How To Fix Volvo Truck Light Control Module Problems?

Your headlights cannot be on when you need them if you have Volvo truck light control module problems. Your Volvo light control module could encounter several issues. Find out what they are and a few solutions below. By figuring out a solution, you can avoid similar problems in the future.

Where Is Volvo Truck Light Control Module?

In the center of the dashboard, beneath the VNL fuses, is where you’ll find the light control module. The Volvo truck light control module is on the right-center passenger side.

The light control unit is used to regulate the outdoor lighting. The rotary knob handles the various lighting settings, including the truck’s automated headlights if it has them. You may also encounter the case of Led Headlights Only Working In High Lights, there are 7 easy ways to deal with it here!

Although the user can replace the LCM, programming must be done by a Volvo dealership. You could set it up to work with LED illumination, fog lamps, and special reminders if the truck’s lights go out.

A cover or cover plate is also on the dashboard when repairing or fixing the car. Your vehicle’s surface may feature one or more toggles, switches, gauges, and measuring devices.

Volvo Truck Light Control Module Problems

Most Frequent Volvo Truck Light Control Module Problems

No Blinking Turn Signal 

The Volvo truck’s light control module is in charge of managing the lights. It consists of brake lights, turn signals, and other lights.

You might discover that the turn signal on your Volvo truck stops functioning correctly over time, and you must move the small button on the wheel’s left side. The most frequent problems are blown turn signal bulbs or a defective blinker module.

If neither light operates, there is probably a blown fuse or a broken flasher to blame. Damaged bulbs or a corroded socket could also be at blame for this. Maybe you’ve encountered a field where all Honda CR-V the warning lights are on and the solution is in this article!

Bad Dashboard Light

The light control module may be to blame if these lights were functioning when they stopped, as they are now. Too dull, flashing, or dead lights are bad dashboard lighting.

Numerous reasons, such as a faulty voltage regulator, CPU board, cabling, connector, or connector, could be the cause.

Bad dashboard light

Bad dashboard light  

It is rational to troubleshoot issues. A faulty connection in a circuit is to blame whenever something electrical breaks. Starting at one end, the battery, you must confirm steady voltage before confirming that you can measure the flickering voltage at the dash.

Faulty Brake Lights 

The light control module regulates how the brake lights work. If you discover that your brake lights are not functioning, your light control module is most likely to blame.

A possibility is poor wiring, plug rust, or even insufficient grounds. You would have a mechanic check your car to be sure because wiring problems can and do result in flames.

Failed Tail Light

Another problem with the light control module is a failed tail light. Common warning indications include the brake light not operating when the brakes are pressed and the tail lights not functioning when the headlight switch is engaged.

Being called by a police officer for a burnt-out tail light is one of the most aggravating circumstances. Your Volvo’s tail lights may stop working due to many problems with the hardware or wiring that connects the tail lights. It’s critical to understand the most typical reasons why tail lights fail.

How To Fix Volvo Truck Light Control Module Problems

How To Fix Volvo Truck Light Control Module Problems

Reset The Program

You can change the LCM if it has a problem, but you still have to take it to Volvo to get it programmed for your truck. To set up the new one in your car, you must visit Volvo and get it examined first.

Maintenance required visit your dealer since every change requires that the LCM be reprogrammed. Below the dashboard, to the left of the steering wheel, is where you’ll find the light control module. The system must be connected to an OBD scanner so that you may reset it using that.

Check Grounds

You should first verify the grounds. Put a jumper cable between the battery ground and a ground lug on the firewall’s front. When these trucks lose excellent ground, their electrical systems completely malfunction.

For starters, you can disconnect the batteries, let them sit for about 30 minutes, and reconnect them if the light control system has a meltdown. If not, your LCM is ruined, and you must pay a hefty price.

Replace LCM Connector

The LCM powered the brake shift interlocking solenoid, which also receives input voltages from the brake pedal position change. You should change the LCM connector if there is a power shortage.

To begin, carefully pry up the lid of the light control module with a screwdriver, then loosen the bolts and separate the wire connector. From there, you can modify the LCM connector by seeing it.


What Causes Control Module Failure?

These days, control modules are a standard feature of every car built and constructed. Your Volvo’s many control modules function because they are powered by electrical current. If one malfunctions, it is probably because of an insufficient power supply, the excessive voltage being applied to the module, faulty sensors, water exposure, or excessive moisture.

Where Are The Light Control Module Fuses In Volvo?

Functions such as the airbag and the collision warning system are among those that are protected by fuses in the central controller under the glovebox. The fuse for the Volvo light control module is F49, and it is located on the tech panels in the upper center of the dashboard, and it should read LCM fuses on the label.

Can You Replace An Engine Control Module Yourself?

You will have to decide if you want to change your Engine Control Module if you own a car or truck for a long enough period because a defective engine computer can result in a higher figure of more severe issues down the line than a problem with a particular engine component.

Your vehicle’s replacement ECM is available, and you can do it yourself. Your ECM may be changed with relative ease. It is a pricey component, though; for it to work correctly, it must be partnered with the right vehicle.


After reading this post, we are confident that you understand how to fix Volvo truck light control module problems. If this is happening to you, you should take action to correct the problem. To avoid any trouble, make sure to have any faults rectified straight away.

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