2018 Highlander Navigation Volume: Everything You Need To Know

2018 Highlander navigation volume is part of a navigation system. People consider these service features when looking for navigation systems.

Yet most automobiles lack GPS. When guiding a few tonnes of metal down the road at high speed, there are better choices than touch screens that demand the owner to gaze at the screen while touching it. Therefore, the use of navigation systems is increasing.

What Is The 2018 Highlander Navigation System?

The 2018 Highlander has a navigation system and other helpful technology, much like most cars. The Entune suite should be familiar to Toyota owners by now, and the navigation app is an element of the system. However, many people experience difficulties with Toyota navigation apps not installed.

You will be given direction by a system that offers top performance with the new Toyota Card Navigation Update. It can locate new roadways, suburbs, establishments, and tourist attractions.

The navigation system keeps track of your present location and facilitates movement. Toyota used to preinstall it on every vehicle but recently stopped doing so as they switched to a subscription-based business model.

Technologies like Toyota’s guidance system provide many advantages for hands-free driving. You can find places without ever taking your eyes off the road thanks to built-in navigation systems that provide a voice recognition capability when you’re on the road.

2018 Highlander navigation volume

How To Change The 2018 Toyota Highlander Navigation Volume? 

  • Step 1: Switch to your vehicle’s multimedia system by choosing the Toyota icon on the main screen to access the navigation system’s volume controls.
  • Step 2: You can switch the infotainment screen to the navigation screen by tapping the map icon on the head unit. The volume controls for the navigation are located at the bottom of the screen.

The voice can be activated or disabled by tapping the voice button. Once this feature is disabled, a new icon will appear on the screen.

  • Step 3: When the voice level menu is active, you can adjust the voice volume using the touch screen or the primary control knob. The Beep/Sounds button can turn on or off sound effects.
  • Step 4: Using the touch screen or the central command knob, you can change the volume once the Beep/Sounds volume option is active.
  • Step 5: The navigation volume will be louder than the current audio volume if the Volume Priority function is chosen. Android auto navigation volume too low or Android auto volume too loud might be a problem.

While navigation is active, the Highlander navigation system offers volume adjustment for particular functions. Press the Sound, Guidance, and Guidance Volumes configuration buttons to gain access.

How To Update Toyota Highlander Navigation System?

In addition to learning how to turn up volume on the navigation system, it is essential to upgrade your navigation system once a year to keep up with any alterations in the road networks. The most recent SD-card navigation version is accessible from participating dealers online or at your retailer and you can click here to see how much does Toyota Dynamic Navigation 2021 cost?

Navigation system

Navigation system 

It should take a little time because the procedure is relatively straightforward. You must take the SD card from your car and place it inside your desktop computer.

Using Windows

Installing the Map Update Toolbox comes first. Please open the file after downloading it, then adhere to the directions. The installer program should then be launched as you would any other piece of software.

To connect your automobile to the Map Update Toolbox, you must insert the SD card into your computer. If your card gets corrupted while updating the maps, having a backup is crucial.

A button displays on the left side menu after registering into the program. The button with the label Updates is present if an update is available.

Using Mac OS

When your OS has shown that it recognizes the card, utilize Toyota’s Map Update Toolbox. If an update is available, a button will be present.

Next, you should press this button to launch the procedure. When it’s finished, the toolbox will inform you that the SD card is up to date. Exit the toolbox now.

Discharge the SD card from your computer at this point, then bring it back to your car. You ought to have current navigational maps by now.

Using A DVD

With the help of a self-install DVD, you may upgrade the map information for your constructed Toyota navigation system. I started the car, removed the DVD, and bought a new one.

By selecting Menu, followed by the DVD icon on the touchscreen, you can get this information on various Toyota navigation systems. Disconnect the navigation fuse form of the driver’s side fuse box, which is located beneath the steering wheel, to update the firmware.

Consult the instructions if you need further information about this. If your Toyota’s designed GPS uses a hard disk, take your car to the shop or repair provider. A service provider can only update these systems.


What Advantages Do Auto Navigation Systems Offer Over Utilizing Google Maps While Driving?

The screen in your car may be significantly more extensive than the one on your phone. But maintaining modern car navigation systems is extremely expensive. In essence, Google Maps is updated every hour.

Using Google map

Using Google map  

Because so many individuals may contribute to it, many claim that Google Maps is the best navigational tool. However, Google Maps performs poorly when there is no internet presence and completely fails when there is no cell phone coverage. 

Is Navigation Worth It In A New Car?

It varies. Automated navigation is an excellent idea if you travel frequently. Typically, you only need to buy new map memory cards every several years, and they only cost about one to two months’ worth of phone bills.

Because they are satellite-based, in-car navigation systems should have a signal, even in isolated locations. They come in handy for people who frequently visit places with spotty telephone coverage.

What Should You Do If The Gps System In Your Automobile Directs You To Travel Down A One-Way Street?

Your position, longitude, and altitude are precisely determined via GPS. It cannot tell you where you are in relation to any surface characteristics. It is unaware of the location of the surface.

The GPS position is inputted into the model via navigational systems, which display the features. Be mindful of these possibilities, trust your eyes, be cautious if something looks off, and look to other sources if you have any doubts.


After reading this post, adjusting the 2018 Highlander navigation volume is simple. Your car’s navigation system directs you there without getting lost; remember to keep it updated.

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