What is The RAV4 Hybrid Trail Mode? How It Works

In moving, you will always feel afraid when you have to drive through the roads with a lot of snow or slippery. To help the driver get rid of this fear, the RAV4 hybrid trail mode was born to give the car the best traction and handling.

In addition, RAV4 Hybrid also offers many other outstanding features. All will be in the article below.

RAV4 Hybrid Trail Mode

What is trail mode on RAV4 hybrid?

RAV4 hybrid trail mode is a mode that protects users from slippery incidents when traveling in extreme weather conditions, heavy rain, or snowfall. 

At this time, the grip of the car’s wheels is relatively low, and it is difficult for users to handle sudden emergency braking situations. They will lose control at any time and cannot control the spin, endangering vehicles in traffic.

In addition, the RAV4 hybrid trail mode also provides exemplary performance in rough terrain. It provides a stable grip for the driver during the journey. You can activate this mode easily via the button on the center console.

Although the traction mode provides excellent performance, not all RAV4 models have this feature applied. Here are some versions of RAV4 with built-in trail mode.

Which RAV4 models will have trail mode

Which RAV4 models will have trail mode?

Currently, not all RAV4 cars have trail mode. Only recent models have this feature. In particular, trail mode will appear on Hybrid and Prime 2019-2022 Toyota RAV4. Gasoline-powered vehicles will not integrate trail mode.

How to enable/disable RAV4 hybrid trail mode?

Trail mode on/off is the same as BSM Toyota RAV4. It has a dedicated button for trail mode. To do this, find the location of the “TRAIL” button to the left of the gear selector and press it to activate the mode.

Also, will RAV4 prime off-road build always work as well? It’s not all, and you will encounter situations where this mode should not be enabled. The following part of the article will give you 4 specific cases when you should allow trail mode.

When to use sport mode RAV4

When to use sport mode RAV4?

Bumpy road

When driving on rough roads, activating the RAV4’s trail mode is a good idea. Because then, you will control the traction, and the manner is more stable than the normal driving mode. Trail mode will not harm your vehicle in this case. 

Turn on the trail mode for a long time.

The Toyota rav4 2021 hybrid trail mode is only suitable for a short period. The nature of this mode inhibits the traction transmitted to the wheels. So, when driving long distances, the default mode should be standard. The remaining modes are only suitable for specific purposes.

When you drive dirt roads in trail mode, it will help you to overcome clear terrain. But remember to turn off this mode when traveling on asphalt. 

Turning on/off the mode is extremely simple. With a push of a button that appears above the center console, you can easily control trail mode on/off.

The car vibrates more.

When you activate RAV4 hybrid trail mode, your car will have a specific vibration because you’re increasing traction with additional power. You also don’t need to worry too much about shaking because it will not cause any harm to the car.

Loud engine noise

Engine noise from the engine compartment will be louder than usual when you activate trail mode. 

Some users claim that activating this mode causes their car to crash due to loud noises. It’s not a problem but just the sound of the engine running normally.

Trail mode uses brake and transmission control to generate the force required for a particular terrain. The sound you hear as you drive will stop when you turn off trail mode. And it does absolutely no harm to your car.

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Can you use RAV4 hybrid trail mode for snow?

You can use trail mode in snowy weather conditions. However, it would help if you did not overdo this mode. You need to evaluate the specific situation before deciding whether to continue activating the mode.

The trail mode will be the best choice when your car is stuck in the snow and the normal mode cannot get out. 

At that time, your vehicle will become more soiled, helping you to get out of the jam quickly. You will feel a high level of grip but lower than in ECO mode.

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Is Trail mode on the RAV4 Hybrid any good in the rain?

Trail mode will allow your tires to spin more. It is beneficial when you need to use more rotation than usual. So, using the trail mode when it rains is entirely appropriate.

Typically, the speed limit will be around 65 mph in dry weather. The addition of AWD will make it possible for you to drive at that speed even when it rains. 

In addition to activating the trail mode, you can also activate the ECO mode when you want to reduce the number of revolutions.


Is there a problem with the RAV4 hybrid?

The 2021 and 2021 RAV4 Hybrid models will have fewer problems than other versions. There are better choices than buying a 2019 car, in this case, when fuel system problems often appear.

What are the most common problems with Toyota RAV4?

Common Toyota RAV4 problems will include:

  • Evaporation system
  • Catalytic conversion software problem
  • Oxygen sensor error
  • Transmission problems
  • Furniture problem

What mode should I drive my RAV4 hybrid in?

When you encounter heavy rain, slippery roads, and snowfall, it is recommended that you activate the trail mode. It will give your wheels more traction, helping you to ensure it is safe to continue driving.

What does trail mode do on the RAV4 hybrid?

Trail mode will give you the ability to boost the AWD system in low-traction situations like mud or snow. This mode uses an open differential and brake system to transfer power from the skidding wheel to the wheel with traction between the right or left side of the vehicle.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand RAV4 hybrid trail mode. This one allows users to drive better in heavy rain, slippery roads, and snow. However, trail mode will only sometimes work well. When you travel long distances, you should choose the ordinary mode instead of the trail mode.

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