Volvo 3g Modem Upgrade: Have You Need An Update Yet?

You require a Volvo 3G modem upgrade if you want a speedier connection. The 3G Sunset is taking place so wireless operators can make room for 5G networks, which will be faster. 

In many circumstances, it results in a loss of linked services for drivers of 3G-connected cars. Learn more about Volvo 3G modem upgrade 2022 below.

About Volvo 3G Modem

For various smart devices employing a SIM card, along with a car, 3G modems offer WiFi. Volvo On-Call-equipped vehicles can connect to the Internet using a built-in modem.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that AT&T discontinued its 3G network on February 22, and T-Mobile will cease operations on March 31. Depending on the web they use, all other low-tier mobile service providers work under the same deadlines. It causes the 3G network to sunset, so we require an updated Volvo 3G modem.

The removal of the physical infrastructure supporting 3G mobile networks by mobile operators is known as the 3G network sunset. Cellular operators are prepared to turn down 3G transmissions to make way for an additional 5G.

The discontinuation of 3G necessitates either the termination of these services or the conversion of automobiles to 4G technology. It indicates that your Volvo needs an over-the-air upgrade or a hardware replacement at a dealership.

Volvo 3G Modem Upgrade

When Do You Need Volvo 3G Modem Upgrade?

The answer is now. They are considering that most Internet of Things gadgets are 3G-only compatible. As a result, devices won’t be able to interact without a network switch or modem upgrade.

For instance, Volvo is informing owners of previous vehicles that the 3G connectivity in their cars will end this year. The user must take action right away or suffer the repercussions for connectivity.

Subscribers of 3G devices need more spare time. These products will soon be unable to interact, making them worthless, if they are not upgraded to the newest mobile network connectivity. Upgrade the gadget to 4G or 5G if it still uses a 3G modem.

There is no quick fix. Although pricey, a 3G to 4G gateway is feasible. And to make matters worse, modems can only be switched out provided the hardware supports it. While linked autos fall under this category, other devices may need upgrading to a newer model with better connectivity.

How To Get Volvo 3G Modem Upgrade? 

Without this upgrade, you won’t have any mobile access. It would help if you had a Volvo 4G modem upgrade

4G modem

4G modem 

It wasn’t until early this year that this upgrade became accessible. Volvo already offers the update. Your neighborhood merchant ought to be able to price items and do so.

An adapter can be used in its place. You insert a 4G adaptor into your port. You cannot take this and connect it to another car; when you phone assistance to acquire this upgrade, this is paired with your automobile. Only the VIN will function with it.

Your automobile may be turned off, connected to the OBD port, and started in five to fifteen minutes. It ought to turn on by itself.

Common Volvo 3G Modem Upgrade Problems

Common Volvo 3G Modem Upgrade Problems

Waiting Time

Some dealers don’t know whenever the new 4G update will be accessible, either. The local dealerships have consistently informed sure automobile owners for years that they need the necessary parts available.

Since the website won’t let you do a prorated renewal, you can call Volvo Customer Care. Volvo had officially stated that there would be a method to upgrade to 4G, and they are completing all the details. The announcement will come sooner rather than later. Still, the specifics of the scheme, including who pays what and the overall cost, have yet to be made public.

Unable To Sync

Some car owners experience sync issues. They uninstalled the app first, then reinstalled it on their phone. When they did that, everything connected and got to work. The final step involved letting it sync while idling the automobile, and it gave an “unable to sync” error message.

Delete the vehicle from the app to add it back. However, the service now requires a 4-digit pin to be activated. To get a new PIN, email your dealer. When linking the app to the car to verify, you may also view your WIFI wifi signal on the screen in our Volvo. It required a full signal to complete the process for some reason.

Software Issue

Because Volvo has problems with the software, some Volvo dealerships deny the upgrade and even refuse to test it. New installations are put on pause as they investigate the issue.


Why Is My Volvo Not Connecting To The Internet?

Verify that the phone is turned on and the battery is fully charged. If the Internet connection in the vehicle drops, you can turn on and off the mobile data.

Tap Connectivity under Settings in the center of the screen. After that, resume the connection by turning Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the Car SIM on and off. If you can not do it yourself, maintenance required visit your dealer.

Is Volvo Affected By 3G Shutdown?

The 3G outage has an impact on Volvo. While navigating, your car will no longer be able to update your GPS and traffic information. Others won’t be able to use voice assistants, emergency call services, or smartphones.

Can I Upgrade My Car To 4G?

Volvo has stated that improvements will be available but has yet to provide further information. To update your car to 4G, you must visit one of the many Volvo dealerships. The price of 650 dollars may also include Volvo XC40 maintenance cost and a two-year registration to the VOC app.


When 3G is turned off, a Volvo 3G modem upgrade is necessary. It is most useful to get in touch with Volvo’s customer care services to find out more about the best ways to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. 

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