What Is An Android Auto Toyota Corolla 2020?

What is an Android Auto Toyota Corolla 2020? There are many features it provides to give you a great experience on every trip. Let’s follow us for more details and learn how to install it on your smartphone and connect it to your Corolla!

Android Auto Toyota Corolla 2020

What Is An Android Auto Toyota Corolla 2020?

Android Auto (AA) is an application that can help you to access and plan routes, play music, receive messages, news on media, and weather forecast

How Does It Work?

Supported by Google Assistant, this app helps bring all information and apps from your phone to your car’s main screen. Although the app is unavailable in the Toyota Corolla 2020, you can install it yourself.

Connect your Android smartphone to the screen in the 2020 Toyota Corolla, then you can conveniently make calls or send audio messages by simply speaking instructions.

Android Auto function helps you to get real-time notifications from Waze & Google Maps when it comes to navigating. You may request support from your assistant in locating gas stations, hotels, and other locations during your trip.

Is The 2020 Toyota Corolla Compatible With Android Auto?

Yes. The most recent method of using your smartphone with your car’s navigation system is Android Auto. Although the 2020 Toyota Corolla does not currently support Apple CarPlay, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are. 

Android Auto will be added to other modern Corollas with a substantial software update. Thus, you may need to wait till the 2021 Corolla receives the improvement if you own an old model. 

Toyota features a 7- or 8-inch display, making it simple to use the Android Auto capability. It may come with standard XLE and advanced trim levels. Besides, this 8-inch touchscreen version is designed to be always available on Toyota Corolla.

Moreover, this Toyota has an optional audio system to let you enjoy music or access audiobooks easily. 2020 Toyota Corolla Android Auto update can even grant you more benefits.

Android Auto Toyota Corolla features

Android Auto Toyota Corolla features – Image source: Motorpasión México

How To Install Android Auto App On Smartphones?

To set up the AA app, you have to download the Android Auto app from the Google Play Store to know its features that can connect with the Corolla. The software complements Apple CarPlay and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. 

The Toyota display will turn into an Android screen like your phone’s. Thus, it will give you access to several apps, including Google Assistant, connections, emails, and your schedule.

Android Auto on a Toyota Corolla requires a smartphone running Android 5.0 Lollipop or the latest version. Many users recommend an Android update version of 6.0 Lollipop for optimal efficiency. 

AA app should also be downloaded if your smartphone runs Android 9 Pie or an earlier operating version; otherwise, it comes pre-installed.

Ensure the “Hey Google” function is activated on your smartphone when using Google Assistant in the vehicle. 

Start the Google application on your Android smartphone, then select “More” in the lower right corner of the screen. After that, activate Hey Google by going to Settings, Voice, and Voice Match.

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How Do I Get Android Auto On My Toyota?

Before using Android Auto on this 12th gen Corolla or any other models, you need to activate it in the car’s infotainment settings. Ensure the AA app is set on by tapping Menu, then Setup, General, and Projection Options.

First, take a genuine USB cable to link your Android smartphone to the USB port in your car.

Next, confirm all AA terms and policies that may show on your car display; if you see an empty checkbox symbol, tick it.

You can be required to provide the Android Auto software on your smartphone with specific rights, such as control over phone calls or messaging services. Confirm all necessary authorizations.

After that, Android Auto will start up on the display screen of the Toyota in a short while.

Check the owner’s handbook if you are confused about the USB port on your specific Corolla version that supports the AA app. Additionally, you may try inserting the wire one at a time into each USB port on the display or center panel.

How to enable Android Auto on Toyota

How to enable Android Auto on Toyota? 

How To Use Android Auto On Your Corolla?

After knowing how to install Android Auto in Toyota Corolla 2020, you can use the car’s Android Auto features for various purposes. Because Android Auto is a system that fully integrates smartphones, you can do actions on your smartphone from the infotainment platform of your car. 

Below are some primary tasks that reflect the phone’s screen that the AA can perform.

Find Places

To get a route or a certain place using Android Auto, you can choose “Maps” shown on the main screen and enter a location. Voice commands are also available to identify that location and directions. For example, “Locate the closest restaurant.” 

The line for Android Auto instructions will start immediately, but it’s possible to change your itinerary if necessary. 

Besides, you can run Waze and other third-party navigation applications such as Screen Mirroring Toyota, Miracast Toyota, and Google Maps for Android Auto. And the instructions will appear directly on the car menu screen.

Send & Receive Calls And Messages

Are you searching for a practical method to keep in touch with friends, family, or coworkers while traveling? Android Auto can make it simpler to securely phone or message everywhere you go without diverting your focus from the road. 

Play Media

With the AA app, you may access a variety of media. It provides you with the recent episode of any audiobook, a wide range of songs, playlists, and podcasts. It will raise your mood during a long drive and avoid dozing while driving

The internal music software on the smartphone is not the only music app available for Android Auto. Moreover, you can access third-party applications like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Use Google Assistant

The Google Assistant shown on the AA app will let you explore the world when driving. Simply saying “Hey Google” will activate voice command features, allowing you to speak requests like “Send me the address of the nearest flower shop” or “Play my favorite playlist.”

Why should we enable Android Auto on Corolla 2020

Why should we enable Android Auto on Corolla 2020? 


Why Should We Enable Android Auto On Toyota Corolla 2020?

Android Auto offers outstanding features with many different options. One of the outstanding ones is that the car menu screen interface resembles the phone’s interface. Android Auto functions the same as your smartphone. 

It implies that all playlists, songs, messages, emails, maps, and other data are linked to the Android Auto platform and shown on your car’s control panel.

Moreover, learning how to activate Android Auto is very simple. Besides, the AA app will turn on automatically whenever you start the engine.

It also offers many options on the main screen. AA also chooses five distinct displays, including the Google Maps screen, music choice, and phone screen.

Finally, instead of adding a new, cumbersome interface to the Android smartphone, Android Auto is intended to enable you to do things such as sending and receiving messages through voice commands.

Toyota Corolla Android Auto Not Working: Why?

If you have connected the AA app with your car, but the connected message or the AA app icon still does not appear on the car’s main screen, it could be due to the following reasons:

In the settings in the left corner of the car menu screen, the AA feature may have been turned off. If you have not successfully placed the app on your phone, it will not appear on the car infotainment screen.

The next most common reason is that your USB has a problem. The USB cable may be broken or faulty. In this case, you need to check and replace another line if necessary.

Android Auto’s trouble may be a result of a software error. To this end, you should try returning the touchscreen in the Toyota to its default settings. 

In detail, choose Settings, touch Apps, and select Android Auto and Storage. Next, choose to remove data. It will help you reset the app data; then you need to connect again.

Another reason is that your Corolla is an old design and doesn’t accept Android Auto. The AA app is only accessible in the 2021 model year and beyond.

You should get your Toyota inspected by a qualified Toyota dealership if you’re still having trouble connecting Android Auto.

Which Corolla Models Is Android Auto Available On?

Below are the Toyota models available with Android Auto:

  • 2020 & 2021 4Runner
  • 2020 & 2021 Sequoia
  • 2020 & 2021 Tacoma
  • 2020 & 2021 Tundra
  • 2021 Corolla


What is an Android Auto Toyota Corolla 2020? Like Android Auto Camry 2022, it is an application that can help drivers to connect the applications on smartphones with cars. 

Searching maps, playing music, sending and receiving messages, and informing weather forecasts are all displayed on the car’s main screen with a familiar interface.

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