How Much Does Volvo XC40 Maintenance Cost? A Full Breakdown

After a long time of driving, every car needs maintenance. Volvo XC40 is no exception. This not only helps to deal with accessory damages but also helps to detect and address potential damage to the car. How much does Volvo XC40 maintenance cost? Let’s follow us to find out the answer.

How Much Does Volvo XC40 Maintenance Cost?

A Volvo XC40 costs around $11,907 with full maintenance and repair services within the first 10 years of driving. However, the price of each interval and auto center will vary, and you should have your Volvo serviced after 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. 

Volvo XC40 Maintenance Cost

How much does Volvo XC40 maintenance cost? – Image source: Car and Driver

Common Services Offered On The Volvo XC40

Air Filter Replacement

The Volvo service center asks for $130 for air filter replacement. This price includes $35 for new parts and $95 for labor. Prices may fluctuate depending on the local auto dealers.

The air filter is one of the easiest parts to replace, so its maintenance price is affordable. It should be noted that if the air filter gets damaged, it needs to be completely replaced rather than repaired.

Signs that remind you to replace your Volvo air filter include rough idling engine and improperly operating engine. Also, if your Check Engine Light stays on for a long time, you should check your air filter and replace it.

A new air filter will increase the efficiency of filtering dirt and residual oil, which can damage your engine. Besides, it will help maintain oil and minimize vehicle emissions.

Brake Pad Replacement

Replacing the Volvo XC40 brake pad at authorized dealers will cost about $203. The replacement cost is about $114, and the cost of a new brake pad is $89.

The mechanics will replace the brake pads if the following symptoms appear:

  • Brake pad wear: After around 30,000 to 70,000 miles, your brake pads will show signs of wear. However, if it is worn down to about 2mm deep, you should change it with a new one.
  • Loud noise while braking: This sign tells you that your brake pads are severely worn. In this case, you will hear shrill squeaks. Worn brake pads should be replaced immediately to avoid future mishaps.
  • Car pulling while braking: Once your Volvo slips to one side when braking, the brake caliper may be stuck. In this case, mechanics will decide whether to replace the brake caliper with a new one depending on how damaged it is.
  • Flashed brake system warning light or maintenance required sign: If these warning lights are on, you should check the entire brake system because some parts of it may be damaged.

Brake Discs Or Rotors Replacement

You have to spend about $427 for brake rotors or disc replacement, including $265 for new rotors/discs and $161 for labor.

You should note that brake rotors are always replaced in pairs (for 2 front wheels or 2 rear wheels). The mechanic will check the thickness of the old rotors and replace brake rotors/discs and pads. After that, they will perform a driving test and make sure the brakes are up to standard.

Indicators of your brake discs or rotors failing are usually wobbling when braking and worn/rusted rotors.

Oil Change

The Volvo XC40 oil change cost is $131: $60 for new oil and $71 for labor.

You need to check the oil filter when you change the oil because it may be degraded or no longer able to filter. Volvo mechanics will substitute the right oil for your XC40 and have a driving test to make sure the oil doesn’t leak.

Also, it is recommended to change the oil every 5,000 miles and don’t drive with the oil running low, as it can have a toll on the engine. The turn-on maintenance warning light is a sign reminding you to have an oil change.

Gear Oil Replacement

The price to replace the Volvo XC40 differential or gear oil is about $126, with $31 for new differential/gear oil and $95 for labor costs.

It’s advised to change your gear oil after 30,000 to 50,000 miles to ensure its capacity and performance. It helps the wheels and transmission work more smoothly after removing dirt and metal particles.

How Often Should You Service Your Volvo?

At 30,000 Miles

The total cost of Volvo XC40 maintenance service at the Volvo dealer for every 30,000 miles is $230.37, including $120 for new parts and $110.37 for labor costs. Prices may be lower at auto shops (about $178.78, including $75 for new parts and $103.78 labor cost)

The first maintenance service Volvo provides is tire rotation and oil change. Tire rotation helps to ensure that your tire wear and tear is evenly distributed. The car will run more smoothly and put less pressure on the engine, thereby prolonging the life of your XC40 Volvo.

Besides, the oil change will remove pollutants after long driving and increase the lubrication efficiency, making the engine run smoother.

With the Volvo XC40 maintenance service for 30,000 miles, the mechanic also inspects every kind of car fluid and refills if they run out. It also provides air filter replacing and checking other XC40 Volvo parts.

At 60,000 Miles

60,000 miles Volvo XC40 maintenance cost ranges from $523 to $734. It also offers oil & oil filter changes and checks on other Volvo parts. In addition, you can have the battery inspected or replaced and check belts and replace them if they are too worn.

Besides, mechanics also check the brake system and replace brake rotors if necessary.

At 90,000 Miles

After 90,000 miles of driving, your Volvo may experience serious problems with the engine and other mechanical parts. In this case, the Volvo XC40 maintenance cost will go up to $1,385.

Mechanics will examine the tires, brakes, and spark plugs and replace them when they are worn or damaged. After that, Volvo’s car’s computer and mechanical parts will be checked.

Services like 60,000 miles maintenance (oil & oil filters change the battery, brake system, and belt inspection/replacement) also apply during this interval.

The safety technologies designed for Volvo XC40 will also be thoroughly inspected and repaired/replaced should they be damaged.

Volvo drivers need to follow the instructions in the vehicle owner’s manual to have their Volvos serviced at the right time, expanding the life of the vehicle.


Should I Service My XC40 Volvo Regularly?


Volvo XC40 is designed to last. Yet, you’ll still need to maintain every part of it to ensure Volvo’s efficiency. No Volvo is resistant to certain wear and tear, but with regular and scheduled maintenance, you may avoid unexpectedly expensive repairs and risky problems. 

Thus, it’s crucial to follow your Volvo XC40 maintenance schedule to make sure all of your Volvo components are inspected at the appropriate intervals. It also guarantees that your Volvo car can last as long as possible.

This maintenance also helps you detect potential problems with your Volvo and deal with them promptly. Mechanics will provide all necessary services and give you advice related to your driving habits and the next maintenance intervals.

How Much Does A Volvo XC40 Insurance Cost?

Volvo XC40 insurance cost is about $1,803 per year. Volvo also provides programs that help reduce the cost of this insurance by using the services the brand offers.

Car repair and maintenance will assist drivers in avoiding potential accidents and save a significant amount of money. 

You can buy annual insurance or buy a 5-year one depending on your needs. The Volvo website will cover complete warranty information about your Volvo XC40.

How To Save Money For XC40 Volvo Maintenance?

Instead of waiting for your Volvo parts to be damaged, you should have the car serviced on a schedule. 

You can refer to the user manual for intervals for maintaining your Volvo. You shouldn’t set the Volvo maintenance schedule as you want because it may not be necessary and will cost a fortune for redundant maintenance.

Besides, if you find your Volvo has a minor problem, deal with it immediately to sidestep serious damage later on. It also makes maintenance less expensive.

It will be best to research the prices of the auto service shop or dealer in your area to find an affordable and reputable service. Finally, take the time to learn about your Volvo to spot potential problems by the signs of each part.

Should you service the XC40 Volvo regularly? – Image source: Edmunds


How much does Volvo XC40 maintenance cost? $11,907 is the price for the maintenance of your Volvo XC40 after the first 10 years of driving. However, each interval will have a different price depending on the parts of the vehicle and the maintenance services.

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