2012 Toyota Camry Touch Screen Not Working: Here’s Why

The 2012 Toyota Camry touch screen not working can happen for several different reasons. There may be considerable discomfort if the touch screen in the car is broken. Following reading this article, you will be aware of potential problems and be able to identify solutions swiftly.

2012 Toyota Camry Touch Screen Not Working: The Reason

2012 Toyota Camry Touch Screen Not Working

A 2012 Toyota Camry’s touchscreen could malfunction for several different causes. Many people also have problems with the Toyota Camry 2014, 2015 touch screen not working.

Other than a complete replacement, there is little you can do about this. A blue screen would show a software malfunction. Your problem could be as straightforward as a wiring problem or as catastrophic as a complete failure. It is only possible to determine with more information. Continue reading to learn why.

The Bug

Among the most typical issues is this one. There is a glitch in your touch screen. All digital gadgets frequently have bugs typically caused by scripting or coding errors. The touchscreen might not function properly if a third party’s screen keeper or other accessory is connected.


Despite your best efforts, the screen will only sometimes respond when you make magical gestures with your fingers. That is probably a hardware problem.

Unfortunately, touchscreen vehicle stereos losing their responsiveness is a typical occurrence. It may occur for some causes. For instance, the motherboard-to-screen connector could be damaged.

The touchscreen could become unresponsive due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. These contaminants can permanently harm the component if you don’t clean them regularly.

Short Circuit

All electronics frequently experience short circuits. When the current flowing through these connections is disrupted, it causes the current to go in an unwanted direction. It is referred to as a short circuit. The word “short” in “short circuit” denotes a meager electrical resistance along the current’s path.

A short circuit can affect how well your system works, whether caused by poor cabling, moisture, or even animal interference. With solid technical understanding, checking for a circuit breaker is possible.

You must open the gadget and examine all vital parts to check for a short circuit. It is advised to employ a specialist to complete the work.

Wiring Problems

Your touchscreen will stop working if there is a problem with the internal wiring. Even turning it on will be possible, and a bad installation and a lot of vibration might cause this. Some believe that utilizing a charger that is more significant than a 6.6 kW onboard charger may have an impact on your cables.

However, if you need to know the signs and what to look for, they could be easily overlooked or disregarded. A burning smell indicates an electrical or cabling issue guaranteed to get your attention. Additionally, sloppy wiring poses some risks.

Outdated Toyota Sync 

Your sync system being out of date is another possible cause of touchscreen difficulties. Software is required to operate touchscreen car stereos properly, and Toyota changes that software frequently.

The systems in your car will only work if they are sufficiently updated. It will start acting up until you figure out how to resolve the software problem.

You must frequently check the web for software updates to resolve this. These are available on the Toyota website.

How To Fix Toyota Camry Touch Screen?

Clean Your Touchscreen

As a result of the gathered dirt and dust particles, a filthy touch screen may not function. Therefore, wiping the stereo screen before checking to see if it still works is preferable. Remember to be delicate with the procedure to prevent damaging the screen.

Many folks use hand sanitizer to clean it. Your touchscreen will have a patina, though. A better option is to clean your gadget with a particular product, a piece of paper, or a rag soaked in alcohol.

Clean Your Touchscreen

Clean car’s touchscreen 

Investing in a quality screen protector is another technique to prevent dirt from getting on the screen. Most of the oils that produce this smudging are kept at bay by this layer.

Check The Connections

You must check the connectors to guarantee that all the wirings are in good condition. The system might be experiencing a shortage. Do not try to fix the problem yourself if there is harm.

Electrical work is one of the most hazardous repair jobs for untrained mechanics or handypersons. Make a professional appointment to fix the car.

Do A Reset

The following approach is worthwhile giving a soft reset a shot. The most straightforward process is to use particular keys or button commands to switch the gadget on and off again.

It is preferable to perform a factory reset if nothing else works. You can resolve software-related issues and calibration by doing a hard factory reset. Your radio system will be returned to its factory settings. 2012 Toyota Camry touchscreen calibration will be better after a reset.

Update Toyota Sync

You will want a blank USB drive with two MB or more capacity to upgrade Toyota sync. We advise giving your flash drive a memorable name so that you can remember it afterward.

However, suppose the issue continues despite all remedial measures. In that case, you should get in touch with your nearby Toyota dealerships or Toyota customer support. They’ll help you debug your gadget.

Replace The Screen 

If these actions don’t solve the problem, you might have a bigger problem that requires replacement or repair. You can complete it on your own.

The automobile audio should be removed from your dashboard as the initial step. Disassemble the car stereo next. All of the screws that are visible on the surface can be undone.

You could see everything within the stereo after you had opened the chassis. Next, unplug the touch screen and remove the main wires from the screen panel. You must remove the broken one, clean the LCD, and install the replacement touchscreen.

If you can’t do it yourself, call a professional. Depending on the replacement you select, the cost of a 2012,2013,2014,2015 Toyota Camry touchscreen replacement might range from $100 to $400.


You shouldn’t be too worried if your 2012 Toyota Camry touchscreen is not working because this is a typical issue. There are many causes leading to this problem, and you don’t have to take much time and force to fix it. 

Hopefully, one of these fixes will be effective, restoring your touchscreen’s functionality. 

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