Which Subaru Engines To Avoid? The Detailed Anwer

subaru engines to avoid

Are you considering buying a Subaru and checking which Subaru engines to avoid? You have found the right article! Subaru is a renowned company that makes automotive engines. Over the past years, Subaru engines have had many problems. Only some of these engines comply with the quality standards. Naturally, you do not want to lose … Read more

Problems After Using Seafoam (Possible Solutions)

problems afer using seafoam

Is your car having problems after using Seafoam? Companies claim Seafoam to be one of the most effective ways to remove sludge and grime from your engine while also keeping it clean. However, did you realize that there are some drawbacks? In this article, we will explain what they are. Whether or not Seafoam is … Read more

4 Problems After Using Cataclean? Causes And Fix!

problems after using cataclean

We investigated if running a bottle of Cataclean down the lines would make any difference after purchasing a nearly three-year-old car that had always run on 95-octane fuel. Are you facing problems with your vehicle after using Cataclean products? In this article WheelsNerd will address all the problems people normally face after using this product. … Read more

Toyota Corolla B Gear (All you wanted to know)

Toyota Corolla B Gear

Do you need clarification about the B gear in your Toyota Corolla? Toyota Corolla B gear supports maximum braking power to your engine while going uphill. Here, B stands for Brake or Engine Braking. While looking at the B on your Toyota Corolla gear shifter, you may want to know what it means, its uses, … Read more

Car Battery Is Not Holding Charge? Cause & Fix

car battery not holding charge

While diagnosing your car startup issues, you can have different results, but the most challenging problem is a car battery not is holding charge? These problems cause due to various reasons; one of them is leaving your car’s headlights on, which uses battery power even if your engine is not working.  It is essential to … Read more