What To Do If The 2016 Toyota Camry Hood Won’t Open?

The problem with the 2016 Toyota Camry hood won’t open can be caused for various reasons. Toyotas occasionally experience stuck hoods and refuse to open after the internal latch has been released. If this occurs on your Camry, don’t panic; calmly identify a solution.

2016 Toyota Camry Hood Won't Open

2016 Toyota Camry Hood Won’t Open: The Reasons

Broken Release Cable

The cable connecting the latches is a potential cause of the stuck hood. Material fatigue is the leading cause of failure.

The cable gets progressively weaker over time. Another potential cause of the stuck hood is the cable that connects the latches.

Additionally, the wire rusts over time and finally causes it to jam or become sluggish when returning. The hood might open if the cable is trapped, but you’ll need to pull firmly on the handle.

Snowy Weather

Vehicle hoods commonly become caught in snowy conditions. On a snowy day, parking your car outside could lead to issues.

Snowy cars

Snowy cars 

The car’s interior connection to the rear hood release is stuck. Additionally, the latch cable may be frozen.

It is a positive indication because it shows you that the issue is not with the mechanism. Pull the hood down a few times as the release lever is pulled.

Broken Handle

You can find the release handle inside your car. They are made of plastic and will be marked in some way to indicate their intended usage. This handle pulls the release cord.

When the handle breaks, removing the latch, pulling the wire, or opening the hood is impossible.

Another reason the hood won’t open is that the latches or the hood are bent. Looking below or underneath the handle is one approach to finding the issue.

Poor Hood Alignment

Toyota Camry hood release cable broken is a common reason. The hood must be positioned correctly about the car’s body when mounted. If not, it can become jammed, and the hood wouldn’t open.

The back vent is installed correctly, and the hood fits snugly, yet they are still rubbing and chipping the paint.

The spaces between the hood and the car body are the strongest indicator. In contrast to the side panels, they should be even on both sides to indicate that the setting is correct.

Things Under The Hood

The latch system may become caught once the hood closes if someone leaves some equipment or a part in a spot where the hood can push it.

Car’s hood

Car’s hood  

You have no control over the entry of rats into the engine bay when the car is parked outside. They might harm some of your car’s most essential parts. It applies to all rubber or plastic pipes, cables, hoses, and electrical lines.

What To Do If 2016 Toyota Camry Hood Won’t Open

Warm Up Car

If the hood doesn’t open, try starting it to get it warmed up. The car’s frozen components will defrost when it’s warm enough, allowing it to move again.

Be cautious because it could lead to health issues or pollute the region where the car is being stored or parked.

The frozen components would have melted when the automobile was heated enough, making it simple to open the hood. We advise you to use some degreaser and clean it up first. Spray lithium grease after that. Take care to avoid getting oil on your clothes.

Release Latches

How to fix a hood latch that won’t open is not tricky. Pull the release handle inside the car first. Use the bonnet release on the dash with a friend attempting to raise the hood as you do. The little latch engages when the bonnet is increased by two cm and sets a wedge to keep it open.

Next, insert more wedges beneath the bonnet and try to use the hood lift lever to disengage it. The bonnet must now be able to be raised.

If that doesn’t work, hire a pro. Of course, you should pull the hood release chord while using a screwdriver to force the issue. 

Pulling Latch Cable Clip

A cable from underneath the dash opens the hood latch typically. You may open the vehicle’s hood by looking for the latch cable under the automobile. It links the latching system to the inside release handle.

The latch cannot be easily accessible from outside for security reasons. A screwdriver is needed to remove the cable’s clasp and the release handle from the interior.

Reattach it to the hood latch at the end. If the plastic clasp breaks, you can still use a plier to pull the cable and temporarily open the hood of your car.


How Much To Replace A Camry Hood?

Toyota Camry hoods usually cost between $450 and $1,100 if you plan to have them adequately replaced at a nearby dealer or collision center. A replacement Toyota Camry bonnet latch costs $203 and $230.

Additionally, determining whether you need to replace your hood completely will affect how much it will cost to fix. A skilled replacement, for example, 12th gen Corolla may cost more.

Should I Replace A Damaged Hood?

There may be significant functional or safety issues if the hood is destroyed. You’ll probably require a replacement if your vehicle was damaged in an accident or another mishap.

If your hood has minimal damage, you can fix it. For instance, you may purchase a used bonnet, repair it yourself, and add a protective film to guard against further harm.

How Long To Fix A Car Hood?

Depending on the amount and quantity of supports needed, they take between 1.5 and 2.5 hours to install. Generally speaking, installation time increases with range hood size.

That will typically take 30 minutes for the hood and 1.5 hours for the rad. Replacement of fluids is additional.


Your 2015, 2016 & 2017 Toyota Camry’s hood won’t open problem is now fixed, and you know how to open a car hood without the release. After reading this article, the causes are usually not too complicated, and resolving the issue is not difficult.

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