Nissan Rogue Won’t Start Brake Locked: Cause & Fix

Have you ever encountered a situation where you can’t start your Nissan car even after trying everything? This situation is now common in most car brands. 

So, what is the cause of the Nissan Rogue won’t start brake locked? The following article will give you all the possible causes of this problem.

What Is Nissan Rogue Won’t Start Brake Locked?

When you try to start the car, but the foot brake is too hard, you cannot press it. You have tried in many ways, and the result is still 0.

There are many causes of brake stiffness. 

It will cause the inside of the foot brake system to get stuck, preventing you from pressing down when starting the car. To understand this issue in detail, please read the entire section below.

Nissan Rogue Won't Start Brake Locked

Nissan Rogue Won’t Start Brake Locked: Common Causes

Whenever there is an accident in a car, it comes from many different reasons. If the Honda CRV’s multiple warning lights problems have about 7 reasons, Nissan Rogue won’t start brake locked and will also have the same issues. 

However, in this article, I will only mention 3 main reasons you need to know when your brakes are abnormally stiff.

Defective starter motor and battery terminal

The brake will inevitably lock up when you remove the starter cord from the battery. At the same time, turning the ignition key with many clicking sounds will signal that the Nissan car’s engine is dead.

At this point, if you hold the key in the start position and observe that the voltage drops significantly, the circuit of the motor is likely faulty. You will need to check every detail in this department, including:

  • Fuse
  • Battery
  • Wire
  • Ignition switch

When the battery terminals are corroded, the brake part becomes stiff. At the same time, the connectors behind the airports will also interfere with the connection.

Vacuum brake exhausted

The power-assisted foot brake is standard on all vehicles. It plays an essential role in the power steering component of the vehicle. A slight vacuum in the car’s system is stored when the engine is turned off.

As a result, the brake pedal part will become very stiff. The reason is that there is no support. The brakes will return to normal as soon as you restart the car.

Broken ignition switch

After a period of use, your car may have problems with the ignition. It will take a little effort for you to start a car. Usually, the number of repetitions will be from 8 to 10 times. After a few seconds of booting up, you will encounter a deadlock situation.

The ignition switch is essential in providing the current that ignites the detonator. This process will help create an electric spark by igniting a mixture of fuel and air in a specified ratio. You can quickly notice 2 signs when the ignition switch problem is broken:

  • The control panel indicator light flashing
  • Engine slow start

Before the causes of the Nissan Rogue won’t start brake locked situation, what should you do in this case? The following part of the article will guide you on effectively fixing this problem.

How do you best troubleshoot?

As a first step, you should diagnose the condition of the brakes before repairing this part. The process takes place in 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Start the car engine and check whether the brakes are still problematic.
  • Step 2: Check the brake system and determine the stiffness of the brake pedal.
  • Step 3: Observe the power switch and look for the stop light after pressing the brake pedal.
  • Step 4: The control system operates if the stop light comes on. You will need to check further if it doesn’t turn on.

In addition, replacing the power switch is not too expensive, and you can return it quickly. If this part is damaged, you will need to replace it as soon as possible. You can choose cheap electrical switches from mechanical stores.

You should check the car’s electrodes if you check the switch and don’t see an abnormality. Make sure it’s not entirely corroded.

On the other hand, if you own a car with an automatic transmission, you can switch the mode to parking mode.

If the hydraulic pump system has a vacuum leak, you will need to replace this part. After replacing the pump system, you must leave it in place for 10 to 15 minutes.

In addition, when you leave the car overnight, the vacuum may have penetrated. It will make the pedal part stiffer. However, this situation does not bring any danger to your car. You need to stomp the pedal hard to start. It will help you restore your vehicle to its original state.

Some Other Problems Of Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue won’t start any clicking.

Nissan Rogue won’t start, but you don’t notice any unusual symptoms. In most cases, the leading cause for this to occur is a weak battery or a corroded battery terminal.

Because Nissan Rogue batteries are not last forever, they will run out of power after prolonged use. Checking and charging the battery is necessary right now.

Nissan Rogue turns over but won’t start.

When your Nissan Rogue car overturns but won’t start, it could be due to a faulty fuse. Therefore, you should check the car’s fuse in this case. The fact that 1 of the fuses will burn will need to be replaced. The replacement cost will be about $101 per fuse.

Nissan Rogue won’t start clicking sound.

When the Nissan Rogue does not start and makes a clicking sound, the leading cause will come from the engine. The starter can fail after you’ve traveled about 100,000 miles.

If you check and discover this condition, you definitely won’t be able to fix it at home. The best way is to seek the help of professional mechanics.

Nissan Rogue won’t start lights flashing.

In case the Nissan Rogue has a flashing light when the car won’t start, the problem may be with the battery system. When the battery is low, it will only be handy enough to power small components like lights or radios. Starting your car consumes a lot of power, so you won’t be able to create it.

Therefore, check the battery pack of the Nissan Rogue. Make sure it still works properly. Otherwise, you will need to recharge or replace the battery pack.


What would cause a Nissan Rogue not to start?

There are many reasons why the Nissan Rogue cannot start. However, the most common cause for this problem to occur is a dead battery. At this point, take your car to the repair center. They will help you check the most accurate.

Why won’t my brake push down?

If your brake pedal is hard, the cause will most likely come from the vacuum pump system or hydraulic brake booster. In addition, zigzag belts or damaged electric pumps cause the brake part to become stiffer.

Why is my Nissan Rogue clicking but not starting?

The cause may come from the generator or the battery. If you hear a clicking sound, it is a sign that the starter motor system is weak. This unit is not supplied with enough power to operate.

How do I manually start my Nissan Rogue with a key?

Look for the hidden lock slot in the ignition switch’s center. Then insert your manual key inside the place and rotate it. At this point, the ignition will work, and you can start driving.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the situation of the Nissan Rogue won’t start brake locked. 

The leading cause of this situation comes from the battery part. Therefore, you should prioritize checking this part. It is not for permanent use, and you should recharge or replace it as soon as you check that the charge inside the battery drops below the allowed level.

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