend on the terminology you use. It may light up for various reasons if the sensor receives a signal.

At the same time, this luminaire is quite fragile, and you will need to replace it as soon as you discover it. To identify, you can rely on the warning signal of the BSM lamp not working or check the BSM lamp.

What does BSM Test System mean?

The glowing BSM test system is a warning signal to the user that it is failing and will give an incorrect response. There are many reasons why BSM lights fail:

  • Dirt, and snow covered the lights
  • Foreign objects, such as plastic bags stuck in the radar sensor.
  • Battery drained
  • Extreme weather conditions such as dense fog.


What speed and distance limits are the BSM limited to?

The BSM light will come on when your car has reached a minimum speed of 10 mph. The object detection distance of this light system can be up to 13 feet.

How accurate is the BSM system?

BSM has pretty high accuracy, but you should only depend on it a little. You still need to rely on driving experience and observation ability to determine how close the vehicle is approaching.

Where is the BSM node?

The BSM button will appear to the left of the dash. On the button is engraved the signature acronym BSM.

How do I know if BSM is on?

When the BSM light is on, the light on the rearview mirror will turn on and off quickly. It is a sign that the turn warning light has worked. At the same time, you will also hear small noises.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand BSM Toyota RAV4.

This warning light appears on most RAV4 vehicles. It has become a great tool to help users see other vehicles in the car’s blind spot.

As a result, they can escape unexpected accidents because they cannot see the moving vehicle.

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