2018 Toyota Camry Apple Carplay Download: All You Need To Know

2018 Toyota Camry Apple Carplay download is relatively easy on your beloved Camry. Apple CarPlay displays the activities you wish to perform on your iPhone while driving on your car’s in-dash display.

You may listen to music, place calls, send and receive messages, and get directions. Let’s find out if you own a Toyota Camry from the 2018 model year.

Is Apple Carplay Available On The 2018 Toyota Camry? 

2018 Toyota Camry Apple Carplay

2018 Toyota Camry Apple Carplay

Apple CarPlay is not a standard feature of the 2018 Toyota Camry. Apple CarPlay is not a feature on the 2018 Toyota Camry. Apple CarPlay, often used in conjunction with Android Auto, was made available as an essential Camry feature by Toyota in 2019. You can still plug your iPhone in or be Bluetooth-connected.

Instead, the Scout GPS Link technology was developed by Telenav, which is why Toyota automobiles got the Entune Audio Plus system. All trims come with Entune 3.0 as a default, albeit not all have inbuilt navigation.

While the basic Entune 3.0 audio system doesn’t support CarPlay or Android Auto, it does have built-in Wi-Fi and offers Siri Eyes Free and Youtube. 

Toyota Entune vs Apple Car Play varies primarily because Toyota Entune links many smartphone types in cars, whereas Apple Car Play does not. Entune is compatible with many cell phones, unlike CarPlay and Android Auto.

How To Download Apple Carplay On The 2018 Toyota Camry? 

2018 Toyota Camry

Contact Toyota Dealer

Toyota announced that most dealerships would provide free retrofitting for 2018 Camry customers. The simplest way to get Apple CarPlay for your 2018 Camry is to visit your neighborhood Toyota dealer.

The update typically takes 30 minutes to install, on average. Dealers have the option to charge again for service or not. It costs a lot of money to replace your head unit if you or the dealers brick it.

2018 Toyota Camry owners will also be able to use Amazon Alexa. Customers can listen to music or books and add things to their grocery lists using Amazon Alexa. Owners must make an appointment to install Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa.

Use Aftermarket Units

A 2018 Camry can be fitted with hundreds, if not thousands, of aftermarket devices that feature CarPlay. Many of these units have technical differences that are so negligible as to be unnoticeable.

The choice of style is then left. 2018 models are compatible with aftermarket innovative vehicle radios that include CarPlay. Many Aftermarket Apple CarPlay products are available from manufacturers, including JVC, Sony, and Pioneer. Alpine ILX709 and Sony XAV-AX8050 are available.

Suppose you’re wondering whether your existing system can be connected to a car. In that case, it probably can only be if you find a device with car play and swap it for the one in your vehicle. 

Do It Yourself

You can upgrade yourself by finding the updated files online. You’ll need an exclusive 8 GB USB drive and a Windows computer. USB drive access errors, overheating, and setup problems are the most frequent problems.

Do this upgrade at your own risk unless you know your automobile tech abilities.

Let a Toyota technician handle the Camry CarPlay upgrade is a brilliant idea.

2018 Toyota Camry Apple Carplay Download: Troubleshooting

2018 Toyota Camry Apple Carplay Download Troubleshooting

Red Screen Error

It’s not a huge issue, and you can have a defective flash drive or corrupted downloads as the cause. In this case, go back and begin again.

A high-end, lightning-fast flash drive is what we advise. The drive has issues with this update. The stereo will read a minimum of 6GB of data once you upload 3 to 4GB of data to the drive. The stereo will display a red screen if it doesn’t receive the data it needs quickly enough, and a cheap flash will slow down as it becomes hot.

Update Not Recognized

This issue can arise from incorrect file placement, incorrect drive formatting, or incorrect update download. Windows must first partition the drive before formatting it with FAT32.

You can do this on a Mac via the terminal if you’re tech-savvy, but chances are you won’t get the partition right. You should complete it in Windows to ensure its accuracy. You can use big SSDs or Hard Drives.

No A/C Control 

You have two choices in this scenario. Wait a few hours beforehand. Most likely, it will resolve itself. Pulling the negative battery terminal and waiting five minutes is the second method.

Gently reconnect the power, then restart the stereo. Then, you ought to have personalization and A/C once again.


Which Toyota Cars Have Apple Carplay?

Many Toyota cars come equipped with Apple CarPlay. The 2019 Toyota Avalon is the company’s first vehicle to use Apple CarPlay. However, some older automobiles lack a compatible touchscreen.

Apple Carplay is a feature many Toyota vehicles have, even on the best seller wind chill pearl vs super white color. They first appear on the 2020 4Runner, Corolla, Highlander, Sienna, and 2019 Avalon, Corolla Hatchback, RAV4…

Is Apple CarPlay Free On Toyota?

Toyota declares that using Apple CarPlay is free of charge. When purchasing eligible vehicles, it is included as standard.

Apple Carplay on Toyota

Apple Carplay on Toyota

The cost of installing CarPlay assistance in your automobile depends on the vehicle’s manufacturer. Some fees are involved with fulfilling the essential hardware requirements, even though Apple will not charge automakers for the software required to incorporate CarPlay.

Is Toyota Entune The Same As Apple Carplay?

Entune App and Apple CarPlay carry out a similar task. The Toyota Entune App interface gives you access to your preferred apps via the in-car touchscreen display when you sync your smartphone with Toyota Entune.

Toyota vehicles can be connected to smartphones via Entune. Unless you add a radio broadcasting package, there are no yearly or additional fees to be paid.


With the knowledge we’ve just given you, we’re confident you won’t experience any issues with the 2018 Toyota Camry Apple CarPlay Download. The best method to safeguard your vehicle is to speak with a Toyota dealer if you are unsure whether you can complete the task.

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