Car Battery Is Not Holding Charge? Cause & Fix

While diagnosing your car startup issues, you can have different results, but the most challenging problem is a car battery not is holding charge? These problems cause due to various reasons; one of them is leaving your car’s headlights on, which uses battery power even if your engine is not working. 

It is essential to remember that any of the headlights, music boxes, or mobile phone charges are left on while leaving your car. In the same way, you can find other reasons as well. Let me know you’re other problems causing not charging the battery of your car, and you can find a different cause like:

  • Charging problems in the battery due to mechanical system.
  • Charging problems due to its electrical system.
  • You can also find problem dead batteries (either electrical or mechanical problems or both of them).it

The problems mentioned earlier in car batteries due to the mechanical system, electrical system, or problem of the flat or dead battery can be solved in regular maintenance. But it depends upon you to keep your eyes on the issues mentioned earlier that might result in any major fault. Major faults can be of the battery section or sometimes that may create problems for your complete system.

Fixing a Car Battery not holding Charge Problem?

Fixing a Car Battery not holding Charge Problem

It is common problem drivers’ face while starting their car. It isn’t easy to diagnose without having proper tools. It would help if you assure there is no issue with headlights, so turn on.

  • If they don’t work, there is a problem with your battery, replace it or charge it.
  • Now, charge it if your car is not running for a few days by connecting it with the battery maintainer or battery booster with a soft start first.
  • You have to check your battery and find the cracking in cells or any corrosion. If you find it in any specific cell, you can replace that, but it is better to replace the battery.
  • You can also check your battery with the help of a voltmeter. You can find readings. If these are good, continue with them and any issues in readings. Try to fill juice into the battery and check it again. You will find the proper results, hopefully.

The above-given tricks to fix your car battery do not hold charge issues. It is the most common practice you can find everywhere to fix battery-related issues. So, by following the tips, you can resolve your problem by yourself.

Top Tips to Fix this issue with car batteries

Car Battery Not Holding Charge

Here are some of the tips you can consider to fix the issue,

  1. First of all, clean battery points and connectors by rubbing both positive and negative points.
  2. After cleaning now, it is time to connect the battery and try once it is working, fix the battery and other things properly, and carry on. (Keep in your mind this problem is mostly found due to corrosion and cracking).
  3. Check each of the battery cells and test one by one you will find the results. If you find any of the cells damaged or any other relevant issue like cracking, replace that cell. (You might find more than one cell damaged or cracked, then you should replace those cells, or a better solution is to replace the battery.
  4. You can also check the condition of the battery cells or points by using a hydrometer (using bulb and tube method) or check it using a voltmeter which will be easy to perform.

You can find the chemical issues in your battery as well. To inspect juice chemically, chemical inspections will be done for the battery cells as well. You can also choose the chemical treatment, which is commonly known as the reconditioning of the battery.

Is there an effect of Weather on Your Cars Battery?

Did you know Weather conditions are one of the reasons behind a car battery not holding charge? Because the older batteries don’t tend to resist hot weather or the cold weather around you.

In case the weather is hot, it will affect the battery cells. The performance of battery cells will become down, and as time passes, it results in a dead battery. 

In the same way, in cold weather, the battery’s performance is also affected, and sometimes it can be seen the start of the car after a few tries. Therefore, it also affects its working, and somehow it may result in a dead battery.

What Affects Your Battery up to a Dead Level?

It is one of the reasons behind car batteries not holding charge. A new battery should work properly for the next 4 to 6 years in normal practice. But in a few cases, the battery life will be affected. Following are those special cases in which you can find the battery life of the battery of your car is affected:

The battery life can’t maintain due to multiple discharges and charging cycles in a short time. It means that the discharging of the battery and then charging it from a maintainer regularly will affect the life of your car’s battery.

Your car battery will get affected due to the extra load of using extra electronics equipment like LED and other relevant items when the engine is off. Even when the engine is off, it will bring the battery to dead condition.

These kinds of extra loads will cause problems in your car’s battery, starting from cracking of battery, which is the warning. Initially, you will find slow cracking, and as time passes, the speed of cracking of the battery increases, which results in a dead battery.

Car Battery Not Holding Charge Due to Wiring Problems:

As you know, the car is always found in a moving and vibrating position when its engine is on. These movements and vibrations sometimes cause the loosening of electrical connections.

In a few cases, it may cause a small sort of short circuit if a loose wire is damaged. Therefore, due to these problems battery of the car may not hold a charge.  It is not a major reason behind car batteries not holding a charge, but it is one of the reasons. Therefore, the solution behind these problems is to maintain you’re wiring fortnightly, which will not defect your battery.

Is it True that not driving can cause this problem?

It is one of the most common issues drivers and owners are facing. They leave cars anywhere at home or warehouses, parking and no one will be able to start their cars at least once in a week. After this kind of practice, you will find that your car will not start and may not hold a charge. If you cannot start or drive your car for months or years, the battery of your car might result in a dead battery. Furthermore, you will face your car battery will not hold a charge.

A Mechanical Problem Damaged Fan Belt can Cause Car Battery Not Holding Charge:

While looking at the answer to can Cause Car Battery Not Holding Charge? One of the most under discussion problems in your car is the damage of the serpentine belt, which is commonly known as a fan belt.

The fan belt starts your alternator belt to move. The alternator belt helps your engine to start. Without working the alternator belt, you cannot drive your car, which affects your battery. In the end, it may Cause a Car Battery Not Holding Charge issue? You need to look at the fan belt and alternator belts during regular maintenance to avoid battery issues. In this way, you can avoid issues like Car Battery Not Holding Charge. It is essential to be careful in case of battery issues.

Contact or Visit Your Car Mechanic:

It would be best to visit your car mechanic regularly for regular maintenance work. During the regular maintenance, ask your mechanic not to leave checking the battery of the car and other things related to that, which will help you decrease the chance of facing issues like can Cause Car Battery Not Holding Charge in the future. So, your mechanic can be helpful for you to avoid your car facing this kind of issue in the future.

If you guys have problem understanding the written material above, you can watch this video by Everyman Driver, he explains things concisely.


After reading this article, I hope so you got some reasons why your car is not holding charge and figured out some solutions for that.

If you are irresponsible and not care much about your battery issues, it will result in a flat or dead battery which will always be a trouble if you are out of the city. You need to check the points mentioned above while looking at your car during maintenance. While maintaining your car, always try to find if there is any fault that may cause some battery issues. It will help you increase the average life of your car’s battery.

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