What Is The RAV4 Hold Button? How It Works

RAV4 It is one of the most popular and best-selling car models in the world at the moment. Therefore, it is easily understood that Toyota is constantly improving and integrating new functions into its products. In 2019, the manufacturer introduced the “hold button,” a unique mechanism on the new generation RAV4 models. Until now, the hold button still appears even in the most modern car generations.

If you are new to this media line or not too technical, this button can be challenging to understand. Why don’t you immediately refer to the information below to learn more about the RAV4 hold button?

RAV4 Hold Button

What is the hold button on toyota rav4?

Thanks to the embossed “hold” phrase above it and a circular icon with radiating edges, you can easily recognize this part.

True to its name, the hold button is a button that keeps the car stationary. In more detail, this mechanism will allow the brake to turn on automatically without stepping on the brake pedal. The brake will automatically activate every time you lift your foot or stop applying the gas pedal. Thanks to this, we can perform operations such as moving at low speed or stopping continuously.

In addition, the hold function will automatically apply the brake when we lower the speed to zero in positions including S (sport mode), N (standard), and D (driving).

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Why is holding the button important?

If you often travel in cities where the traffic system is dense with traffic lights, you will understand the importance of this mechanism. Usually, when we want to stop, the brake is required. But what if you are stuck in a long line following each other? At that time, we must constantly switch the state between pressing the brake and the gas. Over time, you will quickly encounter bad press; of course, the consequences will be terrible.

But with the hold button, you only need to care about when it is appropriate to step on the accelerator. Because once you release the accelerator, the car will automatically brake, and you do not need to do anything.

Of course, when we step on the gas to move the car forward, the system will automatically release the brake, and all activities continue as usual. This process can occur continuously or intermittently, depending on the operation and street conditions.

Where Is The Brake Hold Button Located?

Where Is The Brake Hold Button Located

It is easy to identify the hold buttons on RAV4 products. Because you can easily find this mechanism just to the left of the gear lever because it is in the center console cluster, we will also find many buttons for other essential features in this area. Being in such a convenient position also makes the manipulation process easier and minimizes love confusion state.

If you can’t find the hold button at the above position, you should review the age of your car because only the RAV4 generations from 2019 onwards are equipped with the above feature. Models released before this milestone will have a poor support mechanism.

How To Activate the Toyota Brake Hold?

Toyota has dramatically simplified the operation process to encourage users to use this feature. It significantly reduces the complexity and saves us a lot of time. However, if you are a new car owner and have never used it, the information below will help you.

  • Step 1: Start the car and start moving. You can actively turn on the hold button in advance, but manipulating the vehicle will be more difficult. So wait until you reach the appropriate areas before activating.
  • Step 2: Step on the brake to accelerate and hold the position while pressing the hold button. Wait until you hear a beep and see the hold icon on the control screen light up.
  • Step 3: From now on, you have activated the car’s brake waiting function. Start slowly releasing the accelerator to feel the difference. When you stop, the brake light will come on the dashboard to let you know it’s safe to take your foot off the brake.
  • Step 4: If you want to turn off this function, you can choose one of the following two ways. First, press the accelerator pedal and hold the hold button once to turn off the corresponding function. The second method is that you can wait until the car engine is turned off and let the machine automatically stop working.

What does the hold button mean in the 2019 RAV4? Check Video

Why is the brake hold not working?

While driving the car, we notice some cases where the hold system on the RAV4 does not work. There are many reasons for the above phenomenon and below are the most common causes.

No seat belt

Seat belts are mandatory for all vehicle members, especially the driver. And the old system is directly linked to the vehicle’s safety control systems. So if the seat belt is not fastened, the hold button will not work.

This mechanism is necessary to ensure safe operation. Because the automatic braking mechanism will work indirectly by pressing the accelerator pedal instead of pressing the brake directly, there will be a percentage of problems that cause the car to break suddenly. 

If you don’t fasten your seat belt, you will likely fall out of the vehicle following the car’s inertia. In the lucky case, the airbag will deploy to protect you, but the risk of an accident is extremely high in the remaining situations.

The car door needs to be closed correctly.

Just like when we forget to fasten our seat belts, improperly closing the door is also a possible cause of danger. Therefore, the hold button will only work once the sensors recognize that the door is completed correctly. You can also review the safety mechanisms by testing the performance of the automatic braking system.

Problems with brakes

Of course, if there is a problem with the brakes, the hold system will not be able to work correctly. And in the worst case, all mechanisms will completely shut down, resulting in the inability to activate the hold button. If you suspect that the car is having problems with the brakes, it is best to go to the center for inspection and repair quickly.


What does the green hold light mean on RAV4?

If you see the hold button icon on the control screen turn green, this is a sign that we are activating this function.

Do environmental factors affect the holding mechanism?

If the road surface is too slippery due to flooding or snowfall, you will not be able to use this support mechanism.

Can the hold system be used to replace the regular brake?

Of course, you can use the hold button to replace the regular brake pedal operations. However, this process takes some time to get used to

Which environment is best to enable the hold button?

Hold buttons will work best when moving in conditions requiring frequent stopping and resuming. Therefore, city roads or densely populated areas will be a reasonable choice.


The toyota rav4 hold button is an important safety feature that stops the automatic movement of a car forward or backward during a temporary stop. That’s why you know more about hold buttons to realize the importance of this mechanism.

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