Toyota Corolla B Gear (All you wanted to know)

Do you need clarification about the B gear in your Toyota Corolla?

Toyota Corolla B gear supports maximum braking power to your engine while going uphill. Here, B stands for Brake or Engine Braking.

While looking at the B on your Toyota Corolla gear shifter, you may want to know what it means, its uses, advantages, and whether it is friendly to drivers. We have got you covered.

The B gear is included in hybrid vehicles, especially Toyota corolla cars. The purpose of the B gear is to slow your car while moving downwards on a hilly road or flyover. It is a unique feature that supports your vehicle at low speeds.

If you prefer an informative video over an article, check out this video by The Car Care Nut. He explains the hybrid technology of Toyota along with B Mode and AWD.

Toyota Corolla B Gear

Pros of Toyota Corolla B Gear:

The B gear is an advanced feature with several advantages for your Toyota Corolla. Some of its benefits are given below.

●       Helps in Driving Downhill

The B gear in your Toyota corolla car will help your fast-moving car to slow its speed in any gear. It will help you maintain a safe speed while driving your vehicle down an inclined plane, such as a natural slope or a bridge.

●       Recharges Hybrid Batteries

Driving downhill with the B gear helps in recharging hybrid batteries. It releases the hybrid motor of your car.

●       Allows for Slower Speeds

It is known as downshifting gear in hybrid cars because it helps you to a slower speed. In other vehicles, you might not control the speed of your car with the help of gears.

●       Increases Your Brake System’s Lifespan

The B gear generates power for maximum engine braking. It takes the load off your braking system. Otherwise, you will need to keep the brake pedal pressed while driving downhill. It can lead to overheating issues that frequently force you to replace the system.

●       Carries a Large Load

The B gear is also beneficial in carrying a heavy load with your car, like luggage for a long trip or helping to tow someone else’s car. It provides more power to drag the load with your vehicle.

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Cons of the Toyota Corolla B Gear:

While the B gear is helpful, using it incorrectly results in several disadvantages, which are as follows.

●       Lowers the Mileage

By using Toyota Corolla B gear, the mileage of your car can be affected adversely. So, please do not use it unless necessary.

●       Strains the Battery

It charges the battery while going uphill. However, using it in regular traffic will prevent your battery from producing or holding a charge.

●       Does Not Help in Upward Driving

Toyota Corolla B gear will cause issues while driving up hilly roads or flyovers. Slowing down a car while moving uphill may cause it to backtrack and crash.

●       Suddenly Lowers the Speed

You should refrain from using the B gear when the car is at a higher speed, as it may cause skidding. Instead, lower the speed gradually while switching to the B gear.

How Does the B Gear Work?

How Does the B Gear Work

The B gear works when your normal braking system weakens while moving downhills. The Toyota Corolla B gear creates a drag force into your car. The drag force created will help you generate the maximum braking force in an automatic hybrid vehicle working on mechanical and electrical systems.

The B gear creates drag force by generating friction between your car’s wheels and the road. It helps you slow down. This frictional force also recharges your car battery by creating electricity.

It has no use in regular traffic because your engine functions well in those cases. The B gear will only cause unnecessary drag and consume too much fuel. So, only use it for specific situations where it is beneficial.

How to Use the B Gear?

How to Use the B Gear

Now that you know all about the B gear, you can start using it. Follow the steps below for the best experience.

1.     Reduce Your Speed

To be safe, you need to lower the speed of your car. While moving downhill, switch to lower gears and ease on the accelerator pedal.

2.     Switch to the B Gear

There is a “B” button on the knob of your gear shifter. Press it to switch into B gear. Do not try to move the shifter in any way.

3.     Adjust Yourself

When the B gear starts working, your engine will make a loud revving noise. It is vital not to be distracted by this, especially on dangerous hilly roads. The noise is natural, and your car will slow down.

4.     Shift out of the B Gear

Once you have reached a level road, switch away from B gear to conserve fuel and battery power. You can do this by gently shifting the gear back to D.


As discussed above, a B gear is one of the unique parts of a Toyota Corolla, which keeps you confident while driving on any slope or downhill or moving towards the lower part of any flyover.

The B gear increases the braking force to lower the speed of your car. It will be handy for those who travel in hilly areas or coastal highways. They will not face any issues regarding the control of their vehicles.

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