Can You Sleep In A RAV4? The Answer Is Here

Many people have switched from using tents to moving and staying in their cars on long trips. The spacious interior space makes this phenomenon even more familiar with giant SUVs.

I have seen some people make videos about camping in their cars, especially with the famous Toyota RAV4 model. So I started looking and experimenting many times to find the answer to the question can you sleep in a RAV4? If you are also interested in this issue or want the most accurate response, the information below can help you.

can you sleep in a rav4

Can you sleep in a RAV4?

You can sleep in any car model if you want and withstand cramped spaces’ discomfort. So here we will talk about sleeping comfortably on RAV4. And luckily, the answer is yes, and you can sleep in the best way on this model.

Of course, you will need to make a few changes to get the optimal sleeping space. When the rear seats of the Toyota RAV4 have been lowered, you can take advantage of the plane between the rows of seats to create a comfortable chair. Even this area is suitable for placing goods or other gear while camping.

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Why is RAV4 suitable for sleeping inside?

Some people may need clarification that a compact SUV like the Toyota RAV4 is suitable for sleeping inside. If you also have the same question, the following content can help you get the perfect answer.

Good space optimization

Although the overall size is manageable, the RAV4 has ample interior space with few structures occupying the space. Therefore, when lowering the chair, we will have an area of ​​up to 70 cubic feet to rotate at will comfortably.

Good folding mechanism

Unlike many other SUV products, the RAV4 has a seat with a simple folding mechanism and can fold flat almost wholly. Although there are still some protruding corners or holes when folded, in general, the influence of these factors is not significant. Thanks to that, we will have a suitable plane to sleep on without worrying about hitting the details below.

How to sleep better in RAV4

How to sleep better in RAV4?

Compared to the soft beds at home, the experience in a cramped space like inside the RAV4 will be different. But we can still improve the quality of sleep. Please consider the information below carefully to eliminate discomfort and achieve the most relaxation after waking up.

Fold all the rear seats down.

No matter how busy or tired you are, you need to fold all the rear seats of the car down before lying down. Of course, the back seat is still enough for an adult to lie down, but sleeping in that position is horrible for me. There was no comfort, only the pain of lying in the wrong place all night. That’s why you must create a wide enough surface by folding the chair.

Flatten the surface

Although it has the good folding ability to create a flat surface, we still encounter protrusions or deficits while lying down. To get the most out of your sleep, you must find a way to deal with these influences. Often a sheet, mattress, or sleeping bag will be the most appropriate solution. If the above tools are unavailable, you can also consider lining wood or anything with a flat surface.


The atmosphere inside the car is often quite overwhelming if you step in and immediately close the door. Even if you have turned on the air conditioner at total capacity, you still need to take steps to let the air circulate inside the car. Because of suffocation, we will only have enough air to breathe comfortably and ensure uninterrupted sleep.

You can open the window while sleeping, so it is easy for outside traffic to enter the car. Of course, natural airflow is always the best choice compared to air from an air conditioner. But remember to set up safety mechanisms and prepare insect prevention plans when opening windows.

If you can’t get the windows to open, consider leaving all the windows open to allow air to pass through the vehicle for some time before starting to close. This can provide a sufficient amount of air so that we do not experience being overwhelmed when sleeping.


Many people need to remember this critical step. But after a while, they also realize that they can’t sleep well while the space smells terrible. Therefore, you need to remove odor-causing objects from the car and use deodorant sprays or essential oils to reduce odor problems. And it is important to let the air inside the vehicle be well-ventilated. Because the airflow can now move effectively, bringing the unpleasant scent out the fastest way.

Clean up the space around

The space inside the RAV4 is already cramped, so you need to clear out unnecessary objects or obstructions around the bed. This allows us to turn around and avoid hitting things while sleeping.

What is an excellent sleeping position on RAV4?

You can quickly turn and stretch your legs while sleeping inside this SUV if you are under 6 feet tall. Above this level, you need to bend your legs to fit in the car. At this point, try changing positions continuously until you find the most reasonable level. It is also important to note that lying in a bent position can cause uncomfortable cramps.


How to increase security when sleeping?

If you are concerned about security while sleeping, consider installing curtains on your windows. These devices will help keep us safe from outside gazes. Having an extra layer of defense also prevents theft while we are asleep.

Which Toyota RAV4 has the most cargo space?

The 4th and 5th generation Toyota RAV4 models with production years from 2013 to the present will be the products with the most cargo space. And, of course, this number also corresponds to the amount of space we can use to sleep. Therefore, consider these models if you want the most comfortable room.

Can I sleep in my car at Walmart?

The answer will depend on which store you’re parking at. Some Walmart stores allow you to park and stay overnight, while others forbid this practice. So, carefully review the information from your local Walmart to make the right decision.

Can you fit an air mattress in a RAV4?

Depending on the size of the air mattress you choose, the device can fit RAV4 or not. Therefore, you need to compare the parameters between the bed and the space inside the car carefully before making a decision.


Through the article below, I hope you have the most reasonable answer to the question can you sleep in a RAV4? From there, you can safely use this model on long trips or even camping.

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