How To Fix Problems With Your Honda Accord Trunk?

As you all know, Honda Accord is a sedan you can trust to choose for your family. It gives users a great driving experience full of modern and convenient features. However, this car has problems related to the trunk part: unable to open and a broken trunk. So, how to fix problems with your Honda Accord trunk? 

The following article will guide you on how to fix Honda Accord’s trunk problems in each case.

How To Fix Problems With Your Honda Accord Trunk

How to fix Honda Accord’s trunk problems

My Honda Accord Trunk Keeps Beeping

Currently, Honda has integrated many convenient features into their Accord car. One of them involves the appearance of an annoying beeping sound when something goes wrong. You will hear this sound when the key is stabilized and turned on.

When the beep appears, you should not continue driving because it can come from the trunk of the car is open. Driving at high speed is extremely dangerous. So, turn off the beep as soon as it appears in your vehicle.

All you need to do is get out of the car, run to the back, and close your trunk. Sometimes, you need help to complete the box, and the beep still appears. Most likely, your key is in there. The manufacturer has intentionally added this feature to help users not be able to leave the key in the trunk of their car.

At this point, open the trunk and take the key out. You can turn off the beep and close the car trunk successfully.

My Honda Accord Trunk Light is Not Working

My Honda Accord Trunk Light is Not Working

Although the trunk light is not so important when driving, it is an essential part of the Honda Accord. Because in addition to lighting, it also provides safety features when loading things into the car at night, such as a RAV4 spare tire and personal items. The manufacturer has designed a sensor for the light to automatically turn on when the trunk is open and turn off when the box is closed.

So, the fact that the trunk light cannot light up when the trunk is open can come from the light bulb wiring:

  • The latch switch has a problem
  • The latch switch leads have a problem

In particular, the switch will be responsible for notifying the light on / off when the trunk is operating. So, when this part fails, the light will always be on or off when this part fails. You need to replace the switch soon because it will help you ensure the safety of the trunk light bulb.

In addition, the latch switch wire will signal to the bulb whether it is time to turn it on. You need to check this wire to see if it is wet. If the cables are completely dry, you may need to replace them with a new set of wires to ensure a stable connection of the latch switch to the electrician.

My Honda Accord Trunk Won’t Open

The trunk of the Honda Accord has many ways to open. So, when you can’t open the trunk, your trunk opening option may no longer be active. Over time, some users have reported that the latch in the driver’s seat is no longer usable.

Therefore, until you fix the problem of the driver’s seat latch, you can use the key’s remote trunk control or manually open it with the key itself. To do this, find the keyhole in the trunk and look at the upper lenses of the rearview lights. In addition, you should choose a keyhole you can use to open the trunk quickly.

My Honda Accord Trunk Won’t Close 

One of the other common problems related to the trunk of a Honda Accord is that you cannot close the part. It can come from many different reasons, such as:

  • Keychain appears in the trunk: This safety feature allows the user never to leave the key. All you need to do is take the key and close the box.
  • Incorrect trunk latch: Honda’s version of the Accord has a trunk that closes with a latch. When this part is in the wrong position, you will not be able to complete the trunk of your car. To fix it, take your toolbox and try to tighten the pin to get it to align again.
  • Overloaded trunk: Loading too much stuff in the trunk will cause the latch to not be in place. At that time, rearrange the position of your furniture, and make sure that the table is within the allowed range.

My Honda Accord Trunk Keeps Opening

My Honda Accord Trunk Keeps Opening

If your trunk continues to open even when you try to close it, you must have it checked immediately. If the cause comes from accidentally pressing the unlock button above the keychain because you left it in your pocket, you can quickly fix it. In addition, with other problems, you should seek the help of experts.

There is a Lock Problem with My Honda Accord Trunk

In case you cannot lock the trunk of your Honda Accord, it can come from 1 of 3 common reasons below:

  • Locking mechanism: The switch closes around the inside to ensure your trunk is locked. If the locking mechanism is out of alignment, the trunk will not automatically lock once you correct the problem.
  • The trunk release lever does not work: This part may be stuck or cannot be pulled out for some reason. You can only fix this problem until the release lever is removed.
  • Obstacles in the trunk: The sensor system inside the compartment is susceptible. So, if there is an obstacle in the box, this part will not be able to lock. You must check the entire trunk space for the sensor to work correctly.

In addition, when you have tried all 3 cases and get no results, you need to consult a professional locksmith. Because, most likely, the key or lock is no longer working correctly.

My Honda Accord Trunk is Not Locking

The first thing you need to do when the trunk is unlocked is to check that you have pressed the right button. Most users will choose to lock the trunk remotely due to convenience. So, to close this part, you need the “lock” button on the side of the keychain.

If you still can’t close the trunk lock, it can come from 2 reasons below:

  • The key is in the trunk: You should remember that this is a feature of the Honda Accord. So, you take the key inside and start closing the trunk.
  • The locking mechanism is stuck: You need to tighten the trunk latch to ensure it aligns and stays in place when closed.


Why does my Honda Accord trunk keep beeping?

When your trunk does not close, you will hear a beep as you continue driving.

What is the most common problem with Honda Accord?

Common Honda Accord problems come from faulty suspension, engine, and brake systems.

How can I fix my trunk latch?

You can fix the trunk latch by tightening it with your existing kit.

Why is my car trunk not closing?

Reasons your trunk cannot close include overloading the trunk, locking in the trunk, or malfunctioning trunk latch.

How much does it cost to fix the trunk latch?

Repairing the trunk is expensive, ranging from $200 to $400.


Hopefully, the article will help you answer the question: “How to Fix Problems with Your Honda Accord Trunk?“. Most trunk problems can be available on their own if you find the correct cause of the problem. In addition, if you cannot fix it yourself, you can seek the help of professional locksmiths. Tire repair costs will range from $200 to $400.

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