Causes Of Ford Escape Ok Button Not Working – And How To Fix!

Do you worry about your Ford escape OK button not working?

For the most part, the Ford Escape is a reliable vehicle. There may be some issues with Ford, but generally, you can count on this model of car.

It is worth noting that in the United States, many people die because of distracted driving. They tend to tinker around their steering wheel control buttons while they drive. Thus, they are unable to keep their eyes on the road. This results in various types of accidents.

So, if you are concerned in particular with your Ford Escape buttons not working, keep reading this post. We will cover the causes and fixes for your Ford Focus steering wheel buttons. Let’s dive right into it.

ford escape ok button not working

Ford Escape OK Button Not Working?

Nowadays, Ford vehicles come with advanced and helpful functions. One of these is the steering wheel buttons. These buttons come with numerous features and functionality, depending on the year, trim, and model of your Ford. 

For instance, most steering wheels in a Ford vehicle come with up to 2 buttons for controlling media and music. Thus, you should be able to easily control the volume, pause the music, or skip a song with just a press of the button. 

If you are getting distracted often, you may even choose to completely stop or simply mute the music playing in your car. Hence, you will not be tempted to mess around with your stereo as you drive. You can be more focused and keep your eyes on the road.

Voice control is another good feature to take note of. For example, you have an ability to connect the phone through the radio, which enables you to answer and make calls through your steering wheel. This is why there is no need to hold your phone, which can be distracting while driving.

Adaptive cruise control and the regular cruise control features are also available on the steering wheel. You can either deactivate or activate this functionality easily. Finally, there is no need to tinker with your knobs and levers. It definitely improves the quality of your life and driving.

The buttons, however, may malfunction at one point or another. It is worth noting that the buttons are attached to your switchboard, and they are responsible for controlling several functions in your car.

The wiring is fairly simple. As a result, troubleshooting should be convenient. But you should never consider making any repairs when you lack key skills for doing so. If you do not possess skills with electronics, we highly advise that you leave the repair work to professionals. This way, you can spare yourself from potential accidents and avoid more damage to your vehicle.

Now, when you deal with the steering wheel control buttons that are not responding, you may want to start with the simplest technique. This would include cleaning the buttons. Sometimes debris and dirt can get stuck on the buttons. So, they may become non-responsive. We also recommend that you check the fuses. If there is a blown fuse, the button will not work. 

After ruling out these common issues, you can proceed to checking the switchboard, as well as the clock spring for further diagnosis.

When it comes to buttons, it may be possible that they have gotten dirty. For instance, dirt and oil from your fingers each time you press the button may have caused a failure to the function of these buttons. 

A visual inspection should let you know right away if this is the problem. Do you see dirt in the spaces between each button? Perhaps the color is strange, or there is gunk, or a visible sediment? If so, this may be the culprit.

Even spilling liquid such as water or coffee on the steering wheel can cause problems. 

Now, if there is no dirt or debris, then it could be a fuse problem. The wiring or the fuse may have become faulty. A blown fuse needs a replacement, and any loose wiring connection can be secured to ensure proper performance of your buttons.

We would also like to recommend checking the button’s settings. Are they correct? Perhaps they have been altered, which is why the response is not accurange. Change the settings if need be. You will have to check your manual to determine how you can access these settings in the console. Be sure to set them properly before you consider other potential issues.

And then, there is the switchboard. This is pretty complex, especially if you have a broken switchboard. You will have to get it replaced, and it can be difficult to repair. The switchboard is right behind the buttons, and you may need a professional to replace this for you.

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Final Word

These are just some of the reasons for the Ford Escape OK button not working. There are varied solutions depending on the actual cause of the problem. So, it is good to diagnose it accurately to find out the right method to fix it.

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