Toyota Corolla B Gear (All you wanted to know)

Are you confused about that B gear in your Toyota Corolla?

Toyota Corolla B gear supports maximum braking power to your engine while going uphill. Here B stands for Brake or Engine Braking.

It looks like a new technical term for many of us, but it is not difficult to understand and use.

While looking at the term, you may get confused about what does it mean? Where to use that? What are its advantages? Is it friendly to drivers?

We got you covered.


The B gear is a feature that is included in hybrid vehicles, especially in Toyota corolla cars. The purpose of B gear is to slow your car while moving down from any hilly road or flyover. You can find the unique gear that supports your car in low gears. Do not use b gear on a snowfall road or ice, which will create issues for your vehicle.

Well guys if you prefer a video over a boring article, check out this video by The Car Care Nut, in which he explains the hybrid technology of Toyota along with B Mode and AWD.

Pros of Toyota Corolla B Gear:

  • The B gear in your Toyota corolla car will help your fast-moving car from any higher surface road to lower to slow its speed in any gear.
  • It provides and helps in recharging hybrid batteries due to releasing off the hybrid motor of your car.
  • It is known as downshifting gear in hybrid cars because it helps you to a slower speed, whereas in other cars, you might not control the speed of your car with the help of gears.
  • In simple words, you can say that the B gear is used to generate power for maximum engine braking.

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Cons of Toyota Corolla B Gear:

  • By using Toyota Corolla B gear, the mileage of your car can be affected.
  • It will not allow your battery to produce charge or hold charge sometimes.
  • Toyota Corolla B gear will cause issues while climbing hilly roads or flyovers.
  • You should not use b gear when the car is at a higher speed.


The B gear works when your normal braking system becomes weak while moving downhills. It also charges your battery completely. You can use B gear while driving on any slopy roads. It helps you on difficult slopes. It will also help you to move on an inclined surface as well. Here we can say that the Toyota Corolla B gear means that a gear that creates a drag force into your car. The drag force created will help you generate maximum braking force into an automatic hybrid vehicle that works on the mechanical and electrical systems.


As discussed above, a B gear is one of the unique parts of a Toyota Corolla, which keeps you confident while driving on any slopes or downhill or moving towards the lower part of any flyover.

The B gear increases the braking force to lower the speed of your car. The B gear will be handy for those who travel in hilly areas or coastal highways. They will not face any issues regarding control of their vehicles.

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