2AZ-FE Transmission Fluid – All You Need To Know

Let’s say you own a 2AZ-FE Toyota and want to replace the transmission fluid. What are some quality and reliable 2AZ-FE transmission fluids? When should you replace this liquid, and how to do it? 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Follow us for more details.

2AZ-FE Transmission Fluid

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What Is 2AZ-FE Transmission Fluid?

2AZ-FE transmission fluid can be Toyota ATF WS, Synthetic ATF such as Mobil or Dexron III/VI Synthetic Mix. Though ATF WS can be applied in most Toyota, Synthetic ATF is often preferred, especially by the Camry.

2AZ-FE Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid is a compound that lubricates the machine parts, especially the gears inside the gearbox, helping the gearbox operate smoothly and stably. In addition, it has anti-wear and anti-rust effects, increasing the life of automobile gearboxes and engine parts.

Lubricating oil also helps to reduce friction and improve mechanical transmission efficiency. The shifting will become smoother.

A 2.4L inline-4 engine uses a type of lubricant called 2AZ-FE transmission fluid. Manufactured in 2000 by Toyota, this engine is well recognized for being used in the Scion tC, Camry, and other models. Later, it was found in several vehicles from 2001 to 2015.

Which Type Of Transmission Fluid Match 2AZ-FE Toyotas?

Toyota ATF WS

ATF WS, produced by Toyota, is one of the top choices of drivers for their 2AZ-FE transmission system.

ATF-WS has a 100,000-mile maintenance service and doesn’t need to be flushed or changed throughout the life of cars. The majority of modern automobiles and expensive Toyota models adopt it. 

There are a few notices when using this type of fluid:

  • It is advised to use Genuine ATF-WS produced by Toyota.
  • The use of suitable or replacement aftermarket fluids or chemicals may cause shifting troubles. It also may harm internal parts of the gearbox.
  • Drivers must always seal the Toyota ATF-WS storage containers because ATF-WS can expose them to other substances in the air and moisture. It could generate shifting problems.
  • It’s crucial only to use brand-new, clean ATF-WS while replacing the vehicles or repairing transaxles with this fluid.
  • Vehicles with ATF-WS capabilities may employ the overflow process. Any liquid emptied from the overflowing valve needs to be disposed of properly according to local laws and should never be used again. It helps to avoid environmental pollution and potential damage to the gearbox.

Toyota ATF WS

Toyota ATF WS – Image source: eBay

Synthetic ATF

Some vehicles, such as the Toyota Camry, can use synthetic transmission fluid like Mobil or Dexron III/VI Synthetic Mix from General Motors. 

They may lengthen the lifespan of the gearbox and increase the draining and refilling frequency by over 30,000 miles. The Dexron VI won’t affect your gearbox and is fully compatible with the Dexron III.

What Is The 2AZ-FE Transmission Fluid Capacity?

The 2AZ-FE ATF has a 6.2-liter capacity, more than that of the Toyota 1MZ FE turbo with about 4.5 liters of transmission fluid. Drivers usually take 3 liters or less of ATF to replace the remaining lubricant, which is the normal amount of fluid needed for a gearbox oil filter. 

Besides, the transmission is made up of several hydraulic lines with pressurized fluid inside of them. There is no “leak” of this liquid onto the pan. While the gearbox is flush, it is taken out. 

Another 3 liters or more are needed for the lubrication system inside these tubes, the torque converter, and other gearbox parts. Therefore, you should drain the entire transmission oil instead of just draining 1/2 of the fluid.

Which Toyota Models Has 2AZ-FE Transmission Fluid

Toyota has designed many models using the 2AZ-FE transmission since the 2000s. From 2001 to 2010, Highlander, Camry, RAV4, and Corolla XRS were models using the 2AZ-FE ATF. 

From 2010 to 2015, Toyota developed the Matrix S, Scion tC, and Scion xB models all equipped with the 2AZ-FE engine and its corresponding transmission fluid.

How To Replace The 2AZ-FE Transmission Fluid?

First, you need to flush and refill the transmission fluid like changing the car oil. The only difference is that the transmission system contains a metal mesh filter inside and a manhole cover. However, it seldom has to be changed since the mesh is more fragile than the car oil filter.

A hexagonal socket is necessary for the 10-mm open hexagon screw drain pipe. Next, flush the fluid level gauge and place a small straw into the dipstick pipe. You can change the threshold transmission fluid with a new one.

The transmission lubricant pan can hold around 3 liters of fluid, which may be emptied and replenished using the dipstick. The radiator, gearbox grease pipes, and torque converter will all still contain a sizable amount of fluid. 

Combining old and fresh fluid is safe without draining if the liquid remains dark red and does not turn brown. However, the system should be drained totally once the liquid switches to a brown or black shade. About 3 extra liters of oil would be needed for this process.

Replace the 2AZ-FE transmission fluid

Replace the 2AZ-FE transmission fluid – Image source: The Ultimate Collection

When Should I Replace The 2AZ-FE Transmission Fluid?

Reach 30,000 – 60,000 Miles

Transmission lubricants and additives usually work together. It can lessen the expansion of the liquid when it warms up throughout the operation. It maintains the gearbox consistency and stability of ATF, enabling the powertrain’s hydraulic lines to operate well.

Many drivers believe that the fluid for car gearboxes only needs to be checked occasionally and topped off if necessary. Yet, prolonged usage in high temperatures and for the lubrication of gears might result in the oil losing some of its good quality. 

How often should I change my transmission fluid Toyota Camry? Some experienced professionals advise changing the automatic transmission fluid for closed gearboxes between 30,000 and 60,000 miles.

If there is insufficient lubricant, it is essential to add more the proper type immediately. Replacing the fluid at the appropriate intervals will ensure that the car runs effectively. It can minimize ATF consumption and extend the life of the transmission and the vehicle as a whole.

Transmission Fluid Leaks And Strange Smells

The most obvious symptom that requires a transmission fluid replacement or even a full flushing service is the presence of gearbox fluid leaks. 

Leaks may also indicate a problem with your ATF hose. Besides, odd smells warn that the fluid is burning inside the gears.

ATF usually lasts around 100,000 miles in most automatic gearboxes at or below 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, its life is halved for every 20-degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature. 

When hauling or engaging in summer traveling, cars can achieve temps of 210 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Before heat disintegration, synthetic ATF can withstand around 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

The transmission fluid will oxidize as it degrades, losing the detergent and lubricant qualities. It smells scorched and changes from red to brown or even black. Corrosion and sludge accumulation can be brought on by deteriorated ATF.

Transmission fluid leak

Transmission fluid leak – Image source: YourMechanic


How Much Does It Cost For Transmission Fluid Change?

The transmission fluid replacement requires less liquid and takes less time. Thus, this process often costs half as much as a transmission flush.

A Toyota gearbox fluid replacement typically costs from $174 to $206. The cost of labor is expected to be from $122 to $154, while the expense of components is $52.

Taxes and other fees are not included in this estimate, nor are your particular model, or local area taken into account. Toyota transmission fluid replacements are widely accessible for keeping your car’s gearbox greased.

The Toyota transmission may slide if you don’t frequently check your lubricants at a minimum of 30,000 miles or more. For further details on the reasonable mileage periods during which your gearbox requires the fluid replaced, consult the owner’s handbook of your automobile.

Should I Change The Transmission Fluid Myself?

No, there are several types of transmission oil. Each company has a unique recipe for its transmission lubricant.

It is a must to use the brand’s specifically designed oil for many premium automobiles, rather than just replacing the transmission oil at random. Differences in fluidity and thermal properties impact the transmission’s performance if the incorrect oil grade is applied.

For instance, high-end Toyota has a special transmission fluid mixture. Automatic ATF replacement should be performed at a garage or dealership to reduce unfavorable risks.

What Is The 2005 Toyota Camry Transmission Fluid Capacity?

The 2005 Toyota Camry transmission fluid capacity is 6.2 liters because it uses the 2AZ-FE engine. The fluid change, oil discharge, and oil change time are also mentioned as above.


What is 2AZ-FE transmission fluid? They are Toyota ATF WS, Synthetic ATF such as Mobil or Dexron III/VI Synthetic Mix. You can check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if it’s right for your engine. We hope you found this article useful. See you in the next posts.

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