Is Toyota Care Plus $329 Worth It? All Answered

You are planning to purchase a long-term maintenance plan for your Toyota and are considering the ToyotaCare Plus program. What services does this plan provide? Is Toyota Care Plus $329 worth it? Let’s find out the answer.

What Is Toyota Care Plus $329?

Toyota Care Plus $329 Worth It

ToyotaCare Plus $329 is a prepaid maintenance program for all new Toyota models, including the ToyotaCare program (free maintenance plan). You can upgrade to the ToyotaCare Plus program for longer maintenance and more services. Besides, you will have to pay an additional fee of $329.

What Does ToyotaCare Include?

With new Toyota cars, the ToyotaCare program provides a free 2-year/25,000-mile regular maintenance schedule. The program covers 2-year/unlimited-mileage 24-hour roadside support. It also focuses on your vehicle’s service manual.

By entering the automobile identification number (VIN) into the Toyota web, drivers may quickly determine whether their cars are qualified. You can enjoy the essential services by ToyotaCare as below:

  • Notices for maintenance
  • Modifications to vehicle oil and filters
  • Tire turning
  • Multifaceted examinations
  • Fluid checks and modifications

The software gives your car a care according to the specified maintenance plan for your vehicle. For instance, every 5,000 miles on average, Toyotas could get an overall inspection, tire rotation, and fluid check. 

The specifications of your ToyotaCare plan will be adjusted to your car’s requirements. Skill specialists will carry out all maintenance tasks, so you can rest assured. Besides, original components under ToyotaCare are also covered.

The 24-hour roadside service plan provides beneficial services at no extra charge, such as:

  • Jump-starting batteries
  • Lockout assistance
  • Supply essential gasoline
  • Applying your spare tire for tire repairs
  • Transporting to the neighborhood Toyota dealer
  • Removing dirt, sand, or snow

Or when the Toyota navigation app is not installed, you can ask the staff for a detailed guide. If there is no internal issue, we are sure that you won’t have to pay a single penny.

What Does ToyotaCare Plus Include?

What Does ToyotaCare Plus Include

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Is Toyota prepaid maintenance worth it? Let’s see what it can benefit you!

ToyotaCare Plus offers a covering for a long time of up to four years or 45,000 miles. Extended insurance of the car’s standard maintenance and round-the-clock repair services are two benefits of ToyotaCare Plus. They are served to deliver the same conveniences and assurance of security for every Toyota.

Only at the Maintenance Drive is this particular plan offering accessible. ToyotaCare Plus is only available for automobiles with fewer than 37 months from the Toyota date of first use and no more than 31,000 miles on them. (This special deal does not apply to the Mirai Fuel Cell.) 

Any initial 30,000-mile service is free when you choose the ToyotaCare Plus program.

ToyotaCare Plus also comes with two main services (30,000/45,000) and two minor ones (35,000/40,000). The range of the main services will vary by Toyota model.

Besides, this service includes two more years of towing and 24-hour repair services. Vouchers and discounts may be used to save money on specific regular operations and maintenance.

They also have a service to remind drivers of previous maintenance so that drivers can monitor and maintain the car on time, avoiding potential damage.

What Is Toyota Care Plus Cost And Benefits?

For customers interested in expanding their prepaid service up to 4 years or 45,000 miles, there is a complimentary ToyotaCare Plus program that suits them. 

The 24-hour roadside service is one of the services that ToyotaCare Plus delivers in addition to the initial advantage. ToyotaCare Plus is more expensive than the standard ToyotaCare package, though.

Any authorized Toyota shop in the US will sell drivers ToyotaCare Plus insurance. Every car less than 31,000 miles old and having less than 37 months left on its initial in-service period is qualified for coverage.

The cost to add ToyotaCare Plus is $329 for Toyota shops in Ramsey and New Jersey. It will help if you base this price tag as a starting point instead of a warranty because it may differ among Toyota models and stores.

You have the right to terminate your insurance following the conditions of your deal if you acquire ToyotaCare Plus and are dissatisfied with the plan. For an additional $50, drivers can shift this insurance to any ensuing private drivers.

Is ToyotaCare Plus $329 Worth It?

According to RepairPal statistics, annual service expenditures for Toyota vehicles average $441, which is much less than the $652 average for all automakers. Thus, according to this statistic, the ToyotaCare plus $329 is well worth it.

This expense takes both normal maintenance and unplanned repairs into account. You can see the table of the summary of the potential out-of-pocket costs for various Toyota repair services below:

Toyota Maintenance ServiceCost
Oil and grease replacement$100 – $130
Tire turning$79 – $100
Transmission fluid change$167 – $198
Spark plug change$100 – $151
Cabin air filter change$73 – $107
Brake fluid change$125 – $158
Antifreeze change$90 – $113

Although you won’t have to pay for each of the services, inspection, tire rotations, and oil and grease changes are standard maintenance that must be done at least once every year.

Suppose the price would be greater than what you would have to pay on your own for repair or replacement during that period. The most effective way to decide whether ToyotaCare Plus is worthwhile is to request an estimate from your nearby Toyota dealership and attempt to calculate the fee.

It is due to the covering maintenance services offered only by ToyotaCare Plus for two years.

Is ToyotaCare Plus $329 Worth It

Is ToyotaCare Plus $329 Worth It? – Image source: Southern 441 Toyota

How To Lower Your Toyota Maintenance Cost?

Although mechanical failure or damage is frequently the most expensive aspect of maintaining an automobile, ToyotaCare and ToyotaCare plus both strive to reduce your overall services expenses. However, they do not cover or have a warranty for these mechanical damages. 

Fortunately, there are additional strategies for cutting costs on non-routine operations. After the warranty expires, you may purchase an extended automobile guarantee as an additional insurance policy.

You may buy a Toyota extended one, commonly known as a vehicle service contract, from Toyota officially or via a third-party warranty provider. However, both of these options have advantages and disadvantages that we’ve listed below:

Toyota Extended guaranteeThird-Party Extended guarantee
Vehicle-specific agreements only recognized at dealershipsBroad protection that works with many different automobile brands
Ensure the usage of authentic Toyota components and skilled mechanicsAlthough it might not fully cover the cost of authentic components, having your car serviced at a dealership will still allow skilled technicians to work on it.
Payment is acceptable either at the time of car purchase or before the initial Toyota guarantee terminates.Could be bought nearly whenever your car is still on the road.
There are three tiers of protection.Reliable prolonged auto guarantee providers provide five or six different types of coverage.
Generally speaking, costs are higher and may be susceptible to dealer markups.Frequently less expensive than the manufacturer’s choice

How To Cancel Toyota Service Plan?

You can terminate your Toyota Service plan anytime by contacting the purchasing authorized Toyota Dealer or Repairer.

If no services have been paid, you can put an end to the ToyotaCare Plus for a refund or exchange within 30 days of the manufacturer’s planned maintenance expiring. 

Check with your dealer or refer to your contract to see whether the advantages have already been paid or if you are canceling after this time. The authorized Toyota dealer or mechanic may provide you with a complete statement of accounts.

How to cancel the Care Plus service

How to cancel the Care Plus service? – Image source: Toyota of hackensack


Is the Toyota Care Plus $329 worth it? Overall, it’s more economical than Toyota’s part-by-part maintenance. However, it would help if you found out the dealership you plan to visit in advance because the prices can vary.

If you still have some lingering questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. Our dedicated team will answer your queries as soon as possible.

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