Back Right Tire Wont Move? Causes And Fixes

Do you worry that your back tire won’t move?

You may have been driving for a while when suddenly your vehicle begins to act up. It feels as though it is dragging – and it makes you assume it is a flat tire problem. But, when you checked the tires, they looked perfectly fine. What gives?

Usually, this means that your back tire has an issue. To be precise, it means that your back tire has stopped spinning as you drive. So, you encounter a slowing down and that dragging feeling. 

Keep reading to find out why this happens and what you can do about it. Let’s dive right into it.

back right tire wont move

Why Your Back Tire Won’t Move

Once you have suspected that your back tire won’t move, it is important to address this issue sooner than later. In fact, it is quite serious and should not be taken lightly. The first thing to do is to pull over in a safe place until you get this issue fixed.

So, why does this happen, anyway? First of all, it could be an issue with a flat tire. This is usually the first thing to note since once the tire is flat, the tire would definitely not spin anymore. There are certain reasons for a flat tire such as driving over something sharp or when you hit a pothole.

Once you have confirmed that your tire is flat, the next step is to replace it with your spare tire. You need to always have one in your trunk in times of emergency. After replacing it, then this should solve the problem right away. 

Another thing to note is that you may still have the handbrake on. You may have forgotten to disable it, so you are actually driving while having the handbrake activated. This is why your tire cannot spin as it should. So you need to disable your handbrake, then you should be able to drive as you normally would.

Additionally, certain objects may prevent your wheels from spinning. This is why you may experience this issue. For instance, an object may be stuck between the car’s body and the wheel. Therefore, it prevents the tire from spinning. The only solution is to take that object out. But if you are unable to do it because it has been lodged really well, you can have a mechanic help you out.

You may also want to inspect the brake pad for problems. This is another component to check when you notice that your back tire won’t move. A brake pad issue prevents the tire from spinning as it should. Over time, your brake pads may wear down. Thus, it tends to get stuck. As a result, it prevents the proper spinning of the tires as they end up blocking your wheels from being able to turn normally.

Be sure to inspect your brake pads and see if it is the problem. If so, you need to have your mechanic replace or fix the brake pads to get your wheels spinning again.

It is also possible that you have seized brakes. This is a common issue with back tires not spinning. What happens is that your brakes are seized, which is often caused by a vehicle being stationary for a long time. If it has been months since you last used your vehicle, and the tires no longer spin, it means the brakes are seized.

When this is the issue, never even try to drive your car. This is a very dangerous problem, so you need to contact a tow truck to have it taken to a dealership or the mechanic for professional repair work.

Having bad wheel bearing can also contribute to this problem with your back tire. Your wheel bearing is essential for ensuring the smooth and proper spinning of your wheels. However, once this component has been damaged, the back tire will no longer move as it should. The best thing to do is to take your vehicle to a mechanic. This may mean having to get your car towed since driving it is not ideal.

We also recommend that you inspect your wheel or suspension if you notice that the back tire won’t move. Damage to these components usually happens once you have hit a curb or a large pothole. These obstructions often cause an issue to your wheel or suspension. In fact, the worst that can happen is a total collapse of your suspension and wheel setup. Therefore, your back tire won’t move at all. Again, calling a tow truck to have your vehicle taken to a mechanic is the best thing to do.

Symptoms To Look For When Your Back Tire Won’t Move

Thankfully, there are some signs that you can look for when the back tire is starting to fail. By paying attention to these signs, you can take action right away instead of waiting for the issue to worsen.

The initial sign is a vibration or a noise that you may hear or feel as you drive. If you hear an odd sound or feel a strange vibration, make it a point to stop driving immediately. Then, check your tire to be sure it is okay.

Next, you may notice that your tire is screeching. It means that your tire is locked up, so it tends to drag along the street. In combination with this, a burning odor may come from your car. It is produced by the tire’s friction against the road, which is quite a serious problem. So, be sure to pull over right away and get this issue rectified.

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Final Thoughts

When your back tire won’t move, several causes may be possible. This is why we recommend checking the problem appropriately to determine the right solution to take. Driving with a seized or locked tire is dangerous, so it is something you should never take lightly to avoid serious problems and accidents.

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