Wind Chill Pearl Vs. Super White: The Differences

Many people are still discussing the differences between wind chill pearl vs. super white. These two hues — are they truly different? 

Deciding between two shades belonging to the identical color family might be challenging. Some people may confuse the wind chill pearl with the super white color. Could you find out how white they are?

Wind Chill Pearl Vs. Super White: How White Are They? 

The wind chill pearl color code is metallic, whereas super white would be a solid color. Super white appears to be a more prevalent hue aside from that. If you look close enough, you can tell the two apart. Otherwise, you might assume it is a white car at first glance.

How White Is The Wind Chill Pearl?

Compared to the creamy pearl white, the wind chill pearl white seems to be more intense. It shimmers when the sunlight hits it just so. The wind chill pearl is an excellent color for the Toyota Highlander.

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander  

When exposed to direct sunshine, it emits a bluish-gray hue, and the rest is brilliant white. This color code has a transparent medium gloss base with a silver pearl on top.

How White Is Super White?

Super White would be a bright, glossy white vehicle paint shade. This shade leans on a purer white side that is simpler to use while painting a car.

Basic, solid, or non-metallic automobile paints, which include Super White, are a subcategory of car paints. White is an intriguing hue since, apart from the matte appearance, it is rarely discernible when the clear deteriorates over age.

Wind Chill Pearl Vs. Super White: The Differences

Wind Chill Pearl Vs. Super White


040 is the Super White color code, and this hue is available in three different styles. The color on the bumpers doesn’t perfectly fit the color of the entire car, according to some automobile owners who complained about their ultra-white XD. 

To determine precisely whether 040 paints are on your automobile, we advise visiting a repair shop that can look up your car using its VIN, as it comes with at least 12 variables. So super white is a hue we found quite challenging to match precisely. 

VIN number

VIN number 

The color code for wind chill pearl Toyota is 089. Make sure the touch-up painting kit you choose has the correct paint code to match the color of your car.


Super white has two stages of color since it has a foundation and a transparent layer. There are two ways to get this color hue.

White base paint and glossy components are mixed in a single combination for the one-stage process. A clear coat is not necessary with this procedure. For this task, you must apply the different paint mixtures in two to three coats.

Super white car

Super white car 

When applied using the two-stage technique, the white paint needs three to four coats. It also comes with an additional two or three coats of transparent color. People favor the first way since it is much less expensive than using two stages for painting.

The wind chill pearl features three coats of iridescent paint that is slightly off-white. Base, iridescent, and clear coats are all present. Metallic flakes are added to the base layer of standard metallic paint.

You can process two procedures to finish a pearlescent paint scheme. The two-stage procedure involves applying two to three coats of pearlescent pigments-pre-mixed base color standard paint. You should then apply clear coat paint in two to three applications.

The three-stage process uses three coats of paint: a regular coat, a translucent coat, and a clear coat.


In terms of aftermarket auto paint treatments, the wind chill pearl may be more expensive than super white, hence the $400+ increased expense. Depending on the car’s dealership or manufacturer, this additional fee might vary from $300 to $500.

Because it is an upgrade, dealerships ask for this fee on mid-spec vehicles. They do not charge this premium for high-end vehicles, particularly luxury and ultra-luxury brands.

Wind Chill Pearl Quick Rundown


The wind chill pearl is a great shade, which has a silvery cast whenever the sun shines, and the hue sparkles like a diamond. It’s not brightly white.

The Wind Chill was perceived as an upgrade because it has a pearl hue, making some customers pay more, mainly if there is no simple white. 

Because of this, higher-end vehicles and trimmings won’t have the choice. Since fleet cars frequently use simple white, the dealer can obtain it for practically any model.


Some owners said that the hue faded or changed over time. However, that depends on how well you maintain it and where it is parked. If you wash it only sometimes, shrinking over 3–4 years should not be a significant problem.

Some folks are concerned about the pearl hue of the wind chill displaying dirt. Darker shades, however, make the dirt more obvious.

A wind chill pearl car

A wind chill pearl car  

Super White Quick Rundown


All you must do to maintain Super White is thoroughly clean and wash around every six months. You won’t ever have to scratch your head about keeping its appearance.

Scratches and watermarks on a super-white car disappear after washing it. In general, it’s easy on the eye. You’ll be alright as long as you take good care of the paint.


Super white paints have a finer appearance, but they require extra clear coats. Toyota frequently needs to clearcoat its automobiles, especially those not kept in garages.

Not all colors are offered on all models, as buyers have noted. Super white Toyota models are said to not have a distinct, clear coat, according to information on the internet. Single-stage paint, however, seems richer than paints that have clear coats.

Wind Chill Pearl Vs. Super White: What Should You Choose?

Knowing more about the wind chill pearl and super white may have you pondering about changing the color of your automobile or deciding what color to get for your next vehicle.

Which white you can obtain will depend on the model you choose. You can have Toyota’s XSE/XLE vehicles in wind chill pearl. Super White, meanwhile, is only available on SE/LE versions.


White automobile enthusiasts are constantly in two minds between toyota wind chill pearl vs super white. Choosing between two hues is never simple because buying an automobile is a daunting task. This comparison will give you a fair assessment of these two hues and point you to the right decision.

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