Scion TC AC Buttons Not Working? Causes And Fixes You Can Try!

Do you notice your Scion TC Ac buttons not working as they should?

This can be quite frustrating to deal with, especially if the weather is hot and humid. The last thing you want to experience is a problem with your car AC. This is why we are here to explore why exactly this happens and what you can do about it.

More often than not, it is easy to take your AC for granted… Well, until you realize that it does not work anymore. So, once the problem arises, be sure to have the issue addressed right away.

Here are the reasons why your AC buttons are not working and several other possible problems with your car AC – and what to do about them!

scion tc ac buttons not working

Scion TC AC Buttons Not Working

When you are driving your car in the middle of summer, or the heat is simply intense, the last thing you want is a defective AC. With the high levels of heat and humidity, it is simply not comfortable. As your vehicle heats up quickly, it can make you dehydrated quickly and may even lead to heat stroke, in extreme cases.

So, why do your AC buttons fail, anyway? If your AC button located on the center console of your car fails to light up – and yet the other buttons work fine, then you may be confused why this happens. Moreover, the AC and your heat knobs may be unresponsive. The AC may have also stopped working immediately while driving, which means there is no noise nor any air blown out.

If this is something you experience, it could be due to a bad switch in your dashboard. When nothing lights up, there is potentially a lack of power to your switch. This is why you can try having the AC button tested for continuity to make sure there is power. 

Additionally, it could be due to a bad relay or a short. Having a certified technician to check on the issue is important to avoid further problems and to have it addressed sooner than later.

Other Causes of Car AC Not Working

Now, if you have pressed your AC buttons, yet your AC doesn’t seem to respond well, there may be other issues involved. Here they are:

1. Refrigerant leak

This is among the most common reasons why your Ac is not working as it should. There may be a leak, and there are many possible origins of this leak. It is potentially due to the rubber hoses and seals breaking down, which is why the refrigerant or the freon escapes. 

Thus, the air coming out of your AC is not cool. But there is also a greater danger as the weak spots in your vehicle may allow moisture to get inside. Then, this mixes with your refrigerant and it can be catastrophic. The moisture and freon mixture creates an acidic combination that is dangerous enough to corrode the AC system and cause serious damage.

With that being said, you need to have this leak addressed before causing greater issues with your vehicle. 

2. Broken cooling fans

You need blowers that push air conditioning through your home’s vents, and the same work with your car AC. There are cooling fans responsible for moving refrigerated air into the cabin. When there are fan issues, you can no longer feel air exiting the vents. This is why the AC does not seem to work even if you press your AC buttons.

There are several reasons why your cooling fans fail. Perhaps there is an electrical short, a blown fuse, or there may be cracks to your fans because of debris. But thankfully, it should not be a complex fix since all you need is to have a specialist replace your cooling fan to get it back to its normal functioning.

3. Compressor issue

The compressor is vital for your vehicle’s performance. Without this component, air cannot move, which is why there is no cool air circulating in the cabin. Once the compressor fails, it is impossible for the cool air to circulate. Thus, it may feel as though your AC buttons are not working when you press them but in reality, it is the unit itself that is broken.

Your compressor may have issues when the clutch on this unit gets stuck. Once it stays in the on position, the AC tends to run constantly while getting stuck in the off location prevents engaging the compressor. Having a professional look into this issue is important to address the problem. 

4. Condenser problems

Your condenser is essential in making sure humid air is depressurised, so the air gets cool and liquified. But without a good-working condenser, the air does not feel cool at all. So, it i needs to be checked and repaired by an expert.

5. Electrical issues

Next up, there may be an electrical problem with your car AC. These may include a blown fuse, control module issue, or a failed switch. Your fuse may also short and cause the AC to not work anymore. A loose connection can also create a type of electrical short, and thankfully, this is something that can be fixed easily.

Be sure to have any electrical issue fixed sooner than later to avoid potential greater issues that can lead to costly repairs.

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When your Scion TC AC buttons are not working, several reasons may be causing this issue. It is possible that there is a short, or perhaps an electrical problem. This is why you need to inspect what exactly is causing the issue and have a professional take a look at it for a more definitive solution to your concern. Then, you can have your AC up and running once more, while at the same time preventing potentially bigger problems in the future linked with AC issues.

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