What Is Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota? How It Works

Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota is a convenient yet often misunderstood feature. It tends to perform poorly, leading some people to believe it is not working at all. Let’s learn more about this system and how it works so you can use it.

What Is Automatic Sound Levelizer Meaning, And How Does It Work?

Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota

Automatic Sound Levelizer  

An automatic sound levelizer (ASL for short) allows you to adjust the volume of whatever you’re listening to, such as audiobooks, music, map, etc., to match the volume levels outside and inside the car.

Automatic Sound Levelizer

It can be quite noisy inside the car, for instance, when accelerating quickly down the motorway and the wind whips your windscreen. As a result, the automated sound levelizer will increase the loudness of your music. On the other hand, whenever you start to slow down when you exit the freeway, your Toyota ASL will automatically lower the volume for you.

It’s a technology that, in theory, should improve your driving experience and minimize the amount of time you spend fiddling with the center console or your phone. Both, as a bonus function for the driver’s convenience and as a safety element, are frequently advertised.

How It Works

In order to measure the recorded sound volume, the automatic sound equalizer combines microphones from both inside and outside the vehicle. The levelizer will adjust the loudness of the music playing in your automobile as the volume is raised. Your speakers’ loudness will automatically drop as the level they’re taking up decreases.

A speedometer and microphone are both used in some cars. When you go faster, the volume rises; when you move slower, it falls.

How To Use 

In case you don’t know how to use the system, here is a brief guide.

For Car With Compact Disc Changer:

  • Press the “ASL” button.
  • Once it is on, your screen will show the sound adjustment level.

For Car Without Compact Disc Changer:

  • Tap the “DSP” option to show the “ASL” button.
  • Select “Low,” “Mid,” or “High” to adjust the levelizer’s sensitivity. Press “OK” when the sound is on point.

To turn off the system, press “Off.” Suppose your Toyota’s touch screen is not working; check out this post to learn the solution.

Benefits Of Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota

Benefits Of Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota

Benefits Of Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota  

Below are a few advantages that will make you enjoy having an automatic sound levelizer in your car.

Maintain A Consistent Sound Level

If you have ever been on the highway and needed to shout to be heard above the roar of the engine, you will appreciate having a strong sound system. ASL is a feature that can automatically adjust the volume of your music to account for background noise, allowing you to have the highest audio quality, no matter the environment.

It will assist you in getting the most out of your in-car audio experience, whether you’re driving through a busy city or drifting down a country road. This feature is a time saver if you often alternate between loud and quiet settings.

Bring Convenience

It can lessen the need for you to look away from the road and change your audio when it is too quiet or too loud. Like Bluetooth phone connectivity, it has been promoted as a safety feature because it allows for hands-free driving.

You can make phone conversations while driving without any disruption if your phone’s volume is set to adapt to the noise in your car. With this feature, you can even salvage some value from those hazardous commute hours, one phone call at a time.

What To Do When Your Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota Isn’t Working

What To Do When Your Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota Isn't Working

What To Do When Your Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota Isn’t Working  

Why & What To Do

Suppose the Automatic sound levelizer Toyota RAV4 or on other car models doesn’t seem to be working, and you must make the necessary adjustments manually. This negates the whole point of turning on the automatic sound levelizer in the first place.

Let’s say you notice that your levelator system doesn’t seem to react, and the function is already on. In this situation, you need to make some modifications to the dreadful settings menu.

The best move for an ASL functioning but not having a significant impact is to increase the setting. The settings are typically high, medium, and low. They speak about a starting point for how you want the audio system to be adjusted. The sensitivity to changes in outside volume level and speed will increase when the setting is raised.

Other Issues

Sometimes there is a programming problem. In this case, a system upgrade is the solution to fix the unknown error.

Or, the problem can be with the measuring equipment, whether for tracking speed or volume. You won’t be able to diagnose this on your own, let alone solve it. The amplifiers may have ceased functioning if there is a lack of responsiveness even while using the maximum levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Tell Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota Buttons Apart?

Many cars have two automatic sound levelizer features, a sound leveler and a speed limiter. Yet, distinguishing between the two buttons is still quite hard for some people.

The button is going to act as a speed restriction if it is near the cruise control or the steering wheel. The fact that it is so close to the sound controls suggests that it is there to level the audio.

Does Automatic Sound Levelizer Affect Sound Quality?

Yes. In fact, the Automatic Sound Levelizer can improve sound quality. Using this feature brings you more constant audio levels throughout different forms of entertainment. This way, it can lessen the jarring effect of commercial interruptions and channel changes.

The Bottom Line

The Automatic Sound Levelizer Toyota feature is quite beneficial, making driving more fun and less stressful. Without this feature, you would need to manually change your car stereo’s volume each time the ambient sound level changed.

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