HHR Key Fob Programming: Easy Steps To Follow

Over the years, the manufacturing technology and techniques incorporated into car keychains have evolved significantly. And the most prominent of which is the HHR key of the Chevy car of the same name.

Since it is a complex product, outages will be a standard error you face. And sometimes, reprogramming is the only solution you can choose.

So, how to handle chevy HHR key fob programming?

Right in this article, I will help you easily handle this task effectively.

About Chevy HHR Key 

Chevy HHR Key is an innovative key model with the same design and operation as traditional products.

This tool comes with the HHR series, which is famous for its retro look. Therefore, the lock also needs to have a design that is suitable for this particular design language.

Despite its compact appearance, the HHR Key design is innovative enough for you to close, open, or activate the car’s standby mechanisms with a simple push of a button.

Because of its intelligent mechanisms, connecting the HHR Key must go through many different stages. Besides, we will also encounter many problems related to the system or compatibility. And the best solution is to reprogram or connect the car to a new set of keys.

Chevy HHR Key Fob Programming

How to Program A Chevy HHR Key Fob? 

Here are the steps you need to take on how to program a key fob chevy:

  • Step 1: Prepare a new set of keys. If the old HHR key has a problem, you can use this hard to replace it quickly without looking for a replacement mechanism. Because there are so many generations of cars spanning many years, you need to carefully consult the information before buying any key model.
  • Step 2: Start the operation by manually unlocking the car doors and closing all the entries. Then use the physical key to insert it and turn it to start the electrical system. However, remember that we do not need to activate the engine to ensure safety when operating.
  • Step 3: Immediately after starting the energy system, continue to turn the key in the Off – On – Off – On. You need to do it in the correct order for it to work. Remember to hold down the unlock button when doing so. Finally, you have succeeded if you hear a click and the lock starts to release.
  • Step 4: Hold the old HHR Key and then press and hold the “Lock” and “Unlock” buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Stay in place until you see the car lock and unlock again. It is the step to confirm that the system has reset the programming parameters of the lock.
  • Step 5: This is the stage for us to connect a new set of keys if the old key has problems. First, put the new setup key in the electrical socket and switch it to “On.” Then connect the key, and the system will record the appearance of a new set of keys.

Why is my Chevy HHR key fob not working

Why is my Chevy HHR key fob not working? 

Before reprograming the Chevy HHR key, you need to determine the leading cause of the device not working because we can quickly find the proper treatment if we grasp the situation of this part.

Low battery

The key will need to draw power from a small battery inside to operate the microchips and chips.

Therefore, if no energy is left or the power reserve is too low, you will not be able to operate anymore. Now we just need to find a new battery to install. If you just focus on reprogramming the device, it will still not be able to work again.

Faulty programming

Right Even a seemingly simple device like the HHR key is also at risk of errors related to the programming software inside.

There are many causes for this, including external influences or user misoperations. There is even a chance that the device has problems after a period of operation.

But whatever the cause, you will need to reprogram to eliminate annoying problems from software bugs.

Besides, we must recognize problems from the software inside the car’s receiver. To be sure, you’ll need to cross-check both sides to determine which is the root cause.

Electrical issues

Problems with a remote keyless system which I refer to, will include both the key and the vehicle fault. Because only when both the receiver and transmitter are working correctly can we unlock the vehicle. 

A problem with the connection mechanisms or a failure in the electrical circuits on any side will only result in the vehicle becoming unresponsive.

Can you do a Chevy HHR remote programming at home? 

You can completely reprogram the Chevy HHR remote at home. Thanks to that, we will save a large amount of cost and effort when we do not need to go to the store or repair station anymore. This is similar to how you can find a way to bypass Chevy knock sensor right in my garage.

Like many other electronic mechanisms on the car, manipulating the HHR key is only accessible if you have knowledge and skills.

In addition, we also need to prepare many different tools to manipulate the most accurately and safely. So make sure you have enough capacity and equipment before starting programming.

Some key generations also require unique identifiers. Usually, only professional repairers or authorized centers have central access to the code. In this case, you need to bring the key to the nearest service station for assistance.

Can you program a key fob without a programmer?

HHR key is inherently a smart lock instead of integrating mechanical mechanisms like many other products. So you can only operate using the appropriate software or tools.

For this reason, you need to prepare new tools and leads or keys to pair during the reset process. Using these mechanisms is also not easy; you will need help to avoid getting into trouble and make the problem worse.

Why isn’t the Chevy HHR key fob working even after being programmed? 

Resetting the software system only sometimes helps the key work properly again.

No matter how often you try to do it, there will be cases where the car and the lock still need to receive the signal. That prevents us from using this clever tool. And here are the 2 most common causes of the above discomfort.

Programming Faults 

Programming errors from the system or the mechanism on the vehicle will cause both the key and the car to be unable to connect.

So we will be able to open or lock the car once this problem is fixed. Often the error coming from the media will also cause many issues with other connections. So you need to carefully consider the symptoms of the car before you start thinking about how to solve it.

Low/ Dead Battery 

The HHR key cannot work without a battery power supply. Because electronic mechanisms always need energy, and the lack of this element will render the device completely useless.

So if you find the key is not working or has no response, replacing the battery should be the first action.


Do I need 2 keys to program the key fob?

Many manufacturers provide us with mechanisms to reprogram the smart key without the need for a backup key. However, you will still need this item as proof of vehicle ownership.

Can a locksmith reprogram a fob?

Only qualified and skilled locksmiths with smart locks have enough experience to handle these particular devices.

How much does it cost to have a fob programmed?

Depending on the complexity and type of protection mechanism built into the lock, we will need from $ 50 to $ 250 to reprogram and handle errors on intelligent locks.

Can you pair any key fob to a car?

You can perform alternate operations, but this process will require us to perform many different steps and prepare some tools to be able to manipulate.


In conclusion, programming a key fob for a Honda HR-V (HHR) typically involves using a series of buttons on the key fob and the vehicle’s ignition switch to synchronize the key fob with the vehicle’s computer system. 

The specific steps for programming a key fob for an HHR may vary based on the model year and the type of key fob, so it is recommended to consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual or a dealership for specific instructions.

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