VW Camshaft Adjuster Magnet Symptoms You Need To KNow

Have you been wondering about the most common VW camshaft adjuster magnet symptoms?

Perhaps you are looking to find out what may be happening with your car when you see the check engine light switch on, your fuel mileage has gone bad, and it accelerates poorly. These are all signs that you may have a failing camshaft adjuster magnet.

Now, there are many things to know why this happens – and that is what we will talk about today. We will discuss these common VW camshaft adjuster magnet symptoms – why they happen and how to address them properly.

Let’s dive right into it.

vw camshaft adjuster magnet symptoms

Common VW Camshaft Adjuster Magnet Symptoms

First things first – let us discuss what a camshaft adjuster magnet is. Now, this is a type of electronic device responsible for monitoring the camshaft speed and position. It then provides this information to your ECM. The ECM requires this important data to determine the amount of fuel that gets into your combustion chamber. Once the proper air-fuel mixture has been ignited at the right time, this increases your fuel economy and engine power while at the same time decreasing your tailpipe emissions. 

Additionally, this component determines the cylinder that is the power stroke, which is relative to your crankshaft position. Therefore, it delivers spark and fuel required to start your engine once you step on your accelerator. 

But if your camshaft adjuster magnet is acting up, this may leave you stranded on the road. This is why it is important to determine the common symptoms before problems occur.

Now, there are a few signs that you have a failing camshaft adjuster magnet. The first is you may notice that your check engine light is illuminated. This is the most common sign of a problem with this component. But there are also many other reasons why the light may turn on. So, it is important to check for fault codes to determine the actual cause of the problem. 

Use your OBD II in monitoring your vehicle’s software and hardware and which component is having some issues. Keep in mind that you need to know other possible causes of the check engine light switching on, which is possible by using this tool. 

Next, you may start to notice that your vehicle is not as efficient as it used to be. This is the case with a problematic camshaft adjuster magnet. When there is a mismatch to the ignition timing and fuel delivery – even if it is only very minimal – your car tends to sputter and has less power. Therefore, it is most likely to stall, shut off, and accelerate poorly. 

The data your ECM has obtained from your faulty camshaft adjuster magnet ensures your transmission shift solenoids in operating properly. Now, if there is a problem with the camshaft adjuster magnet, your vehicle may simply go into limp-mode. This is the vehicle’s way of protecting your engine from further damage as engine speed is restricted.

Poor fuel economy is another issue to consider when it comes to symptoms of a faulty camshaft adjuster magnet. When there is inaccuracy to the data produced by the camshaft adjuster magnet, the fuel injectors stay open for too long, which causes excess fuel to get into your combustion chamber. Thus, you may hear engine knocking sounds and lead to serious issues, especially if there is an excess in the amount of liquid gasoline building up in your combustion chamber.

Additional Points To Keep In Mind

Once you have a problem with your camshaft adjuster magnet, you may have difficulties with starting your engine. Even after the symptoms have been observed, yet you ignored them, your engine may simply not start. The weak camshaft adjuster magnet fails to send the right data to your ECM. So once the data signal gets weaker, this causes your ECM to switch the spark and fuel delivery off. Hence, you will not be able to start your engine at all.

If your vehicle is currently parked and this happens, it is an inconvenient experience without a doubt. But, if you are currently driving and the engine shuts off, it can most definitely be a hazardous problem. 

So, the best thing to do when you first notice some symptoms is to pull over right away. Do this once you have seen the check engine light turning on. A full replacement of your camshaft adjuster magnet is required to address the problem. 

Otherwise, certain risks may occur. Typically, there should be no failure issues with your camshaft adjuster. But this has been happening to a few vehicles even under 50,000 miles. To repair this component, it should cost you a few thousands. Plus, there is the possibility of having to replace your timing chain tensioner. There are also some mechanics who recommend replacing both of your camshaft adjusters, which would help you save on labor costs in the future. 

Yet, if you fail to replace failing parts, the problem will only get even worse. The vehicle may struggle to run – if it runs at all – and it may take a long crank before it actually powers on. This is why many people who encounter this issue experience some stalling concerns, which is definitely a dangerous thing to deal with when you are on the highway.

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Final Word

The VW camshaft adjuster magnet symptoms come in many types. It can be something as common as the check engine switching on, or you may have problems with stalling or starting your engine. This is why we highly recommend that you get your vehicle checked by an expert when you notice these symptoms. Never disregard a symptom as this may just save you from potential accidents and massive expenses for repairs.

The camshaft adjuster magnet is an important component of your car, so it is essential to have any issue with it rectified properly – sooner than later.

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