Can You Mix Red And Green Antifreeze?

Can you mix red and green antifreeze? This is a common question among vehicle owners who need to top up or replace their antifreeze. Antifreeze, also known as engine coolant, is a crucial component in maintaining the temperature of your engine and preventing it from overheating. 

However, not all antifreeze products are created equal, and mixing incompatible types can result in costly damage to your vehicle’s engine. 

In this article, we will explore the compatibility of red and green antifreeze and provide you with some helpful tips on how to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle’s cooling system.

Can you mix red and green antifreeze

Can You Mix Red And Green Antifreeze And Why?

The engine cooling system plays an important role in a car. It will help the car get rid of overheating, causing burning oil smell and a host of negative consequences. Therefore, the selection of an antifreeze combination for car engines requires expert confirmation.

In fact, you shouldn’t do blending red vs green antifreeze together. Because it will cause a lot of damage to your car. This compound can damage the cooling system, damage cylinder seals, and damage the service life of the water pump unit.

So, can you mix green antifreeze with orange? It is similar to a mixture of red and green substances. You should not mix these two substances together.

In addition to the pump and cooling system, the green and red antifreeze compounds will inhibit the action of the additive, shortening the overall life of the antifreeze. This will cost you a lot of money to repair damaged parts.

Here are 6 reasons you shouldn’t mix red and green coolant together:

Shorten The Antifreeze Overall Lifespan

Shorten The Antifreeze Overall Lifespan

Both types of antifreeze are incompatible with each other. In particular, the red coolant is made of organic acids, suitable for modern cars and has a long life. In contrast, green coolant is composed of inorganic compounds. It is suitable for vehicles of the old version and has a short lifespan.

Therefore, when you choose to combine red and green antifreeze, the additional additives will work together. At that time, the life of the compound will be significantly reduced without high efficiency.

Causing Disruption In The Cooling System

Can you mix different types of antifreeze? In fact, you shouldn’t mix antifreeze compounds together. Because the chemical composition in the compound will break down internal cooling system. The substances inside will interact with each other to form a new mixture, reducing the active properties of the material. In addition to causing a reduction in operating life, it also clogs the cooling system, affecting the vehicle’s performance.

Damaging The Cylinder Gasket

Damaging The Cylinder Gasket

Mixing red and blue antifreeze will harm the engine cylinder gaskets. In particular, the gasket has the main task of maintaining the sealing ability during the compression phase. This unit will prevent leakage of the air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber.

Therefore, when you use a combination of green and red antifreeze, it will create a strong acid effect. This will corrode the cylinder gasket and cause antifreeze leakage. In case the temperature is too high, the head gasket will fail, seriously affecting the engine system.

Causing Impairment To Water Pump

Prolonged exposure to antifreeze compounds will cause coolant leakage in the car water pump. This part is likened to a centrifuge, the water pump sucks the coolant from the radiator into the engine. Due to incompatibility will cause the pump to distribute the wrong coolant to the car engine, causing overheating.

When the engine temperature reaches a high threshold, the risk of fire and explosion can occur, causing a series of serious negative consequences for the car.

Impair And Block The Performance Of Additives

Mixing green antifreeze vs orange antifreeze or red will not bring about effective use. It will reduce the reducing performance of the additive. With different antifreeze will contain anti-corrosion chemicals.

Normally, the antifreeze color mixture will turn from red to brown or rusty. It is a sign that the protective layer has been corroded and is no longer effective. At this point, you will be responsible for any damage that occurs if the appropriate antifreeze is not used.

Lead To Expensive Repair Costs

Lead To Expensive Repair Costs

The overnight repair will cost you big money when the damage occurs. Therefore, when you see corrosion taking place, you need to take your car to a repair shop near your home as soon as possible.

Furthermore, if the car’s parts appear rusty, you will need to pay large sums for repair or replacement because the rusted engine will not be able to function properly.

How To Deal With Problems Of Mixing Red And Green Antifreeze?

With modern car versions like Ford Windstar, your use of a mixture of green and red antifreeze will seriously affect the cooling system. However, in some cases, if you accidentally mix these 2 mixtures together, what should you do in this case?

Flush Out The Wrong Antifreeze Mixture From Vehicle

At this point, open the car and completely remove the water under the cabin. Then remove the hot line by loosening the connector and pulling it out. 

After you have removed the line, the antifreeze will flow out. On the other hand, you can also find an internal heatsink, which will help the antifreeze drain faster.

After removing the radiator hose assembly, you will need to clean the fuel system. To do this, connect a hose to the water lines. Please clean until pure liquid comes out.

In addition, the coolant tank and radiator hose will be at the top, you need to attach the water hose to the other side of the tube to push the water through the tube. Repeat this process with the other coolant lines, but stick it only on the underside. After the antifreeze is completely washed off, apply a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water to the car engine.

Replace Antifreeze

To replace the coolant, the first step you need to do is locate the drain cover below the radiator. Then move the coolant tray and turn the valve, this will allow the liquid to flow out.

Then you add new antifreeze to the radiator pump, do not overfill, you need to follow the standards in the car owner’s manual.

When you have filled the antifreeze container without using up all the antifreeze, air bubbles will appear. Warm up the engine so that the bubbles above the lid disappear. When all work is done, all you need to do is close the faucet and tighten the hose.

Regularly Check The Antifreeze Concentration

To measure antifreeze concentration, it only takes a few minutes for you to do. 

First, locate the antifreeze tank and compare the coolant level with the minimum and maximum readings on the outside. Antifreeze color will make it easier to take your measurements, but you will need to clean the container before measuring.

Because the coolant operates at a temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius, you need to service the cooled engine before removing the overflow cap and adding liquid to the car. Once filled, confirm that the tank cap has expanded, reinsert and close tightly.


Can you mix different color antifreeze?

Mixing antifreeze with two different colors will not bring about high efficiency. Because it can change the composition and characteristics of the coolant. It affects the performance of the cooling system, causing blockages and a host of other negative consequences.

Can you mix universal coolant with red coolant?

Mixing two types of coolant will produce a blue solution, leading to corrosion of the cooling system. If you continue to prolong the corrosion, chances are the engine will also fail.

Does the color of the coolant matter?

Dyes are used to color antifreeze. It is for identification and marketing purposes. Therefore, if you are used to the used green coolant with a container with orange liquid, don’t worry too much.

What happens if you mix antifreeze?

Mixing two different colors of antifreeze is never a perfect idea. Although it does not cause explosive reactions, it can cause the coolant to become less effective.


Hopefully, the article will help you answer the question: “Can You Mix Red And Green Antifreeze?“. You should not mix any 2 or more antifreezes together. Because it is not a good idea to improve the efficiency of the coolant. If you intentionally mix 2 antifreeze together, it will directly negatively affect the coolant and the car engine.


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