Is There A Toyota Auto Lock When Walk Away Feature?

You may be wondering if there is such a thing as a Toyota auto lock when walk away.

Imagine yourself not having to lock your car door manually because the moment you walk away, it locks on its own. Cool, right? 

Well, if you have a Toyota car, this may be something that your vehicle can do. After all, it will save you time by not having to check on your door if it is locked at all. You can just forget about it, walk away, and have the assurance that your car is secure.

So, if you are curious about this function, keep reading to learn more about it. Let’s get started.

toyota auto lock when walk away

Is There A Toyota Auto Lock When Walk Away?

So the big question is – can you really auto lock a Toyota when you walk away? As you delve further into your Toyota’s security features, this is probably something that you are very curious about. So, we did some digging around and discovered impressive things about this vehicle’s security functions.

Ultimately, Toyota vehicles auto lock the doors once you start your ignition or shift into the drive mode. But there is not a particular setting allowing your car to auto lock the doors once you walk away. 

But here’s one thing we found out that you may find to be interesting – there is a power door locking feature in every new model of Toyota vehicle. What this means is that you can select from the four different modes relevant to the locking and unlocking sequence of your car. 

It is important to understand how your car door locks to know what to expect from it. Plus, you want to know if you really need to press the button, or if you can simply walk away and expect it to lock on its own. 

In modern Toyota vehicles, there are different modes such as:

Mode 1: This lets you synchronize the doors’ automatic locking function through the shift position. Once you shift your lever and move it out of the park mode, this closes all of your doors. Thus, they lock automatically.

Mode 2: As for this mode, you can deactivate your unlocking and locking functions. As a result, this function will not get activated by accident no matter what the circumstance. 

Mode 3: It is a bit like Mode 1 with some differences. For instance, Mode 1 specifically connects your vehicle’s auto locking to your shift position. On the other hand, Mode 3 extends to your unlocking and locking mechanisms.  Hence, when you shut your doors, while your vehicle is still on, you should be able to lock the doors as you shift your lever out of the park mode.Moreover, placing your lever into park will also unlock your doors.

Mode 4: Now this is where things get a little more complex. This is because it is linked with your vehicle door’s unlocking and locking functions with both the key and shift positions. As you shift your lever out of the park mode, this will cause the doors to lock. But when you need to unlock your doors, you have to turn the key off once you have shifted your lever back into the park setting.

We highly recommend that you check your manual to have a better understanding of your Toyota vehicle’s specific locking and unlocking features as this varies from one car to another. 

More Information On Lock Modes in Toyota Vehicles

It is challenging to familiarize yourself with your car’s locking modes. However, once you get the hang of it, you should not have any trouble at all. Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are safe in your vehicle. 

If you wish to switch from one lock mode to the next, there are some steps you need to take. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

1. Change the position of your control knob to “door”.

2. Ensure that you have locked all doors and that you are currently in the “park” mode.

3. Place your key in your ignition and switch it to “on”.

4. Once it is turned on, wait for 5 seconds and push down the door lock switch located on the driver’s side.

5. You should be able to determine the current locking system mode setting as you look at how many flashes you see from your dome light. For instance, a single flash would mean it is currently in mode 1 while flashing twice means mode 2.

6. When you need to shift to another mode, you need to push your lock switch. Then, you will see a flashing light to understand the current mode. You can push your switch a few times until you have reached your preferred mode.

So, the bottom line is that Toyotas auto lock the doors. However, it is a matter of using the right combination of the modes available. You will find the auto locking function to give you peace of mind and a sense of security each time. 

But at the same time, it is worth checking your door once more just to be certain that it is indeed locked. This is particularly true among those who are used to having a manual configuration for their car door locks.

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Bottom Line

Overall, the Toyota auto lock does work and offers you with different mode settings that will fit your preference and needs. You can also shift from one mode to another, which we have shared with you above. 

At the end of the day, even if you are certain that your car door auto locks, it is always good to double-check if the doors are indeed locked before you leave. This way, you can ease your worries in the event that there are malfunctions to the auto lock feature, as this most certainly can happen at certain times. It just adds a layer of confidence in your mind once you walk away from your car to get to your destination.

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