How Many Kwh To Charge Rav4 Prime? The Detailed Answer

RAV4 Prime is one of the market’s best-selling automobiles. It gives you the power you need while giving you a nice, smooth ride. You may increase fuel efficiency by charging at home, in the office, or at any nearest public charging station. This post covers how many kWh to charge RAV4 Prime in more detail.

How Many Kwh To Charge Rav4 Prime?

How Many Kwh To Charge Rav4 Prime

The 18.1-kilowatt battery of the Rav4 Prime may be charged using a 3.3-kilowatt onboard charger. Based on the voltage you’re using, it varies.

A RAV4 prime should have 18.1-kilowatt batteries for storing electricity and a 3.3-kW onboard charger as standard equipment. It can drive up to 42 miles on electricity alone when ultimately charged.

Your car will fully charge in 12 hours using a 120-volt outlet, and a 120-volt outlet in your home will allow you to charge it there. It will take 4.5 hours to fully charge when using a 240-volt public charging station or 2.5 hours when using the 6.6kw onboard charge.

Charging car

Charging car 

A 120V plug (15 or 20 Amp circuit) will do just fine for complete overnight vehicle charging if you often charge it at home and aren’t concerned about charging speed. While some claim to have a 240V plug, they admit that they hardly ever use it because their specific demands may be met by charging at 120V.

How To Charge A Toyota Rav4 Prime? 

How To Charge A Toyota Rav4 Prime

Charging At Home

There are two ways to charge, and the times required for each are very different. If you regularly make short commutes, connecting your car to a typical 120V outlet at home is simple.

Simply inserting your RAV4 Prime into any standard three-pronged household outlet is the first way to charge it. It might be the most straightforward approach because your toyota rav4 prime 240v charging cable that you can use with 120V outlets.

Your RAV4 Prime will take around 10.5 and 12 hours to charge using a Level 1 charger. You’ll require a more powerful outlet if you’d rather not wait so long to resume enjoying electric-only driving.

You might prefer faster charging times if you travel more frequently. For a Level 2 charger, you can buy a charging cord converter or a cable for a 240-volt outlet.

You would utilize a Level 2 charger at an open charging point. You can connect your dryer or stove to these outlets, and your garage might also have one of them.

With a 3.3-kW onboard charger and the 6.6-kW, your RAV4 can be fully charged in about 4.5 hours and 2.5 hours, respectively. An electrician can install a 240V plug for just Level 2 charging in your home, but it is an expensive addition.

Charging At A Station

You’ll need to know where to find open charging stations because you drive a lot. Nearly every public charging station has Level 2 chargers available.

When you get to a charging station, remember that the charger latches into place when you park the car. You can continue driving after unlocking the car to disconnect the plug and cap.

Some public charging outlets are free to use. Free EV charging stations, however, are much less widespread than those that charge a fee. The session fee is higher than what it costs to charge your electric car at home unless it’s a free charger.

In general, Level 2 charging points produce approximately 6 kilowatts of energy. An hour of charging at a public charging point can increase the range by around 20 miles.

DC fast chargers can charge at 50 kW and as much as 350 kW using direct high-voltage current. When charging quickly, it’s common for EVs to reach 80% of their capacity in less than 30 minutes.


How Long Is The Rav4 Prime Battery’s Life Span?

The battery in your Toyota RAV4 Prime will endure for three to five years. However, that can laboriously change based on the battery’s size, type, state of charge, and driving habits.

Toyota has consistently maintained a 20% to 80% battery capacity utilization range. This method will significantly increase the battery pack’s life under the demanding conditions of an automobile. Thus, owners may obtain many decades of use out of the initial battery pack.

How Far Can Rav4 Hybrid Run On Battery?

The RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid can function as an actual electric car. On a full battery charge, it can travel up to 61 miles in normal driving and 46 miles while operating in mixed driving conditions in pure EV mode, which is the default option. It comfortably exceeds the daily commute of the ordinary European.

Two batteries are in the RAV4. The starter was a 12-volt unit, and the big battery underneath the back seat was guaranteed for ten years. The front fuse panel on the right can jump-start the automobile if the starter batteries die.

Compared to its non-hybrid counterpart, the RAV4 Hybrid’s mileage is quite good. Spending that extra money is worthwhile.

Should I Charge My Rav4 Prime Every Night?

No is the most straightforward response to the query. You shouldn’t charge your electric vehicle every night.

The timer needs to be set to charge when you depart for the day ultimately. Therefore, you should charge it before using it. Keep the Prime 50% charged for extended battery life if you want to leave it idle for several days.

Since our phones also have rechargeable batteries, we can compare this to them. The overall capacity of their battery is reduced more quickly when they are constantly charged than when they are just sporadically charged. We could use PHEV batteries to implement the same idea.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Rav4 Prime Battery?

Your Toyota RAV4’s hybrid battery pack is expensive to replace. A new RAV4 Hybrid battery can cost between $3,000 and $8,000. The cost to replace a used Toyota hybrid battery can vary from $1,500 to $3,500.

The battery’s guarantee is also suitable for ten years or 150000 miles. The customer will receive a repair from the business if the battery fails before the warranty expires.


Now you won’t have trouble figuring out “how many kWh to charge rav4 prime.” Ensure your automobile is in good working order and the battery is charged. Remember to use the appropriate charging wires and voltage proposed for your car.

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