How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor? 5 Common Ways

Traveling with a faulty MAF sensor can put you in danger. You need to fix this part as soon as you find the problem. How to reset Mass Air Flow Sensor? The following section of the article will guide you through the fastest and most effective ways to reset the MAF sensor.

Symptoms of Malfunctioning mass airflow sensor

A malfunctioning mass airflow (MAF) sensor can cause various issues in your vehicle’s engine, including reduced fuel efficiency, rough idling, and decreased acceleration. Here are some common symptoms of a malfunctioning MAF sensor:

  1. Decreased fuel efficiency: One of the most common symptoms of a faulty MAF sensor is a decrease in fuel efficiency. The engine may use more fuel than usual, and you may notice that you need to refuel more often than before.
  2. Rough idling: Another common symptom of a faulty MAF sensor is a rough idle. The engine may sound like it’s struggling or may even stall at idle.
  3. Reduced acceleration: A malfunctioning MAF sensor can also cause reduced acceleration. The engine may not respond as quickly as it should when you press the gas pedal, or it may feel like it’s lagging behind.
  4. Check engine light: A faulty MAF sensor can trigger the check engine light on your dashboard. If the check engine light comes on, it’s important to have your vehicle diagnosed by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.
  5. Engine hesitation or stalling: A malfunctioning MAF sensor can also cause the engine to hesitate or stall during acceleration. This can be a serious safety issue, especially if you’re driving at high speeds.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic. A faulty MAF sensor can cause serious engine problems if left untreate.


How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor

How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor?

After replacing the air flow sensor, what will you do to set it up? There are many methods to help you do this. Here are a few common ways that many users choose to install mass air flow sensors:

Disconnect the motor

To disconnect the motor, follow these four steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the old sensor from the car engine. It is a part for measuring flow, shaped like a throttle valve. Then, clean the device before returning it to its original position.
  • Step 2: Disconnect the battery from the cable. You can then attach the sensor to its original position.
  • Step 3: After the next 10 minutes or so, do not let the MAF sensor disconnected
  • Step 4: Reset the sensor system. At this point, you can start the car and move.

Idling the engine

This process will include seven steps:

  • Step 1: Cool down the engine system. You need to turn it off when idling it. This quest will help mass air flow sensor calibration be more effective.
  • Step 2: After you check and see the motor temperature drop, you can start removing the sensor connector from this unit.
  • Step 3: Clean the MAF sensor with a CRC cleaner solution. If you want to replace the sensor, you just need to reinstall a new one.
  • Step 4: Before starting the engine, you need to let the engine run for about 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Step 5: Turn off all motors, harnesses with sensor connections
  • Step 6: Engine code P0102 will appear on the control panel
  • Step 7: You need to clear the memory and start the car. It’s the way for you to mass air flow sensor programming.

Disconnect the injector

Disconnecting the injector is the next method where you can install the MAF sensor. It will help you remove debris that accumulates around the sensor, minimizing problems affecting your car.

To do this, you need to determine the exact location of the fuel tank on the car and find the fuel injector part. Then disconnect each of them by turning them off and then back on. This process can take about 10 minutes.

Use the vacuum cleaner at the store.

You should not randomly select a vacuum cleaner at the store. Instead, a vacuum cleaner without a bristle brush would be the best choice. The reason is that it has a pressure regulator. Also, once you have started the vacuum cleaner, you need to start the car engine simultaneously to help with the cleaning.

Make sure the vacuum regulator will not have a maximum pressure. When the engine is running, the MAF detector will turn off. If it doesn’t turn off, request a reset, about 5-10 seconds between requests.

Use a screwdriver

Using a screwdriver is the method to reinstall your MAF sensor. It will help you effectively deal with pressing the sensor button when you can’t do it with your bare hands.

At this point, use a screwdriver to activate the reset button. If the detector is not working correctly, you need professional help. They will help you do the job better.


Compressed air to clean the sensor will help remove any dirt and contaminants. Then, connect the clean air hose to the compressed air, and press and hold the mouth of the can below the sensor. Once the engine has started, do the following:

  • Turn the ignition switch to the “LOCK” position.
  • Turn the key back to the “ON” position.
  • When the engine is running, release the pneumatic button at the same time.

The installation will take about 10 minutes.

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When do you need to reset the MAF sensor

When do you need to reset the MAF sensor?

You know when you need to reset your MAF sensor will help you to calibrate the MAF sensor better. To assist users in identifying sensor problems, the following section of the article will provide you with 6 key signs to help you reinstall your MAF sensor.

Reduced fuel economy

When your vehicle’s fuel efficiency drops to normal, it’s time to replace the MAF sensor. The reason is that this part sent the incorrect airflow data to the car engine. As a result, the engine will supply the wrong amount of fuel, and a series of processes will be affected later.

Engine is inefficient

When you start the engine and find that this process is slow, most likely, the cause is the MAF sensor. Although various problems can cause engine stalling, you should not skip checking the MAF in this case.

Difficulty getting started

When a car has trouble starting, it could be from a bad MAF sensor. At this point, you should stop the vehicle and perform a sensor check before it affects other components.

A malfunction occurs in the engine.

Symptoms such as hiccups in a car engine indicate that the airflow sensor is having a problem. At this point, you should have your MAF sensor checked and need to find the problem as soon as possible. Most of the time, you will need to clean and reset the MAF sensor.


Does a MAF sensor need to be calibrated?

You need to calibrate the air flow sensor by adjusting the injector size. It will give you more horsepower.

How do I test my mass airflow sensor?

Open the hood and gently touch the airflow sensor. If the engine stalls or does not work, the cause will come from the MAF sensor.

Can a MAF sensor be cleaned?

You can clean the sensor instead of replacing it to save money. Replacing this part can go up to $300, and it’s costly compared to using MAF CRC sensor cleaner.

How do I know if my mass air flow sensor needs to be reset?

You may notice your car’s engine running rough or stalling, a decrease in fuel efficiency, or a check engine light appearing on your dashboard.

How do I reset my mass air flow sensor?

The process for resetting a mass air flow sensor can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. However, in general, you can reset the sensor by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, or by using an OBD-II scanner to clear any fault codes.

Can I reset my mass air flow sensor without disconnecting the battery?

It is possible to reset the sensor without a scanner or by disconnecting the battery. However, the specific process will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Is it safe to reset my mass air flow sensor?

Yes, resetting your mass air flow sensor is a safe process. However, if you are not comfortable performing the reset yourself, it is always recommended to seek the assistance of a professional mechanic.


Hopefully, the article will help you understand how to reset Mass Air Flow Sensor. Currently, there are many ways to help you do this work at home. You should clean the sensor before you intend to replace the MAF sensor. Because the replacement is very expensive, it can be up to 300 dollars for a new sensor.

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