Honda Del Sol Engine Swap: Ultimate Tips To Consider

It’s time to refresh the Honda Del Sol model you’ve used for a long time. A lot of work needs to be done to restore the vehicle’s performance, such as changing the transmission fluids or renewing the brakes.

But have you ever heard of engine swap? This measure will help the vehicle quickly regain its ability to function as it was at the factory.

Although there are many apparent advantages, manipulating and selecting components for the conversion takes work. So carefully refer to the information I am about to provide below before performing the Honda Del Sol engine swap.

Honda Del Sol engine swap

What is an engine swap?

This trick is a series of different and relatively complex operations with the primary goal of changing the car’s engine.

This way, we help many models, including Honda Del Sol, restore their original performance. Also you can find the article about 1MZ-FE Turbo Engine here.

It is easy to find models or engines that cross-change for a different product.

However, before proceeding with the replacement, we still need to consider many factors, such as fit, size, or performance. You will save money and time if you choose the right parts with low performance.

So please take more time before making a final decision.

There are currently two main types of engine swaps, analog and alternative, each with its distinct advantages and disadvantages:

  • Similar model: If you use the same engine assembly as the original one that the manufacturer has equipped for the Honda Del Sol vtec engine, we will call this change process similar.
  • Alternative model: alternative engine swap refers to using a highly compatible engine to assemble into the vehicle. As long as it is not the original part according to the car, you can use this phrase to make notes and signal to repair centers when needed.

Are engine swaps a good idea? 

If you aim to optimize an old model’s performance, engine swaps will always be the right choice.

We can perform many methods, such as cleaning or replacing components to restore the engine.

However, only with a complete replacement of a new system will you no longer have to deal with minor failures or constantly buy new parts. That saves a lot of money.

Conversely, if the engine is still operating at an acceptable level, you should not perform this trick. We will face many risks in terms of the replacement process and compatibility. Compared with keeping the original design, it is not difficult to know which is the more reasonable choice.

Is it cheaper to engine swap or buy a new car? 

Engine swap This is one of the most expensive tricks. Because an engine cluster costs thousands of dollars, and the labor cost is not low. So you need to prepare a certain amount to make the conversion.

But compared to the cost of a new car, you will save more if you choose an engine swap. Since we will not have to spend money on other parts, it is easy to understand when the amount needed to pay is reduced significantly.

Consider buying a car if you have a need and want to own a completely new Honda Del Sol model. Otherwise, refurbishing by replacing the engine will be the right choice if other parts and accessories are still working effectively.

1993 Honda Del Sol engine swap

Can the 1993 Honda Del Sol engine swap?

Every model on the market today can perform engine swaps; of course, the 1993 Honda Del Sol is no exception. As long as the right engine is selected and the proper support is available, you can rest assured that the vehicle will still function well after the replacement.

It would help if you also learned more about the system inside your car model to make this process go more smoothly. For various reasons, some older Del Sol models will require more work to find a similar engine assembly. So we will only use the “alternative” method.

In contrast, later new car models are often equipped with much more modern and popular engines. Whether to use “same” or “alternative” will depend on your needs and ability to pay.

How to prepare for an engine swap?

To make the preparation process for the engine swap faster and more accurate, you can refer to the information I am about to introduce below. It’s not hard to see that this process will be more straightforward if you master the knowledge in these sections.

Consider cost and necessity.

As mentioned above, the cost of replacing the engine is exceptionally high for many different reasons.

And you would not want to waste such a large amount of money just for a little upgrade in performance. So try driving at different distances to assess the situation appropriately.

If the vehicle is too outdated and no longer operates stably, the replacement is inevitable for the car to continue working. On the contrary, consider taking your Honda Del Sol model to the facilities for restoration or cleaning. These processes will undoubtedly cost less, while the effect is quite apparent.

In addition, buying a new car is also worth considering if you think changing the engine will only help a little.

Consider alternative engines

Each generation of the Del Sol line will use one or more different layouts and engine types. So there will be very few cases where replacement parts can be available for many models.

The easiest way to know what is a good choice and avoid mistakes is to refer to the documentation that comes with the vehicle. Almost all the necessary information about the parameters is available for your reference. Searching and reading information on the Internet is another effective way to know the best choice.

In the case of lack of information accessibility, there is another method for you to decide on: manual measurement. Find a tape measure set, then check the motor’s overall size.

Then perform the same operations with the surrounding parts to get the most accurate number. Remember to measure the distance between the details of the tire. Finally, we need to compare the measurements with the types of engines to know the right products.

Find a suitable unit.

With the right tools, it is possible to perform a Honda CRX engine swap guide right in the house’s garage. However, I do not recommend doing this because doing it yourself without enough experience can lead to many unfortunate consequences.

You will need to consider many factors, such as operability, after-sales services, and cost. You’ll find a place with a lower fee but further away from home. At this point, based on your own needs, make the most suitable decision.

Honda Del Sol engine swap

Top 4 Honda Del Sol engine swap 

If you decide to use an engine swap to upgrade the performance of the Honda Del Sol, you can refer to the following options. Of course, there are still many other engine models that may be suitable for you. But the names below are still popular and receive the most positive reviews.

H Series Swap

H Series products have always been known for their extremely high performance. But surprisingly, this engine line is not the number one choice when combined with the original models. Only when used on Del Sol does the H series come into play.

J Series Swap

The J Series is always the most economical choice as it is straightforward to assemble and requires no special equipment. Therefore, if you are looking for affordable engine models, immediately refer to this J series.

K Series Swap

Although it does not produce the same outstanding performance as the H Series, the K Series will ensure the most extended use time while maintaining stability.

Because this engine line possesses many modern mechanisms and technologies to help it operate more efficiently. Thereby it gives users the best experience while ensuring excellent acceleration.

G23 Swap

If the Honda Del Sol series you use has a very high usage time and cannot meet the powerful engine models, the G23 will be the perfect replacement. Stable performance and low prices will make investing easy while maintaining stable mobility.


How often should you swap your car?

There will be two options for you: use the car until the end of its useful life or change it after 18-24 months. We will benefit more if we replace the car when it hits the right time.

What engine did the Honda Del Sol have?

Different version options of Honda Del Sol will have separate engine versions. But the standard configuration of all is always the optional four-cylinder engine, 1.5L, 102hp S and 1.6L 125hp.

What are the dangers of engine swaps?

Not only will it cause damage to the vehicle or engine, but in the worst-case scenario, you could also damage the vehicle ultimately. For the above reasons, we need to take Honda Del Sol to reputable places and have a team of skilled workers to change engines.

Why do people swap engines?

The most common reason users change engines is to increase the performance of their vehicles, especially older models.

Is engine swapping hard?

This process is complicated because we have to disconnect the entire engine assembly and replace it. There will be a lot of risks, and you also need to know how to handle them properly.


To perform the Honda Del Sol engine swap perfectly, you must collect various information.

And fortunately, I have provided the essential knowledge for you in the above article. So please use a reasonable way to make the most accurate decisions.

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