Driving With Broken Wheel Stud: Key Things To Consider

Wheel studs are responsible for securing the wheel to the car’s axle system. It is extremely important in ensuring the stability of the wheel during the journey. So, is Driving With Broken Wheel Stud available? The answer is no, and the following article will give you detailed information regarding this condition.

Driving With Broken Wheel Stud

Driving With Broken Wheel Stud

You should not drive in this case. Because the wheel studs are an extremely important part in keeping the wheel firmly in place when you are driving. 

When this part loosens or falls off, it will cause the whole car to lose its balance. In particular, if the wheel nail breaks, it will add great pressure to the wheel, endangering the entire axle of the car. At the same time, the driver will face many dangers when traveling at high speed.

Therefore, removing the broken lug nut stud and replacing this part is necessary. You should seek the help of auto repair professionals. They will assist you in choosing the right rivet for your vehicle, to ensure the best performance.

What causes wheel studs to break off?

Although the wheel pins are all made of hardened steel, with good bearing capacity, you will not be able to avoid the rivet breaking. Here are some causes that you will likely encounter with your studs:

Over torque

Over torque

Broken wheel studs cause The first thing that causes your rivets to fail completely is due to over-torque. The fact that the wheel is too tight is the main culprit that causes the studs to break. If you try to over-tighten the wheel pin, the nut will not work properly.

When the torque exceeds the allowable threshold, the nut can break at any time. It will cause a rollover, endangering you and surrounding vehicles.

Liquid Lace

The broken wheel stud removal tool will affect the repair work. Specifically, the wheel nut thread may be loose due to improper installation. For example, when you install a new wheel, this will need to be done carefully with the wheel studs.

Because being not careful at this stage can cause the threads on the wheel lugs to slip off. In particular, when you do not hand-thread the lug nut on the lug before using the hand tool to tighten it securely.

Rusty wheel nails

Rusty wheel nails

One of the other common causes of a broken wheel nut is rust on the wheel lugs. Although the manufacturer has tried to create an anti-rust layer for wheel screws, this phenomenon will still appear after a period of use.

For example, one situation that can cause rust to appear prematurely is when the wheel is in direct contact with sodium chloride from melting and wintering ice. The steel inside the antirust coating may be subject to excessive corrosion.

Can you drive a car that is missing a wheel pin?

You can drive with a car that lacks a wheel latch. However, travel speed will be significantly reduced because torque is affected by the lack of wheel pins.

Similar to reset mass air flow sensor, you should ask a car repair center to fix this situation. Because the car will not be able to operate effectively if any part is missing or damaged. Driving intentionally will put you in danger.

At this time, the mechanic will help you choose wheel studs by size chart. Thanks to that, you can continue to move your car safely on the road.

How much does it cost to repair broken wheel studs?

Broken wheel stud cost is not cheap as you might think. On average, the amount you have to spend for each wheel rivet replacement ranges from $100 to $125. 

The cost will vary between repair units but not significantly. Repair time will be about 30 minutes, your car will hardly encounter any arising cases during this process.

How do I know my wheel stud size

How do I know my wheel stud size?

When you intend to replace new rivets for your car, you need to choose the correct size. You can determine the size using a vernier caliper. This kit is capable of providing you with the necessary measurements.

In addition, you can choose the car manual in this case. You will find wheel rivet specifications including:

Are wheel studs the same?

Wheel studs will vary from car to car. The difference comes from the length, type of tire, size and wheel diameter. Therefore, identifying the correct rivet will help you perform this part replacement better.

Fortunately, this job can now be easily handled by specialized tools such as vernier calipers. Alternatively, you can have a mechanic assist you in identifying and replacing wheel studs. The cost per replacement will range from $125 to $130.

How to remove the damaged stud

How to remove the damaged stud?

To remove the damaged stud, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the lug pin using a spanner
  • Step 2: Remove the wheel tire. Use a jack and wheel holders to make it easier to remove the nut.
  • Step 3: Remove the brake caliper with a wrench
  • Step 4: Replace broken wheel stud

This job is not for the inexperienced. The best way is to seek the help of professional mechanics. They will help you with the right set of rivets and assist in changing new rivets efficiently and quickly.


Can you drive with 3 out of 4 wheel studs?

You must not drive with 3 or 4 wheel studs falling out. Because it can cause the wheel to rotate and fall off at any time. This not only affects you, but also the vehicles around.

How fast can I drive with studs?

In the case of studded tires, you can drive at a maximum speed of up to 100 mph. However, if that wheel isn’t made for snow, you should only drive at about 40 mph.

Can I drive with 2 wheel studs?

This is extremely dangerous and you should not drive with 2 wheel studs. Get professional help to end this situation as soon as possible.

Why did my wheel stud break?

There are many reasons why rivets break: too much torque, and rust when this problem occurs, you should replace this part to ensure stability for your car.

What happens when a wheel stud is broken?

When a wheel stud is broken, the wheel can become loose and may fall off while driving, causing a dangerous situation.

Is it safe to drive with a broken wheel stud?

No, it is not safe to drive with a broken wheel stud. It is important to replace the broken wheel stud as soon as possible to prevent the risk of an accident.

How can I tell if a wheel stud is broken?

Signs that a wheel stud may be broken include a wobbling wheel or a clicking or popping noise while driving. You may also notice that the wheel is loose or can be moved by hand.

Can I replace a broken wheel stud myself?

Replacing a broken wheel stud can be a complex and dangerous process. It is recommended that you have a professional mechanic or tire technician replace the broken stud to ensure it is done correctly and safely.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the problem related to wheel studs. Driving with broken wheel stud is not recommended. Because it can put you in danger when moving at high speed. 

Please ask the help of the mechanic in this case. And, they will help you choose the right set of rivets for your car’s wheel size and replace it. 


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