4 Problems After Using Cataclean? Causes And Fix!

We investigated if running a bottle of Cataclean down the lines would make any difference after purchasing a nearly three-year-old car that had always run on 95-octane fuel.

Are you facing problems with your vehicle after using Cataclean products?

In this article WheelsNerd will address all the problems people normally face after using this product.

What is Cataclean?

What is Cataclean

Before using products like this, you should know everything about it, such as whether it is safe for your car or not?

Cataclean is a detoxifying solution for your engine and fuel to prevent catalytic converter clogging, eliminate existing deposits, and improve gas mileage.

There are various products available to clean your catalytic converter, intending to improve performance and lower emissions.

The EPA has certified Cataclean, a proprietary fuel and exhaust system cleaner. It operates by minimizing carbon accumulation in your car catalytic converter.

The mixture also aids in the cleaning of other critical components of your fuel and exhaust systems. Oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and the cylinder head are all included. For gas, diesel, and hybrid engines, there are specific formulas. Cataclean, according to the maker, can cut hydrocarbon emissions in half.

The recipe is a one-of-a-kind blend of hydrocarbons and well-known fuel components. Some of the ingredients of cataclean may have harmful effects.

Is Cataclean likely to Cause Car Damage?

cataclean before and after

Cataclean Before and After

Yes, Cataclean is likely to cause car damage in few cases although it’s job is to increase efficiency of the vehicle.

You cannot use all of the fuel burned to power your car. The exhaust system may wear out over time. It happens to all automotive parts, and with this problem, Cataclean will not help you. It will lead to a far less air-to-fuel ratio.

Overall Cataclean is a great prosuct and it really works if you use it the right way,

Here is video showing how long does it take for cataclean to work:

4 Problems after using Cataclean

Problems after using Cataclean

1. Change in the Vehicle Voice

In some cases, you will realize that your vehicle’s sound has changed after using Cataclean. This issue is reported by some drivers and they find this noise really annoying. If you face anything like that, get your car checked by your mechanic, most probably you might have done something wrong on your part.

2. Effects on Engine Efficiency

Cataclean’s resultant has an impact on combustion engine efficiency. The presence of solvents in the Cataclean formulation aids in the removal of deposits that may accumulate in fuel delivery systems before combustion. Deposits can build up on gasoline lines, injectors, sensors, and filters, resulting in higher fuel consumption and poor engine performance. The engine performance can be the afftected after using this.

3. Effects on Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter will naturally wear down because of the process of producing less hazardous emissions. Carbon accumulation is a normal process that indicates that your vehicle is in good operational order. It will result in an air-to-fuel ratio that is less than ideal. You cannot use all of the burning oil to power your car. It happens to all automotive parts and isn’t anything Cataclean can help with.

4. Cataclean Cause Smoke

When you drive after applying cataclean, you may notice white smoke rising from the exhaust. Smoking is enough to stain the rear bumper, and it’s a dry white powder (no oil residue).

What Happens If Cataclean is not Working Properly?

If a cataclean does not function right, many things can go wrong with your car. Here are a few examples:

  • High carbon accumulation causes a loss of horsepower Fuel efficiency is being lost/fuel will be wasted, then you will need more fuel
  • If more carbon emissions are generated, the vehicle can become louder.
  • Your exhaust system will stink like a rotten egg due to several flaws. 

A cataclean’s bad effects could lead a car to break down. A lot of what happens (or does not happen) you can determine by how long the problem remains unsolved. Cataclean failed to demonstrate any decrease in soot emissions rather than seeing a rise in the test. Cataclean may have cleaned soot from the oxidizing catalytic converter, which then traveled down the exhaust and into the test, explaining our findings.

Possible Solution

If your car is having some problems after using Cataclean, this does not mean that Cataclean produce bad or faulty products, there are many such products in the market and none of them ensure 100% that their product would not cause any problem with your car.

Many a times it’s your vehicle that has some previous issues and that it why it does not cope up with the Cataclean products.

For example many a times it is found that people have problems in their catalytic converter or they are not using the product the right way.

If you want to know how to use the Cataclean the right way, here is a good guide.

You have to put it in at 1/4 tank or 4 gallons then drive for 15 miles (not 15 minutes) and then top of the tank and drive it a bit. You have to use it properly and give it a chance to do what it says not just throw it in 20 minutes before your testing.


When it comes to engine technology, the Cataclean is an excellent product to provide various benefits for your car in particular and engine technology in general. In case you don’t have any warranty, immediately get your vehicle checked by your mechanic or nearest garage service center.

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