What Is Toyota Dynamic Navigation Cost 2021? Updated Info

Most cars are equipped with navigation systems and other useful technologies. They help drivers reach the right roads and destinations. What is the Toyota Dynamic Navigation cost 2021? How to install the Toyota Navigation App? Let’s follow us for more details.

Toyota Dynamic Navigation cost 2021  

What Is The Toyota Dynamic Navigation?

Dynamic Navigation is a system installed on your vehicle’s main menu that provides services like map data, routes, and points of interest (POIs).

Real-time data from the Cloud provides more precise predicted arrival times. The upcoming route can be found on the main menu of the car. 

This system is available in most Toyota models. Depending on the design of the car menu display, the interface of the Dynamic Navigation system may differ. But their features and services are the same.

Dynamic Map

The dynamic map is the first service Dynamic Navigation has. It gives you up-to-date map data in the built-in GPS device with real-time notifications received from the Cloud if you have a valid Drive Connect trial or membership.

Dynamic Route

Dynamic Rout is another service if you’re signed up for the Drive Connected Services (trial or membership). It will give you accurate information about the route that you are about to take. 

In addition, it updates the estimated time to reach your target destination. Another great feature is that Dynamic Route can store places you’ve been to so you can easily find them again.

Dynamic Point Of Interest

Dynamic Points of Interest, or POIs, help you save the places you search repeatedly. Common phrases will be recorded and suggested when you type the first letters matching those places. Around 20 million offboard and 14 million onboard Points of Interest are now available.

How much does the Toyota Dynamic Navigation cost

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What Is The Toyota Dynamic Navigation Cost 2021?

The cost of Toyota Dynamic Navigation 2021 is $169 for 2 years after the trial. If drivers want to buy new map data, they need to pay an extra $150 to $300.

Toyota Dynamic Navigation Cost

Is Toyota navigation free? Yes, but only 3 years of trials. If you want to keep your register, the next two-year price is $169. The cellular data connection inside the automobile provides the service, which constantly updates more maps and routes. 

The navigation system still functions if you don’t pay for it. However, the map data no longer updates. By offering a data SD card, they are offering an alternative to their previous method of operation. Each year, you can get a fresh batch of map data for around $150 and $300. 

You may receive updates with the Dynamic Navigation subscription without purchasing additional media.

Moreover, Destination Assist is included through this Navigation system that originally fits in the car. It is available in the service to phone a person, describe your destination, and ask them to arrange your navigation system to take you there. After the first year, it costs $80 every year.

Drivers can access a live representative who can give instructions to a location or point of interest (such as restaurants, hotels, or gas stations) whenever they choose Destination Assist. 

Connected Services

The Connected Services also supports a dynamic navigation system. Moreover, it is subject to conditions outside Toyota’s disposal, such as a functioning telematics system, cellular connection, GPS indication, and an appropriate wireless connection. 

The performance and accessibility, especially the connection to the response site and emergency assistance, may be restricted or impossible without this program. Service varies by car and location, and a subscription is needed after a trial. 

This service also includes conditions of access and data costs. Services and applications might change at any time with no prior warning.

Trials of these services from Toyota are free of charge. Apart from Wi-Fi, which has a different start date depending on when it is activated, the other trials start on the initial date of purchase or rental of a new car.

After the trial period, a paid membership is necessary to maintain accessibility to relevant services.

How to install a Navigation app

How To Install Toyota Navigation App?

The navigation app is part of the dynamic navigation system. It is set up with Entune. If you’ve got a Toyota, you may be familiar with the Entune system. In more current versions, it is a multimedia platform. 

It comprises many tools, features, and applications that provide access to different driving skills. The touchscreen display in the automobile makes it simple to use this system.

Step 1: You will need to enter your email and vehicle identification number (VIN) to create a new account.

Step 2: Next, turn on the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone.

Switch on your cat and choose Bluetooth from the options. Bluetooth pairing will connect the smartphone to your vehicle.

Step 3: Access the Entune after everything is connected.

Step 4: On the dashboard of the car, choose Apps. A request to download the Entune app will appear, then click on Ok. Begin installing the Entune suite immediately.

Step 5: Finally, when everything has been downloaded, click “Ok” to confirm the appearance of the navigation app.

If you cannot install the Navigation app, you can contact Toyota service or dealer for further instructions.

What To Do If  The Navigation App Is Not Working?

You need to update the app when the latest version is on the table because of how it is programmed. Otherwise, you may face losing a map, missing parts of the path or signals, and breaking the rules regarding transportation.

Therefore, if you subsequently encounter such a problem, update the Entune app first on your smartphone and then carry out the below steps:

Step 1: Choose “Map Update Toolbox.”

Step 2: You will see the “Updates” suggestion; touch on it as the app is ready to be updated. In contrast, “Devices” will be present if nothing has changed.

Step 3: Next, choose the “install” suggestion, and you are ready to begin.

Step 4: When should drivers update the app? There are a few things to consider while upgrading the Toyota Entune tool. 

Any modifications or improvements to the car model will directly impact how successfully the car connects to phones and accesses internet-controlled programs.

So, ensure that every part functions well before each update. Should you own an old-designed Toyota, the upgrades may not operate smoothly, even though they offer important repairs and efficiency improvements.

Dynamic Navigation Vs Integrated Navigation

The accuracy of these maps is one of their strongest selling points. The integrated Navigation, in addition to storage, comes with engine and fuel monitors, load detectors, and different alarm systems. The cost of integrated Navigation may be higher. 

Besides, a hardware device, often a memory card, is needed to update the maps on the car’s GPS because integrated Navigation doesn’t use data. These are not for free, as you might expect.


Is Toyota Dynamic Navigation Worth It?


Many drivers claim that the Dynamic Navigation system is more accurate than Google Maps. Places and roads become clearer and more accessible through the dashboard screen.

In addition, the system warns the driver about the routes where traffic accidents are common. Thanks to that, the drivers can get around by other routes.

Most opinions suggest that updating the system is necessary because there may be many changes in locations and routes. Alternative navigation options are also available, so the driver can determine the difference in accuracy and travel time on each road.

How Can I Control Dynamic Navigation?

Tuning the Toyota Dynamic Navigation is a simple thing. First, look for “Setup,” or “Settings,” or the cog icon. Next, touch “Navigation Settings”, and “Detailed Navigation Settings”.

The screen will display 2 options, ON and OFF, for you to freely adjust the Dynamic Route as you like.

How To Update My Map?

First, access the most recently updated maps to make the system work more accurately and safely. Next, you can see and download new updates and data with the Map Update Toolbox. 

It covers a free map for three years to ensure your car always has the most recent upgrades.  This feature starts after the car has driven 63 miles with the SD card installed.


What is the Toyota Dynamic Navigation cost 2021? It is $169 for 2 years after trial. To own new map data, you need to pay $150 to $300. We hope you found useful information in our article. See you in the next posts.

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