RAV4 Spare Tire: All-In-One

A RAV4 spare tire is an indispensable tool on your long journeys. It helps you keep moving in the event of a flat tire. To remove the spare tire quickly, you need to know where this part is located in your car. The following article helps you discover the RAV4 spare tire on your car and guides you on how to take care of the spare tire in the most effective way.

RAV4 Spare Tire

Where is the RAV4 spare tire located?

The RAV4 spare tire is not fixed in one position in all RAV4 versions, but it depends on each vehicle model. When you buy a 2000 model, the spare tire location will differ from the 2020 car. Specifically, there are 2 places where the spare tire will appear that you can find on the car:

  • Mounting outside the rear door: Versions from 1994 to 20122
  • Below the rear cargo area: Versions from 2013-2022

Is there a spare in the Toyota RAV4?

Until now, Toyota will not equip flex seal on tires for a spare car kit that’s just a standard flat tire. The manufacturer always tries to optimize the position of the spare tire to create the most significant space for users.

These flat tires can perform well for about 50 miles after your tire is punctured. After this period, you should take your car to the nearest auto repair center. Because the misuse of flat tires can put related parts of the vehicle in danger.

How to remove the spare tire?

How to remove the spare tire

The way to remove the spare tire between car models is also different. The tire removal will be divided into 2 main groups: Toyota RAV4 1994-2012 and Toyota 2013-2022. Inside:

Toyota RAV4 1994-2012

  • Step 1: Open the rear door and latch at the bottom of the spare tire cover
  • Step 2: You need to close the back door and remove the cover by lifting this unit out of the car
  • Step 3: You loosen it so that you can remove the spare nut, then you will be able to remove the spare tire from your vehicle.

Toyota RAV4 2013-2022

  • Step 1: Gather all the things in the trunk of your car
  • Step 2: Locate the cloth hand hook, and lift the floor behind to expose the spare tire
  • Step 3: Remove the spare tire from the trunk area and disassemble the floor again.

What is the spare tire size?

Indeed many people need clarification about the size of the spare tire. The wheel size between RAV4 versions will be different. In older versions, the spare tire of the RAV4 is usually significant. But now, tires are more minor and attached to the bottom of cars. Here are two light tire sizes of RAV4:

Toyota RAV4 1994-2012: Tires will have standard sizes, matching the car’s original tires.

Toyota RAV4 2013-2022: Spare tire size is T165/80R17

Spare tire caring

Taking care of your spare tire is essential. Because it will be an effective tool to help you keep moving in the event of a flat tire and broken belt in the tire. Therefore, checking this part is often a task that you need to consider prioritizing regularly. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your spare tire.

Check tire pressure

Checking tire pressure is a common task that helps prevent low-pressure driving. In addition to the spare tire losing air over time, it is also affected by temperature factors. Low temperatures will cause air particles to contract, and tire pressure will decrease but not significantly.

If you continue to drive with a flat tire for a long time, you will cause it to wear out and become unusable. At the same time, a spare tire costs a lot. It needs to be protected so the user can use the tire at maximum performance.

To check the pressure, you can use a reliable pressure gauge or a regular pressure gauge. Although the Toyota RAV4 does not display tire pressure, they do add a warning light when your tires go bad. As a result, you can be more proactive in troubleshooting.

Learn about the signs of aging and damage

You will notice aging and damage to the RAV4 spare inspection. You will see the most obvious signs when using a 2012 Toyota or earlier. Because all tires in this model will be outside the car. It is very susceptible to the weather, causing the tires to wear out even if you don’t use the spare tire too much. Signs may include:

  • Crispy Rubber
  • Cracks appear
  • Bubble phenomenon

Spare tire cover replacement option

Spare tire cover replacement option

The tire cover is a significant part because it will help your tires always be in the best condition, ready to move on any road. Without this protection, your wheels will wear out much faster.

The replacement only applies to models manufactured between 1994 and 2012 because the tires are on the outside. There will be many choices for you with the RAV4 series. You can choose a soft or hard cover to protect your flat tire.

How to use spare tire on Toyota RAV4?

To use the RAV4 spare tire most effectively, you can refer to the steps to remove the tire in the section below:

  • Step 1: Turn off the car’s ignition and turn on the hazard warning lights. At the same time, apply the brake to help stabilize the vehicle during a tire change.
  • Step 2: To fix the car more effectively, you can use wheel wedges or large stones. Fix it firmly before proceeding to remove the flat tire.
  • Step 3: Use the tire jack to jack the car up. Also, use the wrench set in the repair kit to loosen the screw on the flat tire.
  • Step 4: You need to remove the floor fitting and tighten the star cup lugs so the tire can work properly. This process can be done by hand, but your torque will not be possible with a specialized wrench.
  • Step 5: You lower the car and carefully check the wheel nut. If all is well, you can continue to move with your spare tire.


Does it matter what spare tire you use?

You should use the correct spare tire provided by the manufacturer. At that time, you will not need to worry about the spare tire’s size or hardness not matching the remaining wheels.

When Should Toyota RAV4 tires be replaced?

When your tire has a puncture that is too large or too old to be patched, you will need to replace the new tire at that time to ensure your safety on the next journey.

What years did the RAV4 have a spare tire on the back?

The rear spare tire of the RAV4 is from the year 1004-2012.

Where is the RAV4 spare tire located?

To access the spare tire, open the trunk back and locate the hook in the center of the floor. Then pull the tab up so you can get the spare tire.

Can you replace just one tire on a RAV4?

You can replace the spare tire for the RAV4 model when a particular tire is deflated.


Hopefully, this article helps you to determine the location of the RAV4 spare tire and how to disassemble this tire when having an unexpected tire puncture. Checking your spare tire regularly is a necessary task for you. Because for these parts to work correctly, you need to ensure they are in ideal condition and can continue rolling for the next 50 miles.

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