Mazda Miata weight (1990-2019)

Miata weight

Do you want to know Miata weight? We have enlisted weights of all the miata models from 1990 till 2020. Mazda’s renowned lightweight roadster, the MX-5 Miata, has sold over a thousand units since its launch in 1989, possibly the best two-seat sporty automobile of all time. Mazda debuted the current fourth-generation model in 2016, … Read more

Toyota Corolla B Gear (All you wanted to know)

Toyota Corolla B Gear

Do you need clarification about the B gear in your Toyota Corolla? Toyota Corolla B gear supports maximum braking power to your engine while going uphill. Here, B stands for Brake or Engine Braking. While looking at the B on your Toyota Corolla gear shifter, you may want to know what it means, its uses, … Read more