Will Subaru Rims Fit Toyota Corolla? Find Out Here!

You may be wondering – will Subaru rims fit Toyota Corolla?

When it comes to interchanging wheels, you need to consider a few important factors. The last thing you want is to realize that your rims are incompatible with another vehicle. Subaru wheels are stunning, and in most cases, they should look great on another car.

Yet, it is important to note that not all wheels are compatible with just any vehicle. You need to pay close attention to certain differences and check the sizing. Generally, wheel fitment is an easy thing to know – as long as you have an understanding of the bolt patterns and a few other criteria.

With that being said, let us look into this topic on whether Subaru rims can fit a Toyota Corolla. Let’s dive right into it!

will subaru rims fit toyota corolla

Will Subaru Rims Fit Toyota Corolla?

First of all, the answer largely depends on the Subaru model’s wheels. There are certain instances when you should be able to have them fit other brands of vehicles including the Toyota. But you should pay close attention to the actual fitment based on the specific model you have in mind. 

The most important thing is that you look for a vehicle that comes with a bolt pattern of 5 x 100. But there is more than simply taking a look at the bolt patterns when we are talking about wheel fitment. 

It is only one the the three important criteria to pay close attention to when you want to match wheels to your hubs. For example, you need to check the measurement of the arrangement and the spacing of your lug bolt holes. 

Then, you should inspect the hub bore. This refers to the diameter of that hole located in the center of your wheel. And lastly, check the offset, which is the distance from your wheel’s centerline and to your mounting surface.

Once you have checked all of these measurements, you should be able to identify the cars that they would be able to fit. Yet, it is still important to have further details on how these components all work and come together.

First, let’s talk about the bolt pattern. This is a means of representing the spacing and measurement of your lug bolts on the wheel set and the hubs they are mounted onto. Considering the fact that many of the hubs are generally mass-produced, many hubs are able to fit various types of wheels from other vehicle brands.

Therefore, the design is pretty much standard most of the time. But you need to keep in mind that some vehicles may also have different wheels that come as a factory option. Although they may appear different, the bolt patterns may be the same. Therefore, you should have no issue with lining up the lug nut holes with the hubs’ threaded holes.

As for the hub bore, do keep in mind that most manufacturers try their best to fit as many sizes and types of wheels on their vehicles’ hubs. This is why they tend to standardize the dimensions of the hub to ensure an easier manufacturing and for cost-saving purposes. This also includes the centering ring, which is the rim sticking out from the hub’s face.

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However, wheels don’t often have a similar size hole. Thus, you should determine the hub bore diameter prior to trying to mount a wheel on your hub. But at the same time, it is not a factor as crucial as your bolt pattern. You are unable to alter the bolt pattern, but you can most definitely change up the hub’s size on your car as you add more sets of hub rings. These refer to the hard plastic or metal rings that fit around your centering ring, located between your hub and wheel.

Hence, if your hub bore on the wheel is larger than your factory hub, you should have no issue with adding a ring so you can make it properly centered as a fit. Yet, it is not exactly a big concern if the wheel and hub do not sit flush perfectly centered.

Now, as for the positioning and offset, this refers to the distance from your rim’s exact middle portion to the hub’s face. There are also three offset types such as neutral, positive and negative. Wheels that have a neutral offset typically have their wheel center in line with their hub. These are also more common among RWD cars. But wheels that come with a positive offset tend to sit much deeper on their hub and the face is near the rim’s face.

And lastly, wheels with a negative offset come with a face inside the centerline near the hub. So, depending on the wheel’s offset, you need to check if this matches the rim.

When it comes to Subaru, the bolt pattern is 5 x 100 on the hubs. So the bolt pattern of the wheels is 5 x 100. Among the Subaru models with this bolt pattern include the BRZ, Alcyone, Baja, Exiga, Crosstrek, Forester, Exiga Crossover 7, Impreza Sport, Legacy, Trezia, XV, XT6, and a few others.

Considering the wiggle room for the hub bore and offset, it is easy to determine the cars in which Subaru wheels should fit by looking for those with a similar bolt pattern on the hubs and the wheels.

Therefore, we can say that the Toyota Corolla, including the Corolla Sport should be compatible. But it is still good to consider a few other factors to make sure there are no issues when you try to fit your Subaru rim to your Toyota Corolla.

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Wrap Up

To answer the question, will Subaru rims fit Toyota Corolla, this all depends on a few factors such as the ones we have indicated. This is why it is important to pay close attention to these aspects to ensure compatibility with your Subaru wheels and rims.

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