Do You Need A Tune For EGR Delete WRX? What Experts Recommend

Do you need a tune for EGR delete WRX?

You may be wondering if you really need a tune when performing an EGR delete. After all, this is an important process that may involve some complications. 

So, if you are concerned about this process and want to make sure that you carry it out safely and appropriately, keep reading to learn more. Let’s get started.

do you need a tune for egr delete wrx

Do You Need A Tune For EGR Delete WRX?

Many people recommend getting a tune when doing an EGR delete. However, you wonder if this is indeed a necessity. After all, there is the assumption that the only thing you can get out of doing a tune is to get rid of your other dashboard lights and check engine light. 

You may also be curious if a tune would prevent any negative effects to your vehicle’s drivability issue after an EGR. If the tune is only designed to remove your lights, then you may be wondering if it is fine to bypass a tune.

First of all, a tune is useful for an EGR delete because your ECU handles the fueling based on how much exhaust gas is recirculated to your system. There are also some misconceptions on getting a tune done when you want to get certain modifications done to your vehicle such as a torque solution EGR delete and a torque solution Billet TGV delete.

Basically, you could use a tune for your EGR delete as this helps to remove codes that are generated from the time you have your EGR system deleted. The same applies for a TGV delete. Plus, you need to make sure that your vehicle can still run well for a few days before you get your tune done. This is an important question to ask the person who will conduct the tune.

Important Factors To Consider

If you are thinking about getting an EGR delete, you may have thought of this because you would like to improve your diesel engine’s performance. Thus, an EGR delete kit may have crossed your mind. 

Primarily, your EGR is responsible for recirculating the actual amount of your exhaust gas back into your engine’s intake system. This helps to minimize emissions, fuel consumption and boost your vehicle’s efficiency.

These may all sound great, which is why you may wonder why an EGR delete is even necessary. Now, when you recirculate your exhaust gas into your engine, this also involves recirculating soot. Therefore, it can result in a clog to your intake system. It works against your primary goal of boosting engine efficiency and would need some pricey repairs down the road.

So, by using an EGR delete kit, your EGR valve gets deleted and the engine can perform well without having to recirculate exhaust. There are many differences you will notice straight away upon deleting your EGR system.

For instance, there is guaranteed to be more power. The vehicle’s performance and efficiency can improve greatly. Plus, fuel efficiency becomes enhanced. You end up burning cleaner fuel as dirty exhaust gas is not recirculated into the eGR system. This is why there is a much less risk of failure of your DPF while improving fuel efficiency by at least 20 percent.

Moreover, an EGR delete kit is reasonably priced. You can have this affordable mod done to your vehicle, which usually does not cost over 100 dollars in many cases.

But at the same time, an EGR delete does not come without a risk. For instance, when you bypass the system, this can lead to certain issues such as a reduction to your horsepower and a higher exhaust gas temperature. Engine knocking is another issue that some people experience after getting an EGR delete. 

It is also worth noting that there are instances when replacing your EGR valve may have more benefits in terms of cost rather than simply bypassing it. So, it is one thing to keep in mind.

When you have a blocked EGR valve, it acts as an EGR delete. This is why it is not always needed to have an EGR delete kit. You can simply have another process that will improve your system without causing more harm than good.

Therefore, we highly recommend asking a professional for the best thing to do that will be a practical solution to whatever concerns you may be having.

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Bottom Line

An EGR delete may have some benefits but it is not without any drawbacks. Moreover, a tune for EGR delete WRX may be required depending on the extent of work you are looking to do to your vehicle. Hence, it is always good to check with your tuner and make sure you understand the risks that may happen to avoid these before getting any work done.

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