Is An Audi A3 A Good First Car? Surprising Facts You Never Knew!

Is an Audi A3 a good first car? This is a question many people wonder about before purchasing this vehicle model for themselves or for a teen.

For the most part, Audi is known for its reliability and performance. There are some Audi models that are better than others, but overall, it is a dependable vehicle. The brand offers impressive technology and style, which makes it worthy of purchase.

This German luxury vehicle has its history dating several years back, which makes it a notable brand for those in search of a robust car. But at the same time, there are some drawbacks to consider, especially when you are looking to buy an Audi as a first car. 

Keep reading this post to know whether an Audi A3 is a good first car or not. Let’s get started.

is an audi a3 a good first car

Is An Audi A3 A Good First Car?

In terms of the reliability, performance, and fuel consumption, the Audi A3 is a decent choice for those in need of a first car. There are also some models of this vehicle that come with an AWD drivetrain. This is a good feature that offers control and traction, which is helpful for first time drivers.

However, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. For instance, it is a bit pricey to start with. The latest model of the Audi A3, for instance, has a base trim priced at nearly $35,000. On the other hand, you can get a brand new base trim Toyota Corolla for $21,000. The cost factor makes the Audi A3 slightly less appealing when compared with another brand that is also a base trim.

Moreover, if you choose a secondhand Audi, the depreciation is steeper as compared to other cars. The good thing about this is that you should be able to find a used Audi A3 at a cheaper price tag. You may be able to get an Audi A3 that’s 10 years old for as low as $8,000 to a little over $13,000. The price depends on the condition and trim of the vehicle.

As for a Toyota Corolla with a similar age, it should cost you about $7,000 to $12,000. Therefore, getting yourself a secondhand Audi A3 as a first car should not come with a steep price point.

But the upfront price is not the only thing to keep in mind. You would want to consider the upkeep, as well. A luxury vehicle such as an Audi involves an above-average upkeep. But as compared to other luxury vehicles with a compact design, the Audi A3 comes with a $741 annual maintenance fee – it is a bit lower than over $800 for other brands.

Yet, if you are looking for a cheaper upkeep, the Audi A3 is still in the expensive range. This is particularly true for folks who have a limited budget. For example, you can maintain a basic Honda Civic at a cheaper price. Plus, if you buy a used Audi A3, you need to check the condition carefully. You may need to have it maintained more compared with brand new, which racks up the bill more quickly.

If you compare the Audi A3 with other models, however, it is still the cheapest one to maintain. For instance, the Audi A7 is much higher – nearly double the annual maintenance cost of an A3. 

Now, if you want a German luxury vehicle that is not very expensive to insure, then you can find the A3 as one of the cheapest. But it is not as cheap to insure as an Audi A4. The most expensive one is the BMW3 Series, while a Honda Civic offers a cheaper option for insurance purposes. 

Keep in mind that the insurance cost depends on a number of factors. This is why we highly recommend getting a quote from your insurer to determine what your best option is for a first car if insurance cost is a huge factor to consider.

Is An Audi A3 A Good First Car? Worth It Or Not?

The Audi is a luxury vehicle that is designed to give you a comfortable and a relatively fast ride. But overall, it is a reliable car that should last a long time. In fact, it ranks well in terms of reliability when compared with other luxury compact cars. This is why if you are seriously looking into getting a luxury sedan, you should not have much problems with an Audi. 

It is also important to note that many luxury vehicles are not exactly known to be fuel efficient. This is the case when compared with non-luxury counterparts. But the A3 is one of the most fuel efficient luxury vehicles. But if you choose an older model or buy the A3 second hand, the fuel consumption factor may be higher.

A brand new Audi A3 has a fuel consumption of 30 mpg combined. As for the BMW 335i, it is at 25 mpg. The Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic are both at 33 mpg, which is why they are much more fuel efficient than the other ones.

Luxury cars usually need premium fuel. But as for the Audi A3, it can run on a lower octane as well as a cheaper regular gas. This is the case with the 2020 and the newer models of the A3. But the brand recommends using premium fuel for most Audi A3, but with the exception of the A3 wagon pre-2014, which require pricier fuel. The fuel requirement, however, changes between trims and model years. This is why it is always ideal to check your specific car information to make sure you are putting the right type of fuel each time.

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So is an Audi A3 a good first car? If you are thinking about fuel economy, safety features and reliability from the NHTSA and the IIHS, then the A3 is a suitable option. But keep in mind that the A3 comes with a costly maintenance and pricey premium. It is safe to drive, yet it is more expensive overall than non-luxury vehicles. So if you need a more cost-effective first car, the A3 is not the cheapest choice for you.

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